Susan McGalla Paves the way for Gender Diversity in Male-Dominated Firms

Statistics suggest that, a business is more likely to perform better with gender diversity. Research from top qualified consultancies went on to cite those top quartile companies with ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to garner higher returns than lower quartile companies with little to no gender diversity. It is believed that such companies are more open to better performance because they are open to innovative ideas. Apart from that, the diversity provides multiple perspectives. Even so, it is sad to note that only a few women hold executive positions in the gender-diverse companies.

The Back Story

In as much as there are challenges when it comes to creating gender diversity in the companies, there are women who have conquered this difference by seizing high-level positions in high-profile organizations not only for themselves but other women as well. One such woman is Susan McGalla. McGalla attributes her success to how she grew up amongst two brothers who hardened her to learn to live out of her comfort zone.

Early Life

Growing up in a family that had a coach for a father, Susan McGalla did not enjoy the typical breaks a girl-child is entitled to. She was pushed to work for what she aspired to become in life. Apart from that, McGalla was allowed to pursue her dreams without outside interruption. Perhaps that is how she learned to carry the lesson forward in life and seek multiple high-profile positions in her career.


Susan McGalla first paved her way up in the industry by working as a merchandising manager. Later in the years, she found her footing through the famous American Eagle Outfitters, a company in which, most employees were men. With her input, the company started buying the idea of gender diversity. With time, she was issued the job title- president of the company. That was a few years before she left to establish P3 Executive Consulting.


Currently, Susan McGalla is the vice president of Pittsburgh Steelers. She doubles as the creative development manager. Surprisingly, this is a male-dominated company as well. It is evident that McGalla thrives in challenging careers fields. Perhaps her confidence and determination are essential characteristics that define her resilience.

Sheldon Lavin, Boosting Food Processing Excellence

Since 1995, OSI Group has been a presence in India with OSI-Vista Processed Foods. The company has grown to eight locations. As merits and awards go, there are accolades every executive can qualify for, without applying. These are awards that highlight exemplary business achievements. Outstanding business performance, that’s in a class by itself, this is the Global Visionary Award. For the past five years, the Vision World Academy India has recognized business leaders who excel in their sectors. In 2016, OSI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin was presented with the award in recognition of his unique, balanced approach to creating a measurable partnership as a global billion dollar food processing organization. He also received an additional honor in Chicago, by the RSM US LLP, he was named the recipient of the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Having a way to process mass amounts of vegetables, protein products and fruits fulfills a need in India. This is what sets OSI apart as the next frontier of modern food processing innovation. It’s easy to see how Lavin 43 years of experience contributes to operations in India. However, it’s worth noting that reaching such a level of achievement, to be honored by the Vision World Academy, is a significant milestone in Sheldon Lavin’s career. His career began in 1970, with his first job in the meat industry as a financial consultant. During those early days of meat processing, the OSI Group was called, Otto & Sons. When Sheldon Lavin gained 100% control of voting, he progressively began the global expansion.

In an interview Sheldon Lavin, was asked how he outcame specific challenges and opportunities to achieve international business success. His response may surprise some, because he attributed all of the rewards and attainment to the employees. Lavin said that despite the rules and strategies he must follow, he considers every employee “family.” This is a personal philosophy and a business practice, because Lavin believes that working together as one family is the reason that OSI Group functions well. As proof of this Sheldon Lavin said, “I’m called Sheldon or Shelly instead of “Mr. Lavin.” From the perspective of a business, belief in employees impacts how a business continues successful operations. Everyone has an input at OSI Group, vital to his accolades, Sheldon Lavin concluded by saying that, “The people who work with us and the quality of our products will always come first.”

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David Giertz and the Importance of Investing

David Giertz is an expert in the field of progression finance. Currently, he works with Nationwide Financial in the capacity of president. David is an accomplished leader and has always left an impressive legacy in every company that he worked. Since joining Nationwide Financial, David has increased the yearly revenue of the company. David Giertz lives in Columbus, Ohio together with his family. He is known to be hardworking, disciplined, passionate and always committed to his work and career. David has been serving in the financial industry for over 30 years and therefore possesses the required expertise and experience to thrive in that field.

David joined Nationwide Financial in the year 2004 and has ever since been an integral part of the company. The specialty of David is in retirement plans, distribution, independent brokers, wholesale strategies, annuities, wirehouses, regional firms and many others. He has an extensive educational background which he attributes to the success that he currently enjoys. Giertz is an alumnus of the Millikin University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business management and administration. He also studied at the University of Miami, School of Business and received his master’s degree in business administration. David Giertz is involved with Millikin University and serves on the board of trustees.

David Giertz also works with FINRA in the capacity of industry arbitrator. He shares the knowledge that he has acquired over the years in the investment world with other individuals. According to David, there is the need for proper communication between financial advisors and investors. He advocates for the talk on the subject of social security between clients and their advisors. David advises people on the importance of investing in retirement plans. He says that everybody who is earning an income should look for the right financial advisor and q

Some people spend so much money each month that they have no money to invest. Other people have minimal income and struggle to survive. When working with clients, David focuses on both sides of the financial spectrum. He wants people to increase their income and reduce their expenses. There are more opportunities than ever before for people to work an additional job to supplement their income.

Business Plans

David has multiple plans for his company in 2018. Not only does he want to increase sales and profits, but he also wants to write a book about financial planning. Many people are excited about reading his book on retirement planning.

Although David Giertz could retire, he loves helping people with retirement planning. He has no plans to quit working in the coming years. Instead, he wants to focus on improving his company each day. He knows that he can positively impact the world through his work.

Anyone who wants to learn about retirement planning should consider working with David He has a track record of success with helping clients through the retirement process.

Making the Grade With Your Edtech Product

The question:

In this ever expanding world of edtech, how do you stand out from the crowd of startups like Nearpod and Classcraft, or the already established star players such as ClassDojo? In the environment of a market being flooded with new tech, but with limited educational budgets, competition can be fierce. This is especially the case in light of possible looming cuts to Federal education spending. Hang on kids, it could be a bumpy bus ride!

The Answer:

One of the keys is to make learning fun for kids and easy for teachers. ClassDojo has hit upon the recipe for success. With ClassDojo being used in two out of three schools, it’s obvious they are doing something right. The company co-founder Sam Chaudhary committed to a ground-up change to the process of designing the product. Where most companies focused on making things fun and easy, ClassDojo collaberated with educators, students and parents through the entire development process. The result was a communication platform by which a connection can be made between the teacher and the parents to show the students progress outside of the face to face parent teacher conference. This gives the parents more overall empowerment in their students learning process.

Making the Grade:

The startups can and should take a cue from ClasDojo when planning to get their product implemented and adopted. Firstly by making sure they are actually solving problems educators care about. Then seeing to it that their product is proven and tested by use of edtech accelerators which help both the companies find the right audience, and the teachers find the right product. This can make the difference in getting sales when the purse strings are tight, but the interest for a new product is there.

Class over:

Ultimately edtech companies like ClassDojo are creating a community in which the student can strive under the watchful eye of both teachers and parents. This is creating a positive culture in classrooms and schools where the focus is back on actually enjoying learning, which was actually the goal in the first place.