Brad Reifler Is Familiar With The Money Monster

If you love going to see top box office movies, you’re probably familiar with the movie Money Monster. The movie tells a story about a plot involving an investment guru and an everyday investor who lost money when he listened to the guru’s advice. The story is completely fictional, but the real life scenario is a very real one, says Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital. Reifler has been a long time investment advisor and asset manager, who originally tailored his services exclusively for wealthy clients, but has recently changed his company goal to include lower income and non-accredited investors to the fold.

Brad Reifler says in order to overcome the money monster, several things have to change in the financial industry. First off, brokers and investment firms have to eliminate the hefty fees they place on investors that earn profits even when investors lose. Second, non-accredited investors need access to more investment options. And lastly, by getting access to better investments, they’re less likely to be bound by the ups and downs of the stock market.

Brad Reifler originally founded the Reifler Trading Company, a company that focused on the equities markets, derivatives, and futures investments. And after selling RTC, he started a broker firm Pali Capital, a company that focused on differentiated strategy investments. Pali achieved a $1 billion income growth, and had offices spanning across the globe. Reifler then founded Forefront Capital where he currently is today.

While Forefront Capital initially was the hub for all the big fortune 500 executives and big businesses, Reifler started marketing to the middle class some years ago. His father had asked him to invest life’s savings in a retirement account, but Reifler found his options were so limited because his father was unaccredited. So Brad Reifler set about to change this landscape by offering options for his investors to become accredited, as well as offering a new investment fund that lower income individuals could invest in with simply $2,500. It’s been a long process, but Reifler is working to bring more and more of the 99% to join the top 1% in the financial world.  Check out Brad for yourself on Twitter @BradleyR.

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