JHSF is one of the long-lasting and highly successful real estate companies in Brazil. It has real estate projects locally and internationally. So far, JHSF has developed properties on over six million square meters space, and it is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 billion. This company has done most of the largest real estate projects in Brazil. It has concentrated on the high-end properties which generate huge revenue. In recent years, the JHSF has focused its attention on projects that create recurring expenditure.

JHSF is the first real estate company in Brazil to focus on projects with recurring expenditure, and as a result, it is the most successful and profitable real estate company in the country. The company was established in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo. He ventured into property development with the aim of making Brazil a leading real estate market in the region. It was initially known as JHS and was under the management of Fabio and his brother Jose. They, however, differed on the direction the company would take, leading to a split. Fabio created JHSF to deal with property development. JHSF succeed in its path of business, and it is now the biggest real estate development company in Brazil.

In 1992, Jose Auriemo Neto, commonly known as Zeco Auriemo, joined JHSF. He is the son of Fabio, the founder of the company. At the age of 17, Zeco was ready to learn from his father. Zeco Auriemo managed some of the projects the company was involved in as a way of learning from practical experience. Zeco is a name that he received due to his generosity and love for the community.

Zeco Auriemo later took over the business from his father. He is now the chairman and CEO of JHSF. Under his leadership, this company has recorded the biggest gains in its history.


Infinity Australia Group Earns a Place on the Most Innovative Companies List.

The website aifs.gov.au reports that there are 8.42 million households in Australia. Over 2.5 million of those households are carrying too much debt. Graeme Holm & Rebecca Walker established Infinity Group Australia (IGA) five years ago to help Aussies who are carrying too much debt right their financial ship. Holm describes the company as, “a personal trainer for your finances”. After someone who wishes to reduce their debt follows the necessary steps to secure a debt consolidation loan from a lending institution they can avail themselves of IGA’s services.


For 10% of the amount, they help the client save each year IGA helps the client stay on budget by assigning them a personal banker and making sure they don’t make purchases they can’t pay for with cash. Under this model the more the client benefits the more Infinity Group Australia benefits. Following the IGA program, a client can pay-off more debt per quarter than they would normally pay-off in a year. As an example of how well their method works Infinity Group Australia cites the example of a family that dug themselves out of over $90 thousand in debt in just one year following Infinity Group Australia’s counsel.


The success of Infinity Group Australia’s approach to debt management caught the attention of The Australian Financial Review (AFR). AFR is a 50-year-old publication that is considered the Bible for Austrailian entrepreneurs and investors. On July 30, 2018, during the AFR Most Innovative Companies List Awards Night Infinity Group Australia was honored by having their name added to the Most Innovative Companies List. Infinity Group is ranked 58th on the list.


Yearly, 100 Australia and New Zealand based companies earn a spot on the Most Innovative Companies List. Infinity Australia beat-out over 1,000 other nominees that operate in the field of finance. Inventium an Australian innovation consultancy firm assembles the industry experts that make up the panel of judges.


Graeme Holm accepted the honor on behalf of the Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney headquartered company he co-founded. Holm expressed humility as he thanked Inventium and The Australian Financial Review. During his remarks, Holm also recognized the role that IGA’s employees played in making the accomplishment possible.


Graeme Holm has worked in finance for more than a decade. His talents in his chosen field have led to him being named to the list of MPA (Mortgage Professional Australia) Top 100 Brokers. Learn more:  https://www.mpamagazine.com.au/people/profiles/getting-financially-fit-at-infinity-group-australia-244676.aspx

Ted Bauman and Asset Protection for any Disaster

Ted Bauman is a writer currently employed with Banyan Hill Publishing. His experiences in life taught him that society should accommodate the lower and middle classes and not just the elite. At an early age, he started out in entry-level jobs as most young people do. He worked at places like McDonalds and gas stations where he ended up gaining a true respect for the people who relied on these low-paying jobs to make ends meet. He traveled the world as a young man and earned an economics degree outside the United States. He did work for Habitat for Humanity in places like the Caribbean and other areas of Central America. In his professional career, he was a director over low-income housing projects and many nonprofit organizations.

These days, one of the areas that Ted Bauman is passionate about is preserving one’s wealth. He had recently written an article about safeguarding liquid assets outside the banking system. The inspiration came from a relative of his that had recently died and had numerous assets kept at home, A mistake that Ted Bauman pointed out that his relative made was that his relative had merely hidden numerous valuables in a home office. The assets could easily have been lost due to a fire or a simple burglary. He did point out that there was still wisdom in his relative keeping some of his assets outside the banking system and he laid out a couple of steps that an individual could take to disaster-proof their assets in a safer manner.

Ted Bauman first advises that people have a fireproof box to store some liquid assets at home. He advises that the amount kept at home be only a small portion and not to keep your most valued assets at home. He then advises safe deposit boxes at a bank, either in the United States or in a foreign country. Then to get extremely protective an individual should get have their assets in an independent vault not connected to a bank and with no reporting requirements. These are the simple steps to protect one’s assets from almost any worse case scenario situation.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedbauman

Organo Gold: A Healthy Economic Opportunity

Organo Gold is not your typical multi-level marketing firm. Instead, it is an income opportunity with a social aspect that sets it apart from other organizations of its kind. Organo Gold began in 2008, offering independent distribution opportunities to entrepreneurs. The product was in high demand as it still is, and likely will always be. Everyone loves a good cup of black coffee made with the rich and full flavor of organic beans. Organo Gold is a health-focused company, and its products are targeted towards people who want to live a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

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The company also offers other products such as teas, nutraceuticals, and personal care products.

The exciting aspect of the Organo Gold opportunity is the entrepreneurial one. People can come on board and become an independent distributor by first purchasing a business entry kit. The kit comes with some paperwork, a binder, coffee samples, and access to wholesale purchases. The kits can vary in contents depending on the distributor’s location. The initial investment is around $49. The business is an investment, but distributors have said that they have started a successful business with little to no experience.

The compensation plan varies, and there are different achievement levels which are typical of these types of marketing ventures. Distributors can earn trips and other prizes as they reach goals or level achievements. The structure is not extremely foreign to the direct marketing business. However, the advantage of selling premium products that are focused on the health and energy of the consumer sets the company apart from most.

Jeff Herman Is A Success


Jeff Herman is a lawyer that is educated and practiced. He has found that he is passionate about fighting for the rights of victims of rape, sexual assault and exploitation cases. When they are victimized, they have difficulties moving forward in their lives. When he represents them in a court of law, it can help them to get on with their lives.


Jeff Herman’s Law Firm

He has dedicated Herman Law to helping victims of these crimes. They know that they can come to him for help. With the help that he can give them, they will feel like they can put the incident behind them.


The Costs For His Law Firm’s Services

For each case, the costs will be different. A lawyer from Jeff Herman’s firm will need to sit down with the client and discuss this information. This is a free consultation, and it will give the client the amount of money that they will need to give for the services. In most cases, the payments are made by cash, check, credit card or some other arrangement. Read This Article for more information.


Jeff Herman Has Won Many Cases

Herman is able to present a case that can be won. The victim receives compensation for their losses. He has been able to get people the money that they deserve so that they can move forward.

It is also wise that a person that is dealing with these types of crimes get the counseling that they need. The counselors are familiar with what happens after a person is victimized. They can assist them in getting the person to feel more comfortable in situations that may be uncomfortable because of the crimes. With counseling, many people go on to live fulfilling lives. They are able to put those incidents in the past and understand that not all people are bad.


More about Herman on https://gazetteday.com/2018/05/depth-interview-jeff-herman-herman-law/

Wes Edens, South Florida’s Brightline Rail System Owner

Wes Edens is an accomplished private equity investor with interests in sports. He joined the Oregon State University where he pursued his major in Finance. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies in the year 1984, he moved to Lehman Brothers and was employed as its partner. After a few years, he relocated to BlackRock where he worked as its partner and Managing Director. In the year 1998, he had acquired enough managerial and his leadership skills to establish his firm. He partnered with Michael Edward, Randal Nardone, and Robert Kauffman to create Fortress Investment Group. They founded the company with $400 million in equity investment.

Fortress is a private capital firm with a focus in the control and management of assets. Later in the year 2009, he was appointed Fortress’ board of directors Chairman. His appointment to head the company’s private equity department is attributed to the skills he gained while at working at Lehman and BlackRock companies. The department witnessed a long streak of success under his leadership. He enabled the firm to purchase Springleaf Financial Services. In January 2018, Wes Edens announced the sale of his main business, Fortress Investment Group. He confirmed that Japan’s SoftBank Group Corporation would purchase the company. The firm that was only established with $400 million was sold at a high figure $3.3 billion in cash. It was however agreed that Fortress would retain its base in New York City.

In a five year contract, it was established that Wes Edens would have his managerial position together with Randal Nardone. Wes is reported to have accumulated a hefty $500 million from the deal. He also boasts of his South Florida Brightline train rail system. He says plans are underway to expand the rail to other areas in the United States. The train that records a maximum speed of 135 mph is set to enhance business in the area. In the year 2014, he collaborated with Marc to acquire the Bucks Basketball team from Kohl Herb at $550 million. The duo pumped another $100 million in the construction of a multipurpose arena that would serve as Bucks’ home ground. Wes Edens enhanced his love for sports when he bought Astonvilla Football Club. He joined hands with businessman Sawiris to purchase 55% of the England based club. The buyout made them the highest stakeholders in the club. At the time of the purchase, he said his goal was to make it a competitive team in England.

Sameer Jejurikar Is A Dallas-Based Plastic Surgeon Who Works With The Latest Technology In His Field

Sameer Jejurikar is an MD who has been practicing plastic surgery in Dallas, Texas for more than two decades. He has been working to make the practice as safe as possible for just as long and is a passionate plastic surgeon who loves what he does. In interviews, he has admitted that his patients are what keep him coming back every day. He loves to work with people to make changes in their lives and feels lucky to be in the position he is in. In Dallas, he serves patients at Forrest Park Medical Center, Baylor Medical Center, and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, and he is also a member of the well-known Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Sameer Jejurikar has been growing his practice over the years and runs a solo plastic surgery private practice. While this is true, he ends up spending a lot of his time performing surgeries, which include reconstructive surgeries and cosmetic procedures. He has been trained as a professional plastic surgeon and understands that every patient is different, and he loves the fact that he can see the real changes he has made to a person after his work is done. He feels like the modern world has a lot to offer people who are looking to alter their appearance and is excited about new technologies that are being invented every day.

Sameer Jejurikar can perform Botox injections and also specializes in gluteal augmentation surgery. He works with the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force in order to make the procedures better. The group also works with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and he spends a lot of time with both. In his off time, Sameer Jejurikar loves to travel, and he also travels quite a bit for work reasons. One of his favorite things to do is to travel to conferences so he can learn about all of the latest discoveries in his field.

Stuart Weisbrod and Jacob Gottlieb to Join Forces Again After Two Decades Apart

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod, who previously worked together at Merlin BioMed Group, are now working together again after nearly two decades of separate ventures. Stuart Weisbrod co-founded Merlin BioMed Group in 1998 as an investment management company that focused on the healthcare sector. Before Weisbrod co-founded Merlin, he had built an impressive track record that includes degrees from Colgate University, Columbia University and Princeton University as well as positions at Oracle Partners, Harpel Partners, Merrill Lynch and Prudential-Bache Securities. This provided him with the ability to build a successful team at Merlin. Jacob Gottlieb was included on this team and worked for Weisbrod as a portfolio manager. Gottlieb was successful in generating large returns which helped Merlin land influential clients. However, despite Merlin’s continued success, their doors closed in 2007.

Since Merlin closed their doors, Weisbrod founded a new investment firm called Iguana Healthcare Partners. Much like Merlin, Iguana also focuses on the healthcare sector. Gottlieb also created his own firm after leaving Merlin called Visium Asset Management. Visium became quite successful after surviving the financial downturn in 2008 and growing to become an $8 billion hedge fund with offices in New York, San Francisco and London. Despite this success, Visium abruptly halted operations in 2016 after three executives were accused of insider trading and mismarking. Gottlieb has never been charged with any wrongdoing and maintains his role as CEO as he returns funds to investors and closes the company. Now in 2018, Gottlieb has already begun his next venture called Altium Capital, another healthcare-focused hedge fund. It is at Altium Capital that both Gottlieb and Weisbrod will be working in the same office. While is it is not clear what their exact plans are for future collaboration, this move is a clear indicator of their future together.

Renowned Brazillian rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazillian rally car driver with much recognition. He together with his brother, Michael Terpins, are members and riders of Prestige Bull Sertoes rally team. Sertoes rally is one of the most challenging rally circuits in Brazil. This rally features various physical terrains that are difficult and more challenging than other rallies.

Car rally is a sport that requires adequate skills and teamwork to perform better. Through his Crunchbase profile, I found out that, Rodrigo Terpins managed to complete the first leg of the challenging race within two hours. Due to proper coordination of his team, they managed to attain the 8th place out of 40 pairs of drivers. Terpins comes from a family with a great history in sporting activities. His brother, Michael, is also a rally driver while his other brother Jack was a former reckoned basketball player who however currently engages in entrepreneurship. He, therefore, came from a family that supported him to peruse his career and that supported his expertise in his field. For more details visit Terra.

During his interview with IdeaMensch, Rodrigo Terpins stated that he had a great interest in investing in the Cannabis business. He says that due to advancements in science and research, investment in the Cannabis business is a great opportunity. The business will grow due to its high demand for recreational use and medicinal purposes. He also gave some tips that made him outstanding in entrepreneurship. He said that he keeps himself connected with arising issues all over the world, especially in issues regarding consumer trends. You can check out 12social.com


Rodrigo Terpins recommended Waze to be one of the software’s that helps him in his productivity since it helps him find the best and fastest routes. He also recommended Google maps and Google Earth since they help them in the location of their forests during their rally races. He advised the youth always to keep updated with the upcoming trends in the world.



Read more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/stf-inicia-o-julgamento-de-constitucionalidade-do-novo-codigo-florestal-destacam-os-socios-rodrigo-terpins-e-michel-terpins,04024f83cd447a9268ff7fc55b38eca0io8xabrb.html


Dick Devos and the FAA

Dick Devos was appointed to the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration in September 2017. He has been working with other business executives as well as transportation authorities and airline executives to advise the FAA on its next phase of policies and regulations. The FAA has come under criticism in the past for not helping the aviation do more to be competitive and advanced in the digital age. There have been increased security problems, as well as an unstable airline market that have created many issues in the past five years.


Devos was one of the 13 new members to join the civilian council. While the idea is to just advise, the FAA is looking for help on a number of new policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth ideas. Devos has plenty of ideas being that he has been working with the airline industry for many years, and he is an avid pilot himself.


Devos’ relationship with aviation started when he was younger. Now as a successful business leader and entrepreneur, he has also co-founded an aviation academy on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport grounds. The new school is right next to his hometown of Grand Rapids, where he has been contributing as a business leader and philanthropist for many years.


Many people don’t realize that Devos has been heavily involved in the expansion of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. While it used to be a small landing strip back in the early 1900s, the airport has grown considerably and will be undergoing a renovation throughout 2018. The new airport will be unveiled later in the year. Renovations cost around $45 million for the new business traveler center, food court upgrades, and additional technology in terminals for passengers.


Most people praised the appointment, including the CEO of Southwest and CEO of Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Devos’ business acumen can help the FAA make better decisions when it comes to airlines and airport security as well. However, it may be his affiliation with a school that drives home how much of a versatile member he is to have in the council.


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