Beneful Is Perfect For My Dogs

Like many dog owners, I pay close attention to the food I feed my dogs. I know that the right kind of food can help any dog look and feel great. One of my hobbies aside from scrolling Facebook, is raising service dogs. Service dogs are dogs that help people do things they can’t do for themselves. For example, if someone has trouble with their hands, a service dog can carry things for them. This is why I’ve turned to a company like Beneful for help when feeding my adored dogs. They have the nutrition my dogs need for a long, hard, fun day at work. I’ve found about this brand on Wikipedia. I can pick out which varieties I think they might like from them.
Many Great Choices

I often feed Beneful Originals with Real Beef Dry Dog Food or
Beneful Originals Chicken with Carrots, Tomatoes & Avocados All Stages Dry Dog Food to my puppies because meet can help them grow. I also like Beneful Healthy Puppy with Real Chicken Dry Dog Food for my puppies because it has the nutrition they like and the flavors they really love. For my adult dogs I like to feed them Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken Dry Dog Food so they can stay at a healthy weight and stay lean. This also a great thing for dogs that aren’t as active. I know I can give them what they need so they can be happy and have the energy they need no matter what they’re doing. See,

Quality Items

Above all, I want to feed my dogs food that I know is carefully prepared for their needs. I also want to make sure that all the ingredients that go into the food are just right for my darling doggies. When I work with this company, I know that I have a company on my side that cares just as much about my dogs as I do. The people at the company are dog lovers just like I am. They care about the products in the same way that I care about my dogs.

If You Value Your Reputation Hire An Online Management Professional

There are instances when your reputation may be at stake and can cost you business, a job, or a your social media following. It only takes one negative article or comment to affect your reputation. As a business owner your integrity is very important to maintain your customers. You’ve made promises to deliver a product or service and one dissatisfied customer is defaming your name. Don’t let their negative online comments effect your reputation by hiring an online management professional. They can remove negative comments, articles, photos, and misleading information from online. can clean up negative articles online that may be harming your search results. Operating your business without issues is great, but it’s not probable. Jealousy of your prospering business can cause people to say nasty things about you. It’s not fair when your online reputation has to suffer because of negative people. Over time, you work hard on building your business or brand and should have it protected. Our trusted services have been serving our customers for over (5) years. You never know when someone might decide to attack your business. Protect yourself with Search Cleanup to rebuild your reputation or erase negative content. offers a few tips in protecting your online reputation. Trying to remove information yourself can be time consuming and costly, but are award winning experts can help.

Friendly Online Reputation Tips From Search Cleanup

1. Don’t hassle anyone over negative comments because it could encourage a bad situation to get worst. Arguing with a critic can cause your customers to lose faith in you. Stay focused on your business and what makes you unique.

2. Prove your critics wrong by remaining positive and letting your excellent customer service speak for itself. Your customer service should work hard to rebuff any false allegations of poor customer service.

3. Reassure your customers that business will resume as usual by maintaining your normal business practices. Your company practices shouldn’t suffer because of negative comments or false articles.

We make protecting your online reputation as simple as visiting the official Search Cleanup website.

George Soros: The Financial Giant’s Return to Economics

George Soros is a man of many talents and passions. He has exalted in those passions for a long time as he played in the stock market when he joined Wall Street. Soros made his fortune in the matter of a few years, which impressed anyone interested in finances. George Soros’ foresight and deals are studies by many up-and-coming investors and traders. No one can argue that Soros is anything less than a legend in finances. As of right now, he is still considered one of the richest man in the world. Keep in mind that he has taken a significant break in the last few years, but this has changed. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros took an active interest in finances back in his early years as a young adult when he was finally given the opportunity to think about the future. Soros lived through Nazi Germany, so the luxury of thinking about the future was not afforded to him until he was much older. He was able to migrate to England where he received formal education and even attended the London School of Economics. Soros took a break after making his fortune to concentrate on another passion that he had, which was the people of the world. He has been a true warrior of democracy for a long time. He understands the importance of keeping democracy safe in the face of dangerous foes, such as the communists and dictators that threaten freedom.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

It is clear to see why Soros has been an active warrior for democracy after he and his family lived through Nazi Germany. Many of those close to him are definitely not surprised that he took a break from the financial world to focus on helping those around the world. In fact, he funded a few democratic revolutions in different regions in Europe like the Czech Republic just to name one example.

Yet, George Soros believes he has stayed away from the market long enough because he has slowly been making his return to the financial world. Many of those who admire his tactics are definitely excited. Soros believes there are too many issues with the global economy for people like him to stay inactive. He believes that the instability around the world might affect the global economy, and he has to be prepared to deal with it. He has been making some moves by investing in some small up-and-coming companies because he believes that opportunity knocks at strange times, but he is also making self-preservation moves. In fact, he has made large investments in gold mines and gold deposits as well. This was a wise decision because during economic turmoil, gold keeps its value or even rises at times. WSJ published an article detailing his next steps.

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The Career of Keith Mann

In January 2016, Keith Mann with Dynamics Search Partners, made the announcement for the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, which was to be awarded in recognizing the next generation of those wanting to become innovative business leaders. The Mann’s where pleased to be able to partner with Uncommon
Schools, which is a non-profit charter management organization, that is based in New York City. With the help of Uncommon Schools in implementing the scholarship opportunity that will be available to one of the graduating seniors each year at one of the Uncommon Schools Brooklyn-based high schools. The Uncommon Schools are also
grateful for the scholarship from Keith and Keely for implementing the generous scholarship to their schools.

The way the scholarship works, is that applicants are asked to write a 1,000 word essay on how being able to earn a college degree would assist them in the achievement of their professional goals. Mann is a philanthropist and advocate of education. Being the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, he is committed in identifying strong
leaders, and then pairing them with the companies that he believes will help in cultivating their success. The Mann’s scholarship is open to any graduating seniors that are attending the Uncommon Charter High School of Brooklyn, New York. And the application process is open through February 29th, 2016, and the winner will be
announced by the end of March, at this time the student will receive a 5,000 scholarship to use towards their college tuition.

Keith Mann has been working for over 15 years in the executive search industry, and is considered an expert in staffing, hedge fund compensation, and hiring strategy. In 2002, Mann launched the Alternative Investment Practice in the Dynamics Executive Search, this following him identifying that the hedge fund industry has been
a rapidly growing market that has been underserved within the search community. Currently, Mann is the CEO for DSP, and is responsible for the day to day management for the firm. DSP has worked with firms across an alternative investment industry in Europe, Asia and the United States, and has filled over 200 client mandates every year.


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Eric Pulier Technology Wins Hearts? Disadvantaged Children Get Social Adventures!

A technology industry pioneer, motivational speaker, famed columnist, published author and model philanthropist, Eric Pulier helps frail children fight back. The Starlight Foundation and the Painted Turtle have vastly benefited from his contributions in recent years. Eric Pulier has worked closely with both programs, creating opportunities to help sickly children. He’s the mastermind behind “Starbright World,” a virtual utopia designed for chronically ill children. Chiefly, it’s an interactive environment that focuses on sharpening social skills. Investors include Intel, Microsoft founder Mr. Paul Allen, Al Gore and Stephen Spielberg (chairman). In fact, Spielberg and Gore took part in the ribbon-cutting event.

“The Painted Turtle” founders Lou Adler and Paul Newman selected Mr. Pulier as a board associate for many reasons. He’s enlisted his parcel of companies in funding the foundation’s cause on many accounts. The charity organizes summer camp projects to help chronically ill children keep a social life. Mr. Pulier founded the Ace Foundation. It redesigns software to enhance human interaction and experiences. What’s more, it acts as a liaison, supporting non-profits such as HeroX for technological humanitarian causes. See Also This Article.

Mr. Pulier achievements throughout his career have been grand. The “Bridge to the 21st Century” architect collaborated closely with former U.S. president Bill Clinton and V.P. Al Gore. His revolutionary technology bridged a Space Shuttle connection and provided real-time interaction with deployed astronauts. Additionally, Mr. Pulier sponsored the life-changing “Campaign for Free College Tuition” organized by Morley Winograd. He served former U.S. vice president Al Gore as a senior advisor. Another donee of his extraordinary inventions is the XPRIZE Foundation. The nonprofit organizes and stages incentivized contests to engage today’s brilliant technology minds. It targets the younger generation to take on roles in today’s evolving technology industry. Mr. Pulier occupies a seat on XPRIZE Innovation Board.

Pulier’s work within the health community hasn’t gone unnoticed either. In fact, he received an award for his contributions during the 2010 U.S. Doctors for Africa Benefit held in New York. Mr. Pulier is a product of Harvard University. He received the Magna Cum Laude designation. His collegiate disciplines include Visual/Environmental Studies, Computer Science and English/American Literature.

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John Goullet: Experience the Difference

When one goes on the website of Diversant, they can’t help but notice what they stand for and their beliefs. Their website states, “Bringing thought leadership, experience, and passion to Diversant. Let’s talk about those things for a little bit, as I find them all equally important and vital to the success of any company. Let’s start with leadership. This is something that you can’t really be taught. Either you know how to lead a group of men and women or you don’t. You either stand in front of them with confidence, conviction, and the will power or you crumble under the pressure. One person that embraces leadership is John Goullet, a key member of Diversant on their Leadership and Advisory Board as Principal. He is a known leader and embraces being a leader. He sees it as a chance to help out the company and pass on what he has learned over the years. He sees it as a responsibility to step up and take control of a situation.

The next thing they talk about is experience, which is something, again, like leadership, that you either have or you don’t. When you have it, you are ready, willing, and able to handle anything that is thrown your way. You don’t get overwhelmed, stressed out, or panic. Instead, you look the problem in the face and solve it. Goullet knows all about this, as he used to own his own company and was put in charge of handling problems for Fortune 500 companies. No matter what was put in his way, he steamrolled right through it, without hesitation.

Lastly, they talk about passion. You need people with some blood coursing their veins and people that care. They care about the company, what they are doing, and the job itself. In fact, it is more than a job for them. They see it as a way of life, and they know the impact they can make on clients with IT staffing. They truly know and feel like they are making a difference. That is not something they take lightly or try to rush through. They want to do it right.

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Highland Capital Names Charitable Giving Manager

The Dallas based financial services firm Highland Capital Management has looked to appoint an individual to oversee all of its philanthropic activities. As a result it has recently named Linda Owen as its new charitable giving manager. Owen has a long history of managing a number of non profit organizations. She has been the president of The Dallas Foundation as well as the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda is also a current civic leader and is therefore very familiar with the community as well as how to help non profit organizations reach their objectives. With her experience as a civic leader and non profit manager, Owen will have the necessary expertise to help guide Highland Capital Management into becoming one of the most generous organizations in terms of making a difference in its community.

With the new appointment of Linda Owen as charitable giving manager for Highland Capital Management, James Dondero believes that he now has a highly qualified individual to help his firm reach one of its top goals. Dondero is someone who is devoted to improving the welfare of his community. Each year James looks to make up to $3 million in charitable contributions for a number of causes. These causes include healthcare, veteran’s affairs and public policy. Over the years Dondero has donated his funds for these causes as well as a number of organizations such as the American Heart Association, the Center for Brain Health, Uplift education and also the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. By making contributions to a number of causes and organizations, James Dondero is able to help improve the lives of many people as well as the overall community of the Dallas Metro area.

James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He is also the current acting president and therefore leads the firm on a daily basis. For over 20 years Dondero has helped make Highland Capital Management one of the leading firms that manage hedge funds and also credit. James has also helped develop a type of investment known as collateralized loan obligations. His firm has been in existence since the year 1993. Dondero’s previous experience was as a chief investment officer in which he managed funds for American Express of amounts up to $2 billion. James was also a credit investor when he first began his career.

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Jax the Jack Russell Won’t Eat Anything But Beneful

I have a Jack Russell Terrier Named Jax. Clearly my whole family did not put much thought into picking Jax’s name. However, we did put a lot of thought into what type of dog food we were going to give Jax for his whole life when we first got him as a puppy. Jax is a very athletic dog and has been since we got him as a puppy. Not only is Jax very athletic and likes to play outside but he is very vocal and is not afraid to bark if things don’t go his way or he doesn’t like something. Due to Jax being vocal it was hard at first to find him the right dog food as he would sit and bark at his bowl if he didn’t like the way it tasted which would result in me going back to the pet store to find another type of dog food each time. After this happening about 5 times a cashier at Wal-Mart suggested I get Jax Beneful dog food due to the fact that she too has a picky dog who happens to like Beneful by PurinaStore a lot instead of other dog food brands out there. Luckily for me, Jax seems to have a lot in common with the Cashiers dog because the only type of dog food that will get him to be quiet is Beneful and it is the only dog food that I can get him to eat also. I have not tried to give Jax Beneful dry dog food yet mainly because I am letting him try every single one of their wet dog food’s first before letting him try the dry dog food ones. This week Jax gets to try Beneful chopped blends in the beef flavor, roasted chicken recipe, beef and chicken medley, and simmered chicken medley.  Thank you Beneful for creating your products as without you I’m not sure I could get Jax to eat.

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Deere Is Getting Things Poppin With Lime Crime

Doe Deere is truly a dynamic woman that has taken the world by storm. Deere is a woman that has a deep love for color and a passion for life. Deere has made it her goal to live life to the fullest and to follow her dreams. Deere is a woman that was born in Russia, and later she and her family moved to New York. Deere had an interest in fashion from a very young age. She knew that it was an industry that she was going to want to work in. After graduating from high school, Deere studied fashion. Deere wanted to be able to make her own line of clothing, and that is exactly what she did. In 2009 she launched her Lime Crime fashion line. She made clothing, and she used herself as the main model. Many individuals liked her style and they bough from her clothing line. Deere wanted to match her makeup to her clothing, and that was what she did. The only problem that she found was that she could not always get makeup that was as bright as she wanted it to be. To solve that problem, Deere decided that she was going to make her own makeup brand.

A few years after launching her clothing line, Deere started a makeup line. She called the makeup line by the same name as her clothing line. Lime Crime offers everything that makeup did not have before. It is made with rich and highly pigmented colors, and it is made with super great quality ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free. The Lime Crime cosmetic line is now a makeup line that is sold all around the world. Deere was able to make Lime Crime come about with just a few hundred dollars and a dream.

Deere could have never imagined the success that her brand is experiencing now. Deere not only is passionate about herself and her dreams, but she also wants to inspire others to find their passions and follow their hearts as well. Deere gives motivational speeches to Women; these speeches encourage them to break out on their own and to make their dreams a reality. Deere is a firm believer in finding true happiness, and she is her own best advocate.

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