The Career of Keith Mann

In January 2016, Keith Mann with Dynamics Search Partners, made the announcement for the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, which was to be awarded in recognizing the next generation of those wanting to become innovative business leaders. The Mann’s where pleased to be able to partner with Uncommon
Schools, which is a non-profit charter management organization, that is based in New York City. With the help of Uncommon Schools in implementing the scholarship opportunity that will be available to one of the graduating seniors each year at one of the Uncommon Schools Brooklyn-based high schools. The Uncommon Schools are also
grateful for the scholarship from Keith and Keely for implementing the generous scholarship to their schools.

The way the scholarship works, is that applicants are asked to write a 1,000 word essay on how being able to earn a college degree would assist them in the achievement of their professional goals. Mann is a philanthropist and advocate of education. Being the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, he is committed in identifying strong
leaders, and then pairing them with the companies that he believes will help in cultivating their success. The Mann’s scholarship is open to any graduating seniors that are attending the Uncommon Charter High School of Brooklyn, New York. And the application process is open through February 29th, 2016, and the winner will be
announced by the end of March, at this time the student will receive a 5,000 scholarship to use towards their college tuition.

Keith Mann has been working for over 15 years in the executive search industry, and is considered an expert in staffing, hedge fund compensation, and hiring strategy. In 2002, Mann launched the Alternative Investment Practice in the Dynamics Executive Search, this following him identifying that the hedge fund industry has been
a rapidly growing market that has been underserved within the search community. Currently, Mann is the CEO for DSP, and is responsible for the day to day management for the firm. DSP has worked with firms across an alternative investment industry in Europe, Asia and the United States, and has filled over 200 client mandates every year.


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