Infinity Australia Group Earns a Place on the Most Innovative Companies List.

The website reports that there are 8.42 million households in Australia. Over 2.5 million of those households are carrying too much debt. Graeme Holm & Rebecca Walker established Infinity Group Australia (IGA) five years ago to help Aussies who are carrying too much debt right their financial ship. Holm describes the company as, “a personal trainer for your finances”. After someone who wishes to reduce their debt follows the necessary steps to secure a debt consolidation loan from a lending institution they can avail themselves of IGA’s services.


For 10% of the amount, they help the client save each year IGA helps the client stay on budget by assigning them a personal banker and making sure they don’t make purchases they can’t pay for with cash. Under this model the more the client benefits the more Infinity Group Australia benefits. Following the IGA program, a client can pay-off more debt per quarter than they would normally pay-off in a year. As an example of how well their method works Infinity Group Australia cites the example of a family that dug themselves out of over $90 thousand in debt in just one year following Infinity Group Australia’s counsel.


The success of Infinity Group Australia’s approach to debt management caught the attention of The Australian Financial Review (AFR). AFR is a 50-year-old publication that is considered the Bible for Austrailian entrepreneurs and investors. On July 30, 2018, during the AFR Most Innovative Companies List Awards Night Infinity Group Australia was honored by having their name added to the Most Innovative Companies List. Infinity Group is ranked 58th on the list.


Yearly, 100 Australia and New Zealand based companies earn a spot on the Most Innovative Companies List. Infinity Australia beat-out over 1,000 other nominees that operate in the field of finance. Inventium an Australian innovation consultancy firm assembles the industry experts that make up the panel of judges.


Graeme Holm accepted the honor on behalf of the Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney headquartered company he co-founded. Holm expressed humility as he thanked Inventium and The Australian Financial Review. During his remarks, Holm also recognized the role that IGA’s employees played in making the accomplishment possible.


Graeme Holm has worked in finance for more than a decade. His talents in his chosen field have led to him being named to the list of MPA (Mortgage Professional Australia) Top 100 Brokers. Learn more:

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