Vital Investment Lessons to Be Learned From Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Creating a business and growing it to its full potential is no kid’s play. Unless you happen to be a certified genius like Don Ressler. Wisdom dictates that without the right types of friends and investment partners you won’t amount to much alone. Just look at the duo behind companies like Google, Uber, Just Fab, Apple and it becomes apparent that it’s imperative to connect with an person who shares your passion and ideas.

Here’s a brief recap of the life and times of the successful e-commerce investor, Mr. Ressler. In the early 2000’s, Don was a protégé working with the startup firm, Intermix Media Inc. when he first met his investment ‘soulmate, Adam Goldenberg. Together, the duo would embark on a killing spree taking small companies and growing them into household brands in a couple of years before selling the venture off at double-digits.

In 2005, Intermix Media came into the cross hairs of the target of News Corp Inc. who later bought it out. Don Ressler and Adam had already amassed more than enough skills and knowledge about e-commerce businesses to start their own venture and hence they packed their bags. Which they did, and, in grand style too!

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Sipping on Some Champagne

The chemistry between the two millennials is amazing. These guys will have intense brainstorming sessions while sipping on some champagne at Don Ressler’s residences and the result is yet another breakout venture, for instance, their premier independent venture the pair created after leaving Intermix was Intelligent Beauty Inc. the web-based company specialized in building brands from the ground up, anonymously. Soon, enough, buoyed by the positive returns on investments they were getting even without moving a muscle, the investors decided to sink deeper and venture into direct product e-retailing on Pando. That was when, their second e-commerce venture, DERMSTORE got born.

About JustFab by Don Ressler

DERMSTORE was a unique store offering special-formula skin care products. In 2008, it got a huge boost when it received funding of $43 million from Technology Crossover Ventures. Effectively, Intelligent Beauty Inc. now owned three fast-rising ventures: DERMSTORE, SENSA, and JustFab. The latter enterprise got founded in 2010 and has so far proven to be their best work ever. The company has a valuation of above one billion and it’s expected to keep growing in the coming quarters. JustFab has stores in the US and in Europe but most of its revenue comes from their online clientele.

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