John Goullet: Experience the Difference

When one goes on the website of Diversant, they can’t help but notice what they stand for and their beliefs. Their website states, “Bringing thought leadership, experience, and passion to Diversant. Let’s talk about those things for a little bit, as I find them all equally important and vital to the success of any company. Let’s start with leadership. This is something that you can’t really be taught. Either you know how to lead a group of men and women or you don’t. You either stand in front of them with confidence, conviction, and the will power or you crumble under the pressure. One person that embraces leadership is John Goullet, a key member of Diversant on their Leadership and Advisory Board as Principal. He is a known leader and embraces being a leader. He sees it as a chance to help out the company and pass on what he has learned over the years. He sees it as a responsibility to step up and take control of a situation.

The next thing they talk about is experience, which is something, again, like leadership, that you either have or you don’t. When you have it, you are ready, willing, and able to handle anything that is thrown your way. You don’t get overwhelmed, stressed out, or panic. Instead, you look the problem in the face and solve it. Goullet knows all about this, as he used to own his own company and was put in charge of handling problems for Fortune 500 companies. No matter what was put in his way, he steamrolled right through it, without hesitation.

Lastly, they talk about passion. You need people with some blood coursing their veins and people that care. They care about the company, what they are doing, and the job itself. In fact, it is more than a job for them. They see it as a way of life, and they know the impact they can make on clients with IT staffing. They truly know and feel like they are making a difference. That is not something they take lightly or try to rush through. They want to do it right.

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