EOS Active Lip Balm Has SPF In It

People who live active lifestyles tend to use lip balm frequently, but they need lip balm that has spf in it to keep their lips healthy due to how much time they spend outside. If you spend a lot of time outside in the sun being active and you don’t wear lip balm with spf in it, you can end up with sunburned lips that are extremely dry. No one wants to have dry and painful lips which is why active people use lip balm with spf. One of the most popular lip balm brands out there for people who are active is EOS because they have a whole line of lip balms with spf in them to provide athletes with something to prevent their lips from receiving too much sun exposure. The most popular active lip balm flavor is lemon drop, see it here at dm.de. Lemon drop is a lemon induced lip balm that tastes like a fresh glass of lemonade to provide customers with a lip balm that goes along good with being in the sun all day. The second flavor available in EOS active lip balm is grapefruit which is for those who would prefer a sweeter lip balm vs the sour flavor of lemon, available here on amazon.de.

EOS also sells shave creams and lotions for those who see their skin as something that is very important to take care of, read more info. Without EOS shave cream and lotions people would not be able to nurture their skin for a reasonable price. EOS Shave Cream works on both wet and dry skin to provide customers with the satisfaction of not having to worry about razor burn when dry shaving. EOS lotions however provide customers with a moisturizing product that can keep their skin smooth and soft. EOS lotions also help protect against unwanted dry skin that happens to those not using lotion.


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