L’oreal Global Business Developer Vp Nicolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft is the current VP for Global Business Development in L’Oreal, Chez USA. Nicolas went to University of St. Gallen and pursued a degree in Business Management from 1990 to 1995. Nicolas was a member of ESPRIT Junior Enterprise while he was in the University. In 2006, at INSTEAD, CEDEP, he enrolled in a Corporate General Management Programme.

Nicolas Krafft has a whopping 14 years’ experience in good leadership, sales and marketing skills. He has great expertise in international brand management at both strategic level and operational level. He also boast of extensive sales working with agents, direct clients and distributors. Nicolas Krafft saw the launching of US brand cosmetics in 7 different countries across Asia leading to birth of a multi-million business.

Nicolas Kraft’s has all through his career worked at L’Oreal. He started off at Kerastase in 2002 August where he worked as the Marketing Director until August 2004. From August 2004 to December 2008, Krafft was the Marketing Director in Asia. In January 2009 to October 2011 he was the General Manager. After, he works as the Deputy General Manager Eastern Europe from June 2011 to December 2013.

L’Oreal, where Nicolas Kraft is part and person of the team held its 2nd annual fashion and beauty catwalk. This was on 30th of September 2018 with the star of the show being to showcase the diversity in women’s beauty. The show was spectacular, and unique as there was a 60-meter floating runway on river Siene, right at the heart of French capital. The new look summer fashion show was for L’Oreal to do more marketing and re assure clients. They showcased their on-going creativity and dedication towards making product more accessible.

The event was glazed by top celebrities as it shone spotlight on traits linked to French capital, diversity and creativity. The event was aired in over 30 countries live, as drones were filming throughout. Locals, tourists and passers-by enjoyed the show since there were big screens set up on the riverbank. This event presented a lifetime opportunity for L’Oreal to showcase their products to the entire world.

Shervin Pishevar: Predictions Of Tough Economic Times Ahead

As anyone knows, the nation’s economic picture is subject to sudden changes. Whether it is a drop in the stock market, companies reporting less earnings than expected, or other developments, even the slightest hint of trouble can send investors and executives scrambling. Thus, when well-known venture capitalist and Uber investor Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter for a 21-hour tweet storm, the predictions he made concerning the United States economy took everyone by surprise.

As he started his tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar predicted tough times ahead for the U.S. stock market, with a decline of as much as 6,000 points being possible in the months to come. Knowing this would leave investors very nervous, he offered another prediction as to how they could salvage their investments. Citing bond market volatility, he stated his thoughts that by investing in gold and other precious metals during this time, investors could come through the crisis unscathed.

Next, Shervin Pishevar moved on to make several predictions about Silicon Valley companies, which he sees as being in decline. Predicting these companies would continue to struggle in the coming years due to increased foreign competition from such nations as China, he stated that unless Silicon Valley companies made a renewed investment in strategic planning, marketing, and recruitment of top-level talent, they had little if any chance of regaining their position as the world leader in technology.

After painting a dark future for Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar turned his tweet storm toward virtual currency Bitcoin. Although currently enjoying great success worldwide, Shervin Pishevar predicts Bitcoin will tumble much like many traditional stocks. Predicting a $5,000 decline in value, he does believe that due to their current strength within the world economy, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies will be able to rebound quite well. In fact, he predicted in his tweet storm that although an initial drop in value will occur, investors who choose to remain loyal to Bitcoin will not just recoup their losses, but actually see their investments turn into huge profits. In doing so, he expects the market for virtual currencies to expand in the future.


Jojo Hedaya Makes Email Organization Easy with Unroll.Me

If Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald didn’t undergo frustrations associated with locating important emails in their flooded inbox, we would probably never hear of Unroll.me. It is basically, a tool for organizing an email. The co-founder and the chief operating officer of Unroll.Me says that before creating this solution, his business partner, Josh Rosenwald couldn’t respond to his emails because he never seemed to find them. Josh explains that their product was created out of a desire to get rid of personal frustration. It was an opportunity for them to do what the major ISPs weren’t able to do.

The 24-year-old Jojo Hedaya shares his birthday with his business partner Josh Rosenwald. They have several other things in common such as studying in Jewish high schools and going to the same college. That’s why it wasn’t difficult for them to become friends. Jojo Hedaya says that the primary goal of Unroll.Me is to make things simple for email users.

Unroll.Me works by scanning through the inbox in a few seconds and compiling all the subscriptions into an email, known as The Rollup. This allows the user to go through all his/her subscription and if they come across something they don’t want, they can unsubscribe there and then resubscribe too.

Jojo Hedaya knows a few things about business culture and offers insightful tips on the same. He believes that hiring is a continuous process that is dependent on the needs of the organization. It is not a onetime thing. Besides leading by example, business owners should encourage entrepreneurial thinking at all times.

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According to Jojo, the people you hire are your business. Go for great minds, rather than just okay people to ensure success and avoid getting caught in mediocrity. In as much as the ability of your employees to exude positivity is critical to the success of your business, character is also important during the recruitment process. Another effective way of building a good company culture is to give employees as much freedom as possible, and also, make them own the company. Finally, never hesitate to follow your gut feeling in decision making.


Oren Frank’s Life Career and Talkspace

Oren Frank is a graduate from Leicester polytechnic who is very skilled in media, marketing, data, technology and strategy. He became a regional creative director EMEA at McCann Erikson from November 2001 to November 2003 based in London, UK, after which he was promoted to a CEO, world Group Israel at the same company based in Israel, telaviv from March 2003 to November 2007, simultaneously in the same company he was promoted to a Chairman position from November 2005 to November 2007.Oren Frank became a Global chief creative Officer at MRM worldwide from Jan 2008 to April 2011. Then worked as a writer, columnist, blogger at the markerAdge, Huffpo from march 2008 to February 2014. See more of Oren Frank at crunchbase

On April 2012 Oren Frank became the co-founder and CEO of TALKSPACE which is an online and mobile therapy company. The company has a number of independent consultable psychiatrists who give therapy lessons to company users online. The company hired a Chief Medical Officer, Neil Leibowitz. He is regarded as a major upgrade to TALKSPACE since the company is set to start prescribing medicines to its users when required. Oren Frank said that the company has hit one million users and is on the rise to increase more revenue.

The addition of Neil Leibowitz to the company makes Oren Frank hope for an approximate representation of a half of TALKSPACE revenues. This allows them to focus on mental health of employers and users since there is increased depression and anxiety which is a major hit among millennials.

A day ago TALKSPACE introduced itself to teens, where they use blogs and hashtags such as #talkspaceteens which gives a platform to parents and teens to ask fundamental questions about their health. Oren Frank is a skilled blogger reason why TALKSPACE is into blogging.

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How OSI Group Became A Leading International Food Producer

In the food processing industry, companies such as OSI group have taken the day. Although the company is now operational internationally, the corporation started as a butcher shop. Otto Kolschowsky was the owner of this butcher shop. Since Otto Kolschowsky was passionate and knowledgeable about his line of work, he was able to fuel the growth of his business enterprise. The company’s growth from a butcher shop located in Illinois to an international corporation is intriguing.

As a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky and his colleagues made Illinois their new home. After settling in fully, Otto Kolschowsky resolved to venture into the food processing industry, which is why he launched a butcher shop. At first, the butcher shop dealt with the sale of meat products at retail prices. After a few years in the business, Otto Kolschowsky’s butcher shop had now become a wholesale business. This was one of the indicators that the food processing business was lucrative. Furthermore, Otto Kolschowsky was now confident that his business could grow further.

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The butcher was launched in 1909. By 1928, it had already become a fully-fledged company that went by the name Otto & Sons. With his sons on board, the name Otto & Sons made it clear that this was a family-owned entity. By working hand in hand with his two sons, the company’s growth was progressing smoothly. Additionally, the company’s reputation was remarkable since Otto & Sons was among the food processing companies that were focused on ensuring that their clients were satisfied with their quality of service.

Since Otto & Sons had grown profoundly, the McDonalds approached them to seek their services. The contract between the McDonalds and Otto & Sons entailed delivering various quantities of meat to each of the designated McDonalds restaurants throughout the state. OSI Group was progressing smoothly until Otto & Sons could not deliver their products to some of the McDonalds restaurants. The primary challenge was the distance. Since meat products have to be delivered while still fresh, the only solution entailed looking for a suitable food preservation method. Luckily, Otto & Sons came across cryogenic freezing. They could now keep the food in a frozen state through the use of liquid nitrogen. The partnership with the McDonalds progressed smoothly as usual. As for Otto & Sons, they rebranded to OSI Group before venturing into the international business spectrum. Additionally, the leadership of OSI Group was handed over to Sheldon Lavin as CEO.

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Boraie Development Builds Again with Shaquille O’Neal

A few years ago, Boraie Development teamed up with legendary NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. Together, they developed a 168-unit apartment building at 1 Rector St. Though it’s not the building’s official name, many people refer to that building as “Shaq Towers.” Enthused by people’s response, O’Neal announced a second development.

While details are still under development, it’s been revealed that the next location, at 777 McCarter Highway in Downtown Newark, New Jersey, will be a 35-story property with 350 units. Nearly twice the size of his first co-op development, it’s no wonder why O’Neal refers to this next project as “the House that Shaq Built.”

O’Neal’s interest in developing properties throughout New Jersey has nothing to do with monetary gain. In his words, he wants to make Newark look more beautiful. In essence, he wants to see life and joy return to the neighborhoods he once called home.

If changing the way people see New Jersey is O’Neal’s dream, he found the right partner in Boraie Development to help achieve that dream. Boraie Development is known for its high-end luxury complexes. The most notable of its completed projects is The Aspire, a 17-story high rise in New Brunswick with over 200 units.

To be exact, The Aspire has 238 spacious residences, ranging from studio to two-bedroom apartments. The overall aesthetic and atmosphere of The Aspire are in the theme of a modern, full-service building people can spend their entire lives in and never feel sad.

The Aspire gives residents the chance to have the lifestyles they expect and deserve. Among the many exceptional amenities, residents of The Aspire have access to the most vibrant restaurant and retail center in all of central New Jersey. It was Hiam Boraie’s vision that The Aspire offer residents more.

His vision is seen in the floors plans featuring 9- and 10-foot ceilings. Such tall ceilings allow for oversized windows, which provide all units with amazing views of Downtown New Brunswick. While all residences have large windows and fantastic views, only a few have private terraces and balconies.

Though aesthetics and atmosphere are essential to creating the perfect luxury apartment, service is most important. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a place looks if its staff doesn’t smile and provide the best service.

Madison Street Capital Completes Debt Financing Deal for MonDak Portables LLC

The investment banking firm Madison Street Capital completed a significant deal at the end of 2018. On October of last year, the firm finished arranging a $3.2 million financing deal with MonDak Portables LLC. Madison Street Capital acted as the primary financial advisor for the company. With the assistance provided by Madison Street Capital, MonDak Portables LLC was able to get the capital they needed in order to expand. To finalize the deal, North Avenue Capital financed a new facility for MonDak Portables to reach their expansion goals. MonDak Portables LLC is a company that specializes in manufacturing and delivering toilets and renting trailers. Two top executives of Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway and managing director Lester Rodgers announced the completion of the deal.


After the deal was completed, Lester Rodgers expressed his satisfaction for working with the management team of MonDak Portables. Rodgers said that it was great working with executives Barb, Kathy and Ricky. He was thrilled to help the company get access to the capital it needed in order to expand. Rodgers is very confident that the company will be able to grown and expand at a rapid pace in the near future. He also believes that the company will be in position to reach their full potential and experience a lot of success after completing this deal. Lester Rodgers is also hopeful that MonDak Portables reaches their current and future goals as well.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that serves medium sized businesses throughout the world. The firm was founded in and is based in Chicago, Illinois of the United States. It has established itself as being one of the most reputable investment banking firms in the entire world. The firm has offices in other parts of the United States and serves clients in North America, Asia and Africa. For a boutique investment banking firm Madison Street Capital has accomplished a lot in terms of completing important transactions for a variety of clients. These transactions have helped many clients get in better position to reach their goals.


When looking to assist clients, Madison Street Capital offers a wide range of services. All of these services help meet the unique needs of the firm’s clients. The firm offers debt financing services which are available to help companies restructure debt as well as finance certain facilities and operations. With business valuation, the firm helps businesses find out how much their company is worth so that they can expand, get loans or be sold. Other services such as mergers and acquisitions are also available for clients to merge multiple companies into one in order to raise capital. When working with clients, Madison Street Capital looks to emphasize integrity, excellence and providing quality leadership.


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OSI CEO Sheldon Lavin: The Power of Listening

Sheldon Lavin is considered to be one of the most respected and revered businessmen in modern times by many young entrepreneurs. His lifelong work in taking OSI Group from a locally based company to international leader has been recognized by not only those in the industry but governments as well who honored Sheldon Lavin with awards such as the Lifetime achievement award for service to the community by the city of Chicago.

Often young entrepreneurs attempt to replicate the success of Sheldon Lavin but fall short in really understanding that his success does not come from bunkering down alone and solving complex issues in an ill-lit office, instead Lavine takes into consideration all possible solutions from his team in which he then delegates various tasks to ensure the best possible solution. For example. a few years ago an expert contacted Sheldon Lavin about a possible shortage in the rapeseed oil industry due to a swarm of pests, this, in turn, allowed Mr.Lavin to purchase a large quantity of rapeseed oil ahead of time and save the company from dealing with a shortage in the future.

As previously stated, Sheldon Lavin managed to introduce OSI Group and the food industry in general to other parts of the world, including Europe where this particular industry has had a poor record through history relating to their waste and takeover of local markets.

Lavine in an effort to ensure that OSI Group was a different and better company began to focus on environmental conservation projects in those countries. This included investing large amounts of money in converting OSI facilities into the most environmentally friendly plants as possible while offering local ingredients that benefited both OSI and the community who sold them. Today, his leadership style and contributions to the conservation of the environment in business have led many Millennial entrepreneurs to attempt to match his leadership skills.

About Sheldon Lavin: angel.co/sheldon-lavin

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC CEO with a Great Mind

Hussain Sajwani is the mastermind behind the growth and the development of DAMAC Properties, a Dubai-based property development company. The self-made billionaire businessman founded the company in 2012. His main objective was to bridge the gap between the increasing demand for high-end property and the few hospitality facilities in the booming city of Dubai.

The DAMAC owner is not new in business. Before he had established DAMAC Properties, he had ventured into the catering business and established a vibrant enterprise under the name Global Logistics Services.

The astute business started the catering and hospitality business as a small food joint in downtown Dubai. Owing to his superior business skills, the eatery grew to become a major player in the catering and hospitality industries. It became the choice supplier of noteworthy clients like Bechtel and the US military.

Through Global Logistics Services, the DAMAC owner supplied meals and camp management services to Bechtel’s construction sites across the Middle East. Additionally, the company is also the sole supplier of catering and campsite management services to the US military across Qatar, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

The DAMAC CEO arguably the pioneer of the property development in Dubai. Using the proceeds from his catering business, he purchased land in the less developed parts of Dubai. He used his knowledge in economics to project a possible rise in demand.

Following the property boom in Dubai in the late ’90s, the DAMAC owner started engaging in off plan selling of luxury housing units. He used the returns from down payments to commence new construction projects.

Hussain Sajwani utilized his skills in legal affairs, marketing, sales, administration, and finance to propel DAMAC Properties to the peak of the property development industry. Using these skills, Sajwani sold DAMAC’s first building in less than two months. Since then, the company has developed several high-end properties, which have drastically changed Dubai’s landscape.

The DAMC CEO is also an innovative businessman. He has partnered with like-minded business persons and entities to create advanced products for the ever-evolving property market. He has partnered with Tiger Woods to develop the Trump World Golf Course in Dubai. The Trump Foundation manages the project. Other partners include the owner of Versace Home, Fendi Casa. The partnership entails the development of luxury homes.

Deirdre Baggot Role in Improving Healthcare

Deirdre Baggot, unlike most women in the community, has spent most of her career life thinking about the rest of the people in the society. Deirdre has been serving as a clinician and a top executive in hospital. With her respected roles, the focused American businesswoman has brought smiles in the faces of the people she has been interacting with. Her prime role, however, has been becoming a pioneer in the world of bundled payments in healthcare. People in the healthcare section say that Deirdre Baggot is responsible for most of the innovations that have been taking place in the competitive industry. As a woman, getting this kind of innovation has not come the easy way. The market has always been a place that was reserved for men who have spent years in the university. The modern woman, however, has been looking forward to grab this opportunity and prove that they can perform better and consistently. Visit their website at deirdrebaggot.com

In her career life, Deirdre Baggot has been fortunate to feature in several platforms. These are the areas that have helped her to showcase her expertise in bundled payments. In the year 2013, Baggot got the appointment to serve as an expert reviewer by CMS. This was a great opportunity for the career woman to showcase her skills in bundled payments. Her prominent role in Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she served for ten years gave her so much experience too. People do not become experts in the healthcare section if they are not qualified academically. Baggot has a degree which she got from Chicago Loyola University. Baggot got her master’s from the University of Colorado. Spending so much time at the university exposed the career woman to the kind of knowledge needed in healthcare.

Deirdre became popular when she brought reforms in bundled payments. The reforms she had brought made doctors and patients have a good time when serving customers. The government has also awarded her several times because of her contributions in the market in the few years she has been working. The organization that has worked with her have improved so much in their customer satisfaction.

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