Inspiring Thoughts from Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Ventures. He is a successful businessman is currently based in Maryland. Before he became the president of his own company, he entered a series of jobs after he graduated from Syracuse University earning a degree in Speech Communications.

His first step up in the professional world started with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. His employment with Crestar Corporation began in1195 and ended in 1999. The next path of his career took place with the Legacy Financial Group where he assisted the company in expanding and growing the Maryland office. With his assistance and efforts, the Maryland branch of Legacy Financial Group became successful in seeing a yearly loan volume of several hundred million.

When Charter Funding (a segment of Magnus Financial Corporation) offered him a Senior Vice Presidency position in 2005, Todd Lubar ended his employment with Legacy Financial Group.

Although Todd Lubar’s expertise lies with mortgage banking, he entered a variety of business and ventures such as the real estate development business, the nightclub industry, the recycling business and the demolition industry. However, as of the moment, the majority of his time is spent on his role as the President of TDL Ventures. Check out to see more.

Todd said in his interview said that his interest in the business he entered was because plenty of people do not get their loans approved and he would like to help by removing the obstacles that prevent them from having their loans released.

While talking, he also revealed that there was a time when something did not go right with a business deal that left him appalled, and he had to start from a scratch again. He says that when things go wrong, you need to get up and do not lose your motivation by trying to approach the same thing from a different direction. For more details visit Inspirery.

Asked how he became successful in his ventures, Todd explains that he knows first-hand how things are going on in his business, so he makes decisions based on factual information that he acquired. Then he goes on to say that when making tough decisions, we have to find time for everything despite a busy work schedule.

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