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Richard Liu Qiangdong aims to own the largest business in China

Richard Liu is a leading businessman in the world. He is the founder and the CEO of, the leading e-commerce business in China. It is under the leadership of Richard Liu that has become a multi-billion dollar company. He founded it in 2004 and continues to manage it to date.

Richard Liu entered the business scene in 1998 when he created the first brick-and-mortar business to sell computer accessories in Beijing. Since he was passionate to become a successful entrepreneur, by 2003, he had expanded his business to the extent that he was operating 12 stores around Beijing.

The idea to invest in e-commerce business came in 2003 when an outbreak of the SARS epidemic hit China. As a result of this breakout, employees and customers were restricted to their homes, meaning that there was no business for Richard Liu. He was supposed to close down the business but also decided to use this time to reflect on how he would like to manage his business. He gathered all the managers and supervisors of his 12 physical stores so that they could brainstorm and come up with the idea that would allow them to work even when there was a challenge like the one witnessed during the SARS breakout.

In 2005, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided that he would delve into the online business. In one year, he verified that it was much easier to run an e-commerce business that a physical store. He also identified that the profits from e-commerce business were much bigger than for physical stores.

In 2005, Richard Liu closed all business associated with physical stores to concentrate on e-commerce business alone. He started by stocking digital products that he was selling in the physical stores before adding more products. By 2010, he had stocked almost every product that was on the Chines market.

Richard Liu is now concentrating on taking his business to another level of growth. His wish to own the largest businesses in the world and he is optimistic that he will achieve this goal in the near future. Currently, is the fourth largest company in China by market value.

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Betsy DeVos Challenges Political Norms as Leader of Department of Education

Betsy DeVos was brought into Washington D.C. in order to continue President Donald Trump’s campaign promise of draining the swamp. Handpicked by the GOP, Betsy DeVos made here way through her Senate hearing despite a divisive reception from critics on both sides of the aisle. Since taking her position atop the Department of Education, DeVos has instilled a sense of confidence in the post that has rarely been seen from conservatives. Betsy DeVos established herself a long time ago as a champion of reformation and for the past thirty years, she has been working toward her position as Secretary of Education. Now, DeVos is in line to make changes happen in a real, tangible way.


When Betsy DeVos assumed her position atop the Department of Education, there was a sense around D.C. that she would be just another figure in the background of President Trump’s controversial yet effective cabinet. Despite her reputation for being a fighter, borne over years of hard work in the state of Michigan, DeVos was considered something of an underdog as she took her position. DeVos was quick to make that notion a distant memory as she became an immediate impact player for conservative education reform. As a champion for the voucher school system and school choice, DeVos has fought for years to bring reformation to center stage when so many people on both sides of the political aisle have been resistant to it. Her bulldog-like tenacity has made her one of the few people that have gotten to make a difference in a relatively short time in Washington D.C.


In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos is already earning herself a reputation as a political fight and activist. She has already called meetings with heads of the major teacher’s unions whereupon she has impressed people like Randi Weingarten. Weingarten has called here both personable and dangerous while underlining the fact that DeVos is not someone that should be underestimated. Betsy DeVos has been working earnestly in order to bridge the gap between the right and left when it comes to education reform but she is going to be facing one of the most divided political climates of all time during her efforts.


The core of what Betsy DeVos is attempting to do will revolve around moving federal tax dollars toward the traditional public school system. Her goal will be to steer tax dollars toward private institutions, such as religious and charter schools, in order to give them the same federal support that public schools have known. The conservative idea of school choice essentially puts power back into the hands of parents by not punishing them for pursuing education outside of the traditional public school environment that most children attend.


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Mark Holyoake: Choosing Executives And Board Of Directors

Achieving success in business or any other venture takes great effort and a thorough knowledge of your field. Perhaps you want to learn about Mark Holyoake or his business success. Maybe you are looking for information about what makes a great entrepreneur or how to get started on the right path.

Mark Holyoake is one of the leading entrepreneurs and he has made many investments over the years. He is highly successful and is someone any ambitious person can rely on for guidance.

Mark Holyoake is well versed in all aspects of entrepreneurship and investments and he has worked with many high-profile professionals. He is about to step down from his position as a member of the board of directors at Iceland Seafood International. Also, Benedikt Sveinsson, the former CEO of Iceland Seafood International, will step down from the board of directors.

A meeting will be held on February 2, to find the right replacements for Mark Holyoake and Benedikt Sveinsson. The chairman of the board of directors for Iceland Seafood International will be nominated at the ISI shareholder meeting in Reykjavik.

Nominees for these positions include Jakob Valgeir Flosason, Magnus Bjarnason, Liv Bergthorsdottir, and Ingunn Agnes Kro.

Choosing a chairman or a member of the board of advisors requires careful planning and attention to details. Reputable and experienced professionals or executives are a great fit for such a position. It is important to take appropriate steps to ensure that the right people are chosen to fill the spots.

Mark Holyoake has achieved great success in many different ventures, including real estate development and is well known in the industry. His real estate career began after he finished his studies at the University of Reading.

Mr. Mark Holyoake made it a priority to learn all he could about the real estate industry and then started his own firm. Based in London, his real estate development firm, Oakvest, focuses on purchasing, developing and managing properties.

Oakvest caters to a wide variety of clients and also manages both residential and commercial real estate properties and is well known in the industry.

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Mike Nierenberg Hits The Headlines Again

It is evident that Mike Nierenberg has captured the eyes of many due to his able work in the investment industry. This is with how he has managed to propel his company to even greater heights in terms of profit. The Managing Director at Fortress investment group has taken his skills with him to New Residential Investment Company, a firm that deals in giving mortgages to low and medium income earners in the United States of America.

His leadership at New Residential Investment has made the company to be the most sort after by the Americans. This is because of the low loan rates that are given to each customer and the flexible mode of payment to settle the loan. As a result, the company has been able to acquire more customers compared to the previous years.

Mike has worked in many companies honing his skills with each task given to him. In addition to that, he has learned the stock market trade where he strikes when the deal is hot. A couple of years ago, Mike was able to make more than four trades for his company, buying around 60 000 units of NRZ.

At only 55 years, Mike Nierenberg has propelled many companies to uncover the treasures of success. Among such companies are Bank of America, JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers all in which he held senior positions. Mike hopes that soon, New Residential Investment Company will spread its wings beyond the American border, making its impact known worldwide. Mike has additionally given back to the community by joining the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, where he is the chairman.

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Agera Energy

Agera Energy is one of the largest power suppliers in the US. The company came into existence in 2014. They have serviced millions of customers, and offer a variety of options to serve your power needs such as electricity and natural gas. They have already started implementing wind power production in one of their largest projects. They serve both small personal accounts as well as large industrial accounts.

What distinguishes Agera Energy from the other power suppliers is that they do not just focus on profits, but also focus on customer education and customer service. The ease of setting up a new account at Agera Energy bears testimony to their excellent customer service. Their customer service teams focus primarily on educating customers and guiding them through decision making processes.

Currently Agera Energy has approximately 2 million customers and is adding close to half a million new customers each year. The rates that Agera Energy offers are reasonable compared to what other suppliers are offering. Instead of starting off with residential and non-profit applications and then labeling them for reuse for business, Agera Energy starts off by refining solutions for business customers for whom energy expense is a critical priority. It then packages those solutions for individual residential needs.

Deirdre Baggot Career in the Health Industry

Deirdre got her Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Colorado. Deirdre was awarded her masters degree in Business Administration from Loyola University Graduate school of business. Deirdre a holder of PHD, MBA and BSN has a wide experience as a clinician and a hospital executive. Through her leadership for CMS Acute Care Episode, Deirdre Baggot co-founded bundled payments. She also has the responsibility for ensuring growth and leadership for consulting practices with an aim of innovating reforms in bundled payment systems in healthcare field for two advisory firms.

Deirdre has come up with designed, implemented programs, strategies as well as client relationships for two hundred hospitals and sixty bundles. These innovations have brought improvements on clinical experience as well as improved patient experience at a lower cost. Deirdre Baggot serves as an acting advisor to many health systems boards and senior leadership positions. On bundled payments and MACRA for Medicaid as well as Medicare services centers, Deirdre serves as an expert. Read more about Deirdre at

In medical field, Deirdre has earned herself national recognition for her tremendous work on bundled payments. She has also received numerous invitations to be the keynote speaker to several medical conferences. These conferences include; Healthcare Financial Management Association, institute for health care improvement bundled payment summit and bundled payment congresses among others.

Deirdre Baggot has also authored more than twenty papers on topics regarding to bundled payments, healthcare reforms and payment transformations. She is also shown as an expert in All Things Considered, Planet Money and the Morning Edition of National Public Radio.

In 2012, Deirdre was appointed by CMS as an expert reviewer for bundled Payment Models. She conducted Acute Care Episode demonstration on bundled payments. At the University of Michigan Health System and Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Deirdre served for ten years as a leader in academic healthcare. Read:

Matt Badialli: Investment Guru and Natural Resources Expert

Who Is Matt Baidali?

Matt Badiali finished his bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences at Penn State University. He got his Master of Science in Geology degree at Florida Atlantic University. He worked on his Ph.D. until 2004 at the University of North Carolina where he discovered the world of finance.

Freedom Checks

You may have heard about Freedom Checks and might be wondering if it’s a scam. The truth is the strategy is founded on buying shares of MLPs or master limited partnerships. It’s a common investment technique that most seasoned investors are aware of. Freedom Checks was introduced in the early part of 2018 as a publicity stunt for Real Wealth Strategist, which is a financial investment and stock newsletter.

Real Wealth Strategist

Real Wealth Strategist primarily focuses on natural resource stocks and the huge possibility that they offer. Smart investors are always attracted to natural resources because they are at the core of almost everything. Aside from being sustainable, they are much safer long term investments. In Real Wealth Strategist, author Matt Badiali evaluates thousands of companies in the natural resource and commodity industry. It hopes to find the best commodity stocks that are stable and growing in the market. This includes metal mining companies, major oil buyers and distributors, cannabis producers, and large metal purchasers.

Banyan Hill

In March 2017, Matt Badiali joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He works as a natural resources expert doing research and endorsing investment opportunities in energy, precious metals, and agriculture for the company’s newsletters. Prior to Banyan Hill, Badialli was the editor of the Stansberry Research Resource Report for 11 years. It is a monthly advisory that talks about investments in metals, energy, and other natural resources. Matt Badiali also worked as a consultant for an environmental company and a geologist for a drilling company.

All of us dream of making that one bold genius investment that alters our lives in just a matter of weeks. However, genuine life-changing investment takes time and a lot of patience. It is more of knowing their potential before they have progressed into positive action. Matt Badiali has earned his reputation operating in the world of natural resources. He has shown great patience and sharp investing when others are cowering to try new ways. Real Wealth Strategist: Marijuana Investment Symposium By Matt Badiali

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Adam Milstein: Taking on a Role Most Vital to the Preservation of Jewish Culture

Just by analyzing Adam Milstein’s list of lifetime achievements, one can conclude that Milstein is a man who is most passionate about his family, career, and culture. With every step that he has taken to become the accomplished and prominent businessman/philanthropist that he is today, he has persistently enforced maximum effort and based his life’s choices upon their extent of benefit to the Jewish community. Nonetheless, if one were to peer even further into Adam Milstein’s life, one would deduce that he possesses the characteristics of heroism, wisdom, and integrity—three key traits that have significantly enabled him to excel beyond the power of one person to set a cultural shift in the world.


When Milstein left the State of Israel and came to the United States in 1981, he had the notion that he was going to make great changes in his life and the lives of others. Only this time around, his method for change would be much more effective than his days of combat in the Israeli Defense Forces. After having previously earned his Business Management degree in Israel and going back to school to acquire his MBA from the University of Southern California in 1983, Adam Milstein was destined to become an influential figure in society. He then applied his business education to the real estate industry and upon doing so his career began to set into place. Over a short period of time, Milstein transformed himself from being a novice real estate sales agent to being one with great proficiency in the field as a Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties. Moreover, once establishing himself as a Managing Partner to one of the largest real estate investment firms in the U.S., Milstein had proven to himself that he was qualified to manage something much greater than real estate.


With his wife at his side, Adam Milstein configured an alternative method (as oppose to war combat) to target the issues that involved the Israeli-American community. To bring about more leadership roles in the community, Adam Milstein co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. The main objective behind the Milstein Family Foundation is to promote the importance of active philanthropy and life impact by working with community members (particularly the youth) to encourage leadership via the provision of Jewish education, job training, and pro-Israel organization funding. Furthermore, in addition to working with other organizations like StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, and Hasbara Fellowships to promote pro-Israel activism across the U.S., Adam Milstein stretched his limits a bit further with his co-founding of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) in 2007. Likewise, since 2007, the IAC has served its purpose in cementing the identity of Israeli-Americans with their Jewish heritage as well as fortifying the bond between the State of Israel and the United States.

The Great Work of Wes Edens

West Robert Edens, born on 30th October 1961, is a businessman, investor and an owner of a basketball team known as Milwaukee Bucks. He is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and the founder of new Fortress energy. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1984 with a B.S in Finance and Business Administration. He lives in New York City in New York with his wife and four children. Find out more about Wes Edens at

Edens fortress investment

Edens fortress investment, founded in 1998 by Wes Edens is a company that deals with investment services with highly competitive investment partners. With time, the company has managed to attract more companies creating an impact in vital industries such as healthcare, infrastructure financial services, and real estate.

Contribution and investment

Wes Edens and his wife have supported the important field of education to enable learners to deal with complex challenges of our modern-day life. He made this a reality by establishing a professorship in global health. The two-million-dollar professorship at Macalester College is mostly concerned with health and medical geography. The professorship is focused on educating the students about the global challenges and the global economy in the days to come. The professorship also stands with efforts to eradicate the problem of inadequacy in healthcare services. It provides services in developing countries by building hospitals, training staff and offering healthcare consultations.

Wes Edens and his partners in the Milwaukee Foundation have made a significant impact on the growth and development of the U.S economy. As a sports franchise, Milwaukee Foundation has led to an establishment of a basketball arena in Milwaukee area, costing two hundred million and able to hold more than 17,500 seats. The stadium is expected to bring in millions of dollars to the community from hosting live events and concerts.

In a partnership with a new fortress, a company that supplies electricity in the U.S, Edens has made sure that most people have had access to reliable and affordable clean energy. The company is working to help in the growth of infrastructure and supply of environmentally friendly power.

Since buying the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014, Wes Edens has unlike other team owners been forming in-depth relationships with coaches, managers and the players themselves. He has gone to the extent of knowing each player individually offering free guidance on how to manage their wealth. In addition to this work, Wes Edens has also participated in charity donations such as support for Marthas Vineyard Hospital, The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, and The Student Sponsor Partners.

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Miley Cyrus Postpones Her Wedding to Liam Hemsworth

Recent reports from several American tabloid magazines indicate that international pop icon, Miley Cyrus, has postponed her wedding to her longtime on-again-off-again fiancée, Liam Hemsworth. Previous news stories suggested that the celebrity couple would be getting married this Fall at a five-star resort in French Polynesia.

Unfortunately, Liam Hemsworth’s older brother, Chris, does not approve of the pair’s upcoming nuptials, which is why Miley and Liam have apparently pushed their wedding plans back. Tabloids have hinted that there are several reasons for Chris wanting to Liam and Miley to hold off on tying the knot. One reason is that Chris believes that Miley’s skimpy outfits are a bit too provocative.

Chris also does not like that Miley swears constantly, and frequently makes erratic decisions. The older Hemsworth brother hopes that Cyrus eventually calms down a little bit, and begins to display the sort of behavior that he believes befits a good sister-in-law.

Miley and Liam Decide on a Wedding Theme

Initially, Miley wanted her wedding to pay homage to her more psychedelic side. Friends of Miley’s told various reporters that Miley planned to have The Flaming Lips play a concert at her wedding. Now, though, Miley and Liam have allegedly agreed to have a more low-key, traditional wedding that is more focused on celebrating their relationship with family and close friends.

Miley’s Favorite Lip Balm

What lip balm will Miley be wearing when she finally does marry Mr. Hemsworth? If the past is any indication, the pop star will likely be wearing something from Evolution of Smooth. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, is a cosmetics company that is popular amongst celebrities for their commitment to providing natural beauty care products in unique, invigorating colors, scents, and hues. EOS produces lip balms, hand and body lotion, shaving cream, and is used by icons like Britney Spears, Ashley Benson, and Hilary Duff.

Miley wore Evolution of Smooth’s Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Sphere lip balm in her “We Can’t Stop” music video. The international pop sensation also wore various EOS lip balms on several stops of her “Bangerz” tour. Besides the Pomegranate Raspberry flavor, Miss Cyrus seems to favor the Sweet Mint and Summer Fruit lip balm options from Evolution of Smooth’s catalog. It will be interesting to see which Evolution of Smooth lip balm flavor Miley is wearing when she strolls down the aisle on her wedding day.