EOS Vegan Lip Balm!

EOS launched a new product that people already love. They launched a new vegan lip balm of the 4th of August and it sold out that day. EOS sold for $5.49 a piece, and people love them! The new vegan lip balm orbs are animal byproduct-free and are made from 17 natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut, avocado, and natural oils. Another amazing thing about this new product is that the actual lip balm is completely clear! It is in the same sphere shape you love, but the lip balm is clear. It will sell in stores such as walmart.ca, Walgreens, cvs, and target. It was an instant success.

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When EOS first started they caught a deal with Walgreens and Walmart and to their surprise people bought these products from the shelves instantly and they became a hit. People fell in love with the cute little orb shaped lip balms with beautiful pastel colors. Not only does this product look amazing but it comes in several different amazing scents to choose from. EOS really cares about the happiness of their customers and made it a priority to create a product that everyone with love. They didn’t want just another product that would die out, so they created a perfect unique lip balm!

Go to EOS’ twitter.com page for details!


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