Susan McGalla Paves the way for Gender Diversity in Male-Dominated Firms

Statistics suggest that, a business is more likely to perform better with gender diversity. Research from top qualified consultancies went on to cite those top quartile companies with ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to garner higher returns than lower quartile companies with little to no gender diversity. It is believed that such companies are more open to better performance because they are open to innovative ideas. Apart from that, the diversity provides multiple perspectives. Even so, it is sad to note that only a few women hold executive positions in the gender-diverse companies.

The Back Story

In as much as there are challenges when it comes to creating gender diversity in the companies, there are women who have conquered this difference by seizing high-level positions in high-profile organizations not only for themselves but other women as well. One such woman is Susan McGalla. McGalla attributes her success to how she grew up amongst two brothers who hardened her to learn to live out of her comfort zone.

Early Life

Growing up in a family that had a coach for a father, Susan McGalla did not enjoy the typical breaks a girl-child is entitled to. She was pushed to work for what she aspired to become in life. Apart from that, McGalla was allowed to pursue her dreams without outside interruption. Perhaps that is how she learned to carry the lesson forward in life and seek multiple high-profile positions in her career.


Susan McGalla first paved her way up in the industry by working as a merchandising manager. Later in the years, she found her footing through the famous American Eagle Outfitters, a company in which, most employees were men. With her input, the company started buying the idea of gender diversity. With time, she was issued the job title- president of the company. That was a few years before she left to establish P3 Executive Consulting.


Currently, Susan McGalla is the vice president of Pittsburgh Steelers. She doubles as the creative development manager. Surprisingly, this is a male-dominated company as well. It is evident that McGalla thrives in challenging careers fields. Perhaps her confidence and determination are essential characteristics that define her resilience.

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