An opinion about EOS lip balm, a review

Evoulution of Smooth’s new lip balm has become a trend for returning customers and new ones alike. The new balm is vegan-flavored and is for those who can’t enjoy other lip balms because of the ingredients that they use. With this new product, consumers can see through the balm. The balm is clear, organic and and animal free. With previous products EOS has put beeswax in their products, and now with the new vegan lip balm, the beeswax has been taken out. EOS sell high-quality products at a low price, at $5.49 a package many of their stock will sell out on the first day. It is available on their website as well as CVS, Walmart, CVS and Target. They have a variety of flavors, from Vanilla to Hibiscus Peach. The lip balms also use jojoba oil and antioxidant-rich vitamin E, which is dermatologist tested, and created to be hypoallergenic and petrolatum free which can help provide, smother and softer lips.

EOS is a company dedicated to creating beauty and care products, see They use premium ingredients with aesthetically pleasing colors, attractive scents and delicious flavors, click here. They create lip balms, hand lotions and shaving cream products that are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, gluten-free, and use nourishing vitamins and skin-conditioning oils.

They have had a long competition with Chapstick for being more established and cheaper because it only used one stick that was tasteless, or you could have flavors of cherry and mint, more information here on EOS had outsold chapstick and Blistex and has become the second highest selling lip balm in the country. Chapstick is unisex but it has marketed their products towards women having Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian use it as their makeup.

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