Anthony Constantinou: Academic Asset


His father is a noted name–the late Aristos Constantinou who founded the Ariella fashion label. However, Anthony Constantinou has built a name for himself. He has done so not in the world of British fashion as his father did but, rather, he has established himself as an asset in the world of academia.

Constantinou is a Lecturer in Data Analytics at the well-respected Queen Mary University of London; there, he teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has also been named a “Turing Fellow” and is the head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at the university.

Bayesian Artificial Intelligence is Constantinou’s chief research interest and has been the focus of his career. This research has real-world applications. Constantinou has applied his research to a variety of fields. Among the wide range of fields are agriculture, medicine, gambling, and software reliability.

As an academic, Anthony Constantinou has published a number of articles in the area of his research interest. Among the publications that he has authored or co-authored are: “An improved method for solving Hybrid Influence Diagrams,” “Expected Value of Partial Perfect Information in Hybrid Models Using Dynamic Discretization,” “From complex questionnaire and interviewing data to intelligent Bayesian network models for medical decision support,” “Value of information analysis for interventional and counterfactual Bayesian networks in forensic medical sciences,” and “Causal inference for violence risk management and decision support in forensic psychiatry.”

Constantinou’s work has established him as an asset in the world of academia. In a variety of venues, he has been hailed for his work. Go Here to learn more.


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