Eric Pulier Technology Wins Hearts? Disadvantaged Children Get Social Adventures!

A technology industry pioneer, motivational speaker, famed columnist, published author and model philanthropist, Eric Pulier helps frail children fight back. The Starlight Foundation and the Painted Turtle have vastly benefited from his contributions in recent years. Eric Pulier has worked closely with both programs, creating opportunities to help sickly children. He’s the mastermind behind “Starbright World,” a virtual utopia designed for chronically ill children. Chiefly, it’s an interactive environment that focuses on sharpening social skills. Investors include Intel, Microsoft founder Mr. Paul Allen, Al Gore and Stephen Spielberg (chairman). In fact, Spielberg and Gore took part in the ribbon-cutting event.

“The Painted Turtle” founders Lou Adler and Paul Newman selected Mr. Pulier as a board associate for many reasons. He’s enlisted his parcel of companies in funding the foundation’s cause on many accounts. The charity organizes summer camp projects to help chronically ill children keep a social life. Mr. Pulier founded the Ace Foundation. It redesigns software to enhance human interaction and experiences. What’s more, it acts as a liaison, supporting non-profits such as HeroX for technological humanitarian causes. See Also This Article.

Mr. Pulier achievements throughout his career have been grand. The “Bridge to the 21st Century” architect collaborated closely with former U.S. president Bill Clinton and V.P. Al Gore. His revolutionary technology bridged a Space Shuttle connection and provided real-time interaction with deployed astronauts. Additionally, Mr. Pulier sponsored the life-changing “Campaign for Free College Tuition” organized by Morley Winograd. He served former U.S. vice president Al Gore as a senior advisor. Another donee of his extraordinary inventions is the XPRIZE Foundation. The nonprofit organizes and stages incentivized contests to engage today’s brilliant technology minds. It targets the younger generation to take on roles in today’s evolving technology industry. Mr. Pulier occupies a seat on XPRIZE Innovation Board.

Pulier’s work within the health community hasn’t gone unnoticed either. In fact, he received an award for his contributions during the 2010 U.S. Doctors for Africa Benefit held in New York. Mr. Pulier is a product of Harvard University. He received the Magna Cum Laude designation. His collegiate disciplines include Visual/Environmental Studies, Computer Science and English/American Literature.

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