Stuart Weisbrod and Jacob Gottlieb to Join Forces Again After Two Decades Apart

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod, who previously worked together at Merlin BioMed Group, are now working together again after nearly two decades of separate ventures. Stuart Weisbrod co-founded Merlin BioMed Group in 1998 as an investment management company that focused on the healthcare sector. Before Weisbrod co-founded Merlin, he had built an impressive track record that includes degrees from Colgate University, Columbia University and Princeton University as well as positions at Oracle Partners, Harpel Partners, Merrill Lynch and Prudential-Bache Securities. This provided him with the ability to build a successful team at Merlin. Jacob Gottlieb was included on this team and worked for Weisbrod as a portfolio manager. Gottlieb was successful in generating large returns which helped Merlin land influential clients. However, despite Merlin’s continued success, their doors closed in 2007.

Since Merlin closed their doors, Weisbrod founded a new investment firm called Iguana Healthcare Partners. Much like Merlin, Iguana also focuses on the healthcare sector. Gottlieb also created his own firm after leaving Merlin called Visium Asset Management. Visium became quite successful after surviving the financial downturn in 2008 and growing to become an $8 billion hedge fund with offices in New York, San Francisco and London. Despite this success, Visium abruptly halted operations in 2016 after three executives were accused of insider trading and mismarking. Gottlieb has never been charged with any wrongdoing and maintains his role as CEO as he returns funds to investors and closes the company. Now in 2018, Gottlieb has already begun his next venture called Altium Capital, another healthcare-focused hedge fund. It is at Altium Capital that both Gottlieb and Weisbrod will be working in the same office. While is it is not clear what their exact plans are for future collaboration, this move is a clear indicator of their future together.

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