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How a Five Pack of EOS Lip Balm is all the Variety I Need

EOS is selling a five pack of flavors of lip balm which provide a compelling mix. All too often multi packs of flavors include varieties that don’t sell well and use multi-packs as a way of getting rid of excess inventory. The EOS variety pack was refreshing in this sense by having a great mix of flavors that are among the most popular blends offered by the brand. These five packs include sweet mint, summer fruit, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, and honeysuckle honeydew, see this on

EOS is a world leader in lip balm after emerging in the industry just a decade ago. EOS differentiated themselves from their competition by selling higher quality lip balms that contained all-natural oils like coconut and jojoba oil, or shea butter, all with interesting flavor combinations.EOS packaged their lip balm in these nifty orbs that stood out on shelves but also were sanitary and easy to carry.

Their summer fruit, strawberry sorbet, passion fruit, and honeysuckle honeydew flavors are all in the fruit category, but are mellow and not at all overpowering. These flavor, despite being all fruit related, are very different tasting and have a wide range of flavor notes. The passion fruit and strawberry sorbet flavors are reminiscent of summer with a strong delicious flavor. Summer fruit is more subdued but a great and mellow addition to a pack that has a complex underlying fruity flavor. Honeysuckle honeydew was ultimately my favorite of the pack and provided an sweet addition that felt like an everyday option for me.

Mint flavors work so well with lip balms, but the majority of the brands out there have mint lip balm that tastes like medicine. Not EOS lip balm though, whose sweet mint flavor tastes fresh and natural and but has a powerful min flavor too it.  More info on

Variety packs should have a great mixture and variety of flavors that allow you to sample a range of flavors to find your favorite. This EOS lip balm variety pack was no exception. While I liked all of the flavor varieties, I found my everyday lip balm with honeysuckle honeydew.


Three of the Best EOS Lip Balm Gifts

Are you out of gift ideas for your friends or family? Sometimes picking out the right gift can be the hardest thing to do. Luckily, EOS lip balms are a great idea for a gift. You can put them in a basket with other assorted gifts or even use them as presents during a holiday party for your coworkers. No matter that you choose to do, there are three highly-recommended EOS lip balms to choose from.

EOS Pomegranate RaspberrySheer Pink Shimmer Lip BalmCoconut Milk
4. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry. First of all, who doesn’t love the taste of pomegranate and raspberry? Your friends will love this flavor as well as its adorable crimson sphere case.
5. Sheer Pink Shimmer Lip Balm. Most girls love pink, especially when it shimmers on their lips! This is a definite must-have for any lip balm lover. Not only that, but it softens lips with its natural conditioning oils.
6. Coconut Milk. With an undoubtedly tasty flavor, coconut milk lip balm is an exceptional choice. Your friends will absolutely love their visibly softer lips.

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These are only three EOS lip balm ideas to choose from. But don’t forget there are many other yummy flavors to choose for your friends. Give the gift of delightfully nourished and noticeably softer lips to a friend of yours today!  Helpful link here.


Fabletics is creating a successful online and physical store apparel business

When you are wanting quality and comfortable workout apparel, many people believe that you need to spend a lot of money to get clothing that will last. That was true until recently. In 2013, Fabletics was launched to bring high-quality workout clothing at affordable prices to their members. It was launched with the help of actress Kate Hudson, to offer stylish, trendy, and comfortable workout apparel to their members at a price that will fit into their budget. Their business model is a membership based subscription service where their members pay a monthly fee to receive a two to three piece outfit delivered to their doorstep each month for their fee.


Since they launched, Fabletics has turned into a multimillion dollar company. With their online success, they have decided to implement a reverse showroom technique. To do so, they are now opening physical stores. This is opposite of what many stores are doing, moving much of their business from stores to online websites. Many brick and mortar retailers are losing sales to online websites when their customers find the same items online at a better price. Fabletics stores work together with their online business. Their stores work as another layer of customer service for their members, allowing them to see and try on the clothing before they purchase. When members try items on in their stores, the clothing also goes into their online shopping cart. Then they can either buy in the store or online. Fabletics uses their stores to learn the different styles and trends that are popular in the areas that they serve. The stores also help increase the number of monthly subscription members to Fabletics. While up to half of those who enter Fabletics stores are already members, another quarter of those who shop in the stores, become new, loyal monthly subscription members.


The quality of clothing that you receive from Fabletics are comparable to the expensive, premium brands. Only Fabletics offers them at a fraction of the price. This keeps their monthly subscribers loyal customers because they feel like smart and savvy shoppers. The clothes are thick, soft, and comfortable. You will want to wear them everywhere, not just to the gym! Plus, they are trendy and stylish, so you will feel good about wearing them to run your everyday errands. The compression and shape of the clothes will hold up to many cleanings, giving you the support that you need for each and every workout. The colors of the fabrics won’t fade either, so you will be looking fantastic for many outings.


To help streamline your shopping experience, Fabletics has developed a quiz to determine your clothing preferences. The quiz will help narrow your preferences and exercise habits, to make it easier to pick out the perfect outfit. This will save you time shopping, giving you that time to enjoy your life and not spending endless hours searching for that perfect outfit. You can quickly find what you need and are looking for, thus being able to resume living an active and healthy lifestyle.

EOS for Everyone

Lip balm is an essential necessity to anyone’s beauty regiment during the winter. Protecting your lips from the harsh winter air is easy if you have the right tools in your purse. Everyone knows that lip stick applies so much smoother to properly cared for and smoothed lips. Even if you’re not a lipstick enthusiast, one wants cracked, painful lips in the winter. The skin on your lips is paper thin and easily dries out if not nourished properly. Lucky for beauty gurus everywhere, there are more lip balm choices on the shelf than ever before.

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EOS, Evolution of Smooth, offers a line of lip balm to appeal to every consumer. The unique lip balm pods are packed with nourishing benefits from shea butter and jojoba oil as well as added vitamins to protect your delicate lips from the harsh elements. EOS lip balm pods come in a variety of flavors and colors and can be found at all major retailers and drug stores. EOS pods are popping up all over and a huge hit with Millennials and celebrities around the world.


Traditional lip balm enthusiasts may enjoy classic flavors like vanilla mint or coconut milk, or vanilla bean. Neutral flavors are great for all genders and smooth lips translucently. For a more flavorful kick, customers can choose from a variety of summer favorites like honeysuckle honeydew, passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, and blueberry acai. Fruit flavored EOS lip balm can be enjoyed by wearers and sharers alike. EOS lip balm pods are affordable at $3 each on average. For a more luxurious look, EOS offers a line of shimmer pods that give your lips a luminescent shine and glow.  Visit for more details.


Whatever your lip balm preference, EOS has a line of pods that are sure to suit everyone. Next time you’re in the checkout lane, pick one up!

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Why Stem Cell Therapy is the Best Treatment for Emphysema

Today we have more treatment options than ever before thanks to modern technology and science. Stem cells are one of the top treatment options for a number of conditions. Odds are, you’ve already heard about stem cells from one source or another. Most don’t read into it too much. Stem cells, however, are quite exceptional from other cells.

Stem cells are cells that have yet to form into a specific type of cell such as an organ or muscle and have the ability to replicate surrounding tissues. The Lung Institute uses stem cells to treat a variety of lung conditions such as:

Where Do the Stem Cells Come From?

  • COPD
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Pneumoconiosis
  • Emphysema
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Bronchiectasis

Stem cells can come from a variety of sources. The Lung Institute uses stem cells from the patient’s own body and is the leading provider in lung disease treatment. This is beneficial to the patient because the stem cells from one’s own body do not carry the risk of being rejected. How the stem cells are collected will depend on your condition and to what extent the condition has had on the lungs. A collection of stem cells through blood venous typically provides a sufficient quantity for conditions that are minor to moderate. Chronic conditions with moderate to severe damage may require more stem cells which will need to be collected from bone marrow as it contains more stem cells than the blood.

Why Stem Cell Therapy Different and How is it Performed?

There are traditional treatments for lung disease. The difference, however, is that traditional treatment options only treat the symptoms. Stem cell therapy can heal the lungs and even slow progression of the disease. Once the stem cells are collected, they will be separated from other cells and then placed back into the bloodstream. As the heart pumps blood throughout the body, the stem cells will be carried into the lung. Here they will become trapped and can begin replication of surrounding healthy tissues.

You can find The Lung Institute facilities through the nation in major cities. Regardless of location, you can expect experience and quality treatment through board-certified physicians and highly trained staff members. Whether your diagnose is new or something you’ve been struggling with for years, a free consultation can give you a better idea of your treatment options.

For more info, follow the Lung Institute on Twitter and subscribe to the Lung Institute’s YouTube channel.

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Rona Borre

Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona

Rona Borre is the Founder and CEO of Chicago-area based Instant Alliance. Created in 2001, in Rona’s own condo with just a folding chair and her brilliance, Instant Alliance seeks to connect individuals to their perfect match within the financial and technology industries. As an IT recruiting and staffing service, helping clients achieve their goals is paramount to the success and respect that Instant Alliance enjoys. Rona, as a leading female entrepreneur, has utilized her experience within the recruitment and staffing industry to write regularly for various publications of interest. She has been reported about on media outlets such as CNN and USA Today.

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Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Business. She continues to be an active presence in the city of Chicago and its communities. Rona is a board member on the Young Presidents Organization, The Economic Club of Chicago, and The Chicago Network. She has received honors from organizations such as the National Association of Women Business Owners and The Business Ledger. Rona is part of The Chicago Network, an organization for distinguished women who are professionals in their field. The Chicago Network, started in 1979, is about building peer relationships between women leaders, in order to increase impact on community and professional organizations. The Young Presidents’ Organization has over 200,000 leaders within 100 different nations, cultivating cultural exchange and ideas for development. The Economic Club of Chicago is seen as the heart of Chicago’s civic leadership and connection building for community.  Based on

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Best Drinks To Quench Your Thirst Or Drum Up The Memories


There are many beverages to choose from when one is looking to quench their thirst including top brands Florida’s Natural orange juice, Minute Maid orange juice, Coca Cola, and Dr. Pepper. Florida’s Natural Growers were organized in 1933 by orange farmers that were looking to produce the best possible product.

The juice is freshly squeezed, contains no additional ingredients and is available in no pulp, some pulp, and most pulp options. The not from concentrate product offers up grapefruit juice and was the first to market the resealable pouring spout. Minute Maid orange juice, fully merged with Coca Cola in 2003, was the first to market its orange juice as a concentrate.

Today, Minute Maid orange juice brands are  available in multiple forms including no pulp, Calcium and Vitamin D, Country Style, Heart Wise, Kids, Low Acid, and Premium Original. Minute Maid markets the good source of vitamin C and potassium one will gain by drinking the product along with the juice is good down to the last delicious drop.


Coca Cola is an old soda brand that was first served for five cents per glass and now serves an estimated 1.9 billion consumers globally. Coca Cola has been available to the consumer for the past 127 years and was the first drink to be made available in a six pack. Most favor original Coca Cola, yet the product is available in diet, cherry, vanilla, and zero calorie versions.

Dr. Pepper was introduced in 1880, and unlike other companies, continued to use sugar in its soda despite the increase in price in the 1980s, namely in its Dublin Texas plant. Dr. Pepper is offered in diet forms as well as vanilla, cherry, chocolate, and berries and cream.

Why the Brazilian Real Estate Sector is Ideal for Foreign Investors

The Brazilian real estate sector provides attractive investment opportunities to both individual and institutional investors on Foreign investors can yield immense returns by putting their money into various ventures that the industry has to offer. Due to the strong economic policies and reliable tax systems, Brazil attracts many investors from different parts of the world. Real estate investors try to bridge the gap that exists in the housing sector at

Brazilian real estate business avails two major prospects for overseas investors: Active investment and intermediate term investment. An active investor on Catho must participate in investment for extended operational cycle say 20 years while receiving revenue. However, the investor can stay watchful and take a quick exit before the end of the project.

About the Brazilian Foreign Institutional Investor (FII)

The FII has a unique structure that provides monetary benefits in investment sharing, particularly in the real estate industry. Such benefits are hard to find in other types of securitization in Brazil. According to the nation’s law (Law8.668 of 1993), the operations of FII such as assets purchase and selling and sharing of profits are tax-free. The current legislation states that private investors are excluded from tax if they adhere to the rules of distribution on, which clearly mentions that they cannot own over 10 percent shares in FII. The FII invests in office building, hotels, residential buildings, as well as commercial buildings.


Construcap has set new standards of excellence in the construction sector of Brazil. In fact, the firm ranks among the ten greatest construction companies in Brazil. Founded in 1944, Construcap has been in charge of technological innovations and process development. It has contributed to the fast-paced growth of the lucrative real estate sector. Construcap has demonstrated its unconditional support for environment sustainability and social responsibility through the use of earth-friendly construction methods and philanthropic initiatives respectively.

Construcap leverages the Integrated Management System to carry out processes such as commercial construction, rail, port, eroviarias, commercial and industrial buildings. The firm appreciates its workers by availing appropriate working conditions for them and investing their professional growth. It has implemented strong communication channels that strengthen its relationship with the community.

Sujit Choudhry: Expert On Comparative Constitutional Law

Comparative law involves the study of law in varying countries, both in similarities and differences. It includes, but is not limited to the study of religious laws, civil law, common law, socialist law, and canon law. Comparative law involves analyzing and describing these varying legal systems, even if there is no obvious different between them. This study has become extremely important in the last century or so with the emergence of internationalism, democratization, and economic globalization in the present age.


As an academic discipline, comparative law studies legal systems, the elements of those legal systems, and how they differ. It also includes analyzing how all of these elements work together in one system. Many branches of discipline have been created as comparative law has become more important. Comparative commercial law, comparative administrative law, comparative criminal law, comparative civil law, and comparative constitutional law are just a few of these branches.



Comparative law can be used with other fields of study. When combined with economics or sociology, comparative law can be used to understand how different legal systems affect the area’s economics or society and culture. This study is used for a multitude of reasons, including contributing to the unification of legal systems, to perfect legal systems in question, and to attain deeper knowledge of these legal systems.  Based on


Sujit Choudhry is a Professor of Law and a recognized authority on comparative constitutional law, regarded by experts from all over the world. His extensive research and knowledge has been used in constitution building processes all over the world, like in Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, and Tunisia. Sujit Choudhry’s research involves a broad range of issues involving decentralization and secession, language policy, federalism, democratic politics, constitutional courts, minority and group rights, bills of rights, and other basic methodological questions.


 Sujit Choudhry is also an extremely accomplished author on the subject of comparative constitutional law. He has over 90 published articles, published by the likes of Cambridge and Oxford. Professor Choudhry is involved in many worldwide organizations like the International Society of Public Law, the Constitutional Court Review, the Center for Constitutional Transitions, and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

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The New Hampshire Insurance Company Agreement Breach Allegations

The New Hampshire Insurance Company under its old general manager, Danny Ferry, was issued with a court case from Entertainment LLC and Atlanta Hawks Basketball for alleged agreement violation. The lawsuit was filed on 13th September this year in the Fulton County Superior Court by Bruce Levenson.

Levenson, the former ownership group of the NBA franchise, has accused the New Hampshire Insurance Company of civil action contract breach and bad faith insurance. Bruce Levenson, who associations with the NBA teams in the past, is also a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. It holds the Philips Arena and the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, According to him, his old company was entitled to policy claims and cover for losses incurred during wrongful workplace termination.

In a report by ESPN, Atlanta Hawks sought for this legal action after the New Hampshire supposedly withheld payments of the covered losses in bad faith and without significant justification. The claims affirm their starts due to the refusal of the company to acknowledge the complaints in the first place. The allegations also accuse the New Hampshire of steadfast refusal to associate in defense of the asserted claims. The court declarations also cite the New Hampshire of failure to accept involvement in the discussions between Ferry’s and Hawk’s counsel.

Documents availed in the Fulton County Superior Court bear substantial secret evidence for liability claims. The claims fall under the agreement obligations granted during the contract negotiation between the two parties.

According to Bruce Levenson, the current Hawks ownership spokesperson, the whole company is acutely aware of the complaint. Hence, the New Hampshire no longer has associations with the Atlanta Hawks. The New Hampshire Insurance Company returned an email immediately claiming that it had no further comments on the matter. However, Bruce Levenson and his company still pay for compensation of additional attorney’s costs and unpaid loss fees.

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