Michael Zomber: A Man Of Many Passions And Master Of Antique Weaponry

Michael Zomber is a highly respected historian and antique arms collector. He is also an author and documentary film producer. Michael Zomber has been in the business of collecting historic arms as well as armor for over three decades. In numerous occasions, Zomber has shared his knowledge on the History Channel. He has appeared on the Tales of the Guns series that includes episodes like Dueling Pistols, Guns of the Famous, Guns of the Orient, and Shotguns. Zomber has also appeared the Automatic Pistols and the Million Dollar Guns episodes. He is a revered authority on the Japanese Samurai’s weapons and armor.

He has an unmatched expertise of history from the 16th century to the 19th century. His knowledge of the European, Japanese, Islamic, and American armor is impeccable. Zomber collects as well as deals antique arms. He considers the arms as a fine workmanship with the highest level of artistic qualities.

As a man of many passions, Zomber is a remarkable story teller. It is an activity that he enjoys doing. To his credit are four published novels and seven screenplays. His books include Sweet Betsy as well as Son of Kentucky that majorly discuss about the civil war era. He is credited with the Soul of Samurai, which is an historical novel with a setting that focuses on Japan during the 17th century. Additionally, Zomber is the author of Park Avenue, a thrilling evaluation of the high stakes of the field of art and auction. His other book is Jesus and the Samurai that delves on the history of Christianity in Japan.

Zomber likes to collaborate with his wife in various projects. He created Renascent Films, which is a film production company with his partner. Zomber serves as the producer for the firm’s films. He has produced films like Flash. Currently, Zomber and his family live in Chesapeake Bay. He is originally from Washington D.C. Zomber is highly learned. He has Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology as well as English Literature. Zomber also holds an English literature masters degree from UCLA. Additionally, he is an ardent supporter of organization that works on establishing lasting peace across the world.  Read more about Michael on CrunchBase.

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