How A Key Break Helped OSI Food Solutions Become The Enormous Firm It Is Today

OSI Food Solutions had its beginnings in 1909 at a family-run Chicago meat market. It is still a privately held company but the owner since the 1970s has been entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin who is also the chairman and CEO. They are also now a global brand with production facilities in 17 different countries.

The key event in this company’s history took place in 1995 when the first McDonald’s location chose OSI Food Solutions as their beef supplier. McDonald’s, of course, went on to become wildly successful and this company has shared in that success. They developed into a regional supplier of beef as McDonald’s expanded across the Midwest and as this restaurant chain went national so did OSI Food Solutions. As McDonald’s started opening restaurants in Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere they have continued to count on this company as a major supplier.

Today, they have a broad base of customers beyond just supplying McDonald’s. This includes getting into the grocery business and designing and producing grocery chain brands of food. They can now be found in countless grocery store chains throughout the world. One way that they succeed is by offering very customizable food solutions so that each customer’s specific needs can be addressed.

OSI Food Solutions has been taking their environmental responsibilities very seriously for years. They have won awards around the world for this focus. One of their subsidiaries that has won accolades is their K&K Foods which is located in Taiwan. they came up with a system to repurpose and recycle the wastewater that is used at their production facility. Their subsidiary Vista Processed Foods had two achievements that have been recognized. The first was an initiative to conserve water while the other one taught the farmers that supply them how to correctly handle pesticides and chemicals.

The also won the California Green Business Award in 2016. Their production facility in Riverside earned this certification which recognized efforts to conserve resources and operate more efficiently. They were able to reduce pollution and they also agreed that they would be audited by independent third-parties in regards to how much energy they use.

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