Lime Crime Pairs With Revolve To Bring More Beauty To Chinese Market

You know you’ve hit the major leagues when your humble cosmetics company has now found a home in the Chinese beauty market. It isn’t easy for any enterprise to jump the multiple hurdles that exist in other countries across the world, but Lime Crime found a way by partnering with the well-known e-commerce fashion brand from Los Angeles called Revolve. The item recently appeared in the publication.

For example, there are always concerns pertaining to the orchestration of transportation matters, global returns, Customs Duty and other key components for a successful company launch.

The makeup brand CEO and founder Doe Deere knew that Revolve was experienced in handling these kinds of international business challenges, so the beauty/fashion coupling for China has been an excellent concept.

Lime Crime is a proud vegan and cruelty-free company, but even having those high standards could work against the cosmetics label overseas with China. The country demands that all wholesale cosmetics sold there must be tested on animals.

Kim Walls, Global General Manager for the brand, says the makeup company could sidestep that mandate by only shipping straight from the United States. To assure that Doe Deere’s brand was 100% legitimate to the Chinese people, the company went with Revolve as the only place to purchase the wildly colored makeup.

Revolve began introducing the modern makeup label to Chinese e-shoppers online, and word of mouth quickly spread.

Lime Crime is very popular here in the United States and has often used social media brilliantly to build its e-commerce business. The makeup is quality made and features vibrant highly pigmented lipsticks, eyeshadows and highlighters. The brand has also recently branched out in developing their new rainbow-colored hair tints.

The makeup is considered sexy, fashion-forward and self-empowering, and very few cosmetics competitors have been able to match the crazy makeup palette colors, textures and modern appeal.

Now, the Chinese have the opportunity to experience this wild makeup revolution.

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