A Look at the Career of Dan Bethelmy-Rada

Originally from Venezuela, Dan Bethelmy-Rada relocated to the US with his family at the tender age of 5 years. He later settled in Washington, D.C. Mr. Bethelmy-Rada joined a student exchange program facilitated by the American Field Service. He also participated in various charitable initiatives where he tutored in an orphanage. He also volunteered with elderly residents in a senior home. A year into the program, Bethelmy-Rada graduated.

Prior to joining the workforce, Dan Bethelmy-Rada spent about six years studying French for hours. He later moved to France and joined a leading cosmetics company. The experienced business professional looks back at that time and the experience he garnered in a foreign state, working on learning its native language as well as culture and forming a social bond with various people.

When he turned 17 years old, Dan Bethelmy-Rada delved on a self-discovery path. He traveled to the US and Venezuela. Bethelmy-Rada enrolled at Paris XIII University and focused on Applied Languages. He also studied economics. For about two years, he continued his studies at Paris I Sorbonne Pantheon where he pursued International Business and earned his degree. Mr. Bethelmy-Rada attended ESSEC Business School for International Business. He landed a couple of internships at different prestigious companies, thereby gaining access to the real workforce. Bethelmy-Rada has since worked for Renault, a prestigious automobile firm in France, the embassy of Venezuela, and Lascad, one of L’Oreal’s cosmetics distribution firms. Bethelmy-Rada eventually joined L’Oreal Paris as a full-time employee.

In 2015, Bethelmy-Rada joined L’Oreal’s Garnier as the Director. He oversaw various creative projects in the products division. He also led in the product development of Fructis. Bethelmy-Rada was in charge of everything, including the process, idea creation, conception, packing, and distribution. Under his directive, L’Oreal gave life to its Oil Repair line. Today, it’s a pillar of trusted hair care products. Bethelmy-Rada finally delved into skin care products. He also started developing new antibacterial products. In 2011, Bethelmy-Rada was appointed to serve as the VP of L’Oreal Paris. He spent about three years innovating, planning, and leading in digital marketing.

OSI Food Solutions: How a Small Chicago Company Traveled the World

OSI Food Solutions may have started out as a small meat packing company in the town of Aurora, Illinois. In the early years of the 20th Century no one would’ve expected this company to expand as far as it has, but in just a few decades they had working relationships in 17 countries, operating over 60 facilities, powered by tens of thousands of employees. Now this is a company associated with giant chain companies like McDonald’s for more than half a century. And they’re looking to go further. As an international seller of meats and animal byproducts to commercial retailers, OSI Group must be adept at knowing what their customers want in order to keep their own businesses thriving.

This means developing unique profiles to meet individual needs. It also means devoting a certain amount of resources to research and development in order to stay ahead of trends as they emerge. Sous vide is one of those innovations that keeps them ahead of the competition. This is a process that removes excess water from meat and vegetables without compromising their temperature and consistency. They remain viable for purchasing while decreasing in weight, a saving that’s passed on to customers. David McDonald serves as President and CEO of OSI Food Solutions, and he’s dedicated his time there to promoting the growth of the company.

This is something that’s been made possible by relying on localized talent. By hiring managers who’ve worked in specific regions, the business has been able to move into new parts of Australia, India, and China, while expanding processing capabilities in the US and throughout Europe. By collaborating with people and companies, moving into a new territory becomes far less of a challenge. Baho Food, a meat manufacturer in Holland, was acquired by OSI Food Solutions because of their success in that part of Europe and their own connections to nearby regions. OSI Food Solutions was also able to take possession of a facility, 20,000 sq feet in size, to repurpose for their company needs. It’s a method of assimilation that proved successful when setting up GenOSI in the Philippines.

What Is Next For OSI Food Solutions

In our society, there is a growing demand for sustainability. Consumers have become more knowledgable over the past few years about the processes and procedures that large companies use to create or generate goods that they make and sale. Consumers are more likely to support companies that use sustainable means and methods of creating products or doing business. Sustainability simply means sustaining things in their natural state. Companies have gotten a bad reputation for not being sustainable. Pollution and destroying forests are two of the main issues major corporations have gotten backlash for. More and more companies are working to rethink traditional ways of producing goods.

The focus has been placed on sustainable processes of creating goods. What is next for OSI Food Solutions? You probably can guess it: sustainability. OSI Food Solutions understands how important it is for them as a company to listen to the demand of consumers and work to meet the demands. The company is nothing without the support of their customers. Becoming a company that is accountable for their actions and how their company affects the environment, is one of the ways the company is working to make sure they align with the beliefs and demands of customers. Throughout the company’s one hundred year old history, they have worked to adjust anything about their business that needed to be adjusted or changed.

Changes in leadership, buildings, locations and now becoming sustainable are just a few changes they eagerly make in order to perform at their best and to please their customers. OSI Food Solutions will move forward into sustainability by creating a detailed strategy that outlines the very steps needed in order to run sustainable businesses processes. They will look and see that all of their factories and facilities are operating in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The company will identify anything that needs to be removed from the company’s processes or facilities that prohibit the company from working in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. OSI Food Solutions will continue to do what it does best by offering food solutions to its customers.

BetterWorks – HR Software For Developing a ‘Feedback Culture’ To Improve Performance Management

The ‘Yearly Performance Review’ has been a tradition in many companies for years.

However, with communication continuing to evolve due to advancements in technology, there are many emerging benefits for developing a process of continuous performance feedback between employees and management.

The term feedback culture is gaining popularity, and refers to the type of work environment where honest feedback is encouraged on a routine, short-term basis – as opposed to yearly, bi-yearly, or quarterly.

When employees ‘bottle-up’ thoughts and feelings about their responsibilities and goals; there is a greater chance for miscommunication, unaccomplished tasks, and even turnover.

The ability to give and receive continuous feedback helps to keep employees motivated, happy, and on track towards accomplishing assigned goals.

Embracing a feedback culture allows managers to better understand team attitudes and mentalities, and helps them to recognize, address, and tackle problems early on before they may escalate into something larger.

How Does BetterWorks Help To Establish Feedback Culture and Improve Employee-Manager Relationships?

BetterWorks is a HR software that provides the framework for developing a feedback culture through continuous performance management.

The core functions of the BetterWorks platform include:

  • Submitting & receiving feedback
  • Setting & tracking goals
  • Coaching & developing employees
  • Giving recognition
  • Aligning teams towards common goals
  • Analyzing employee performance data

BetterWorks helps to make it a routine to encourage a feedback culture, and provides all the tools that employees and managers need to become focused, content, energized, and aligned toward company growth.

Flavio Maluf The Owner Of The Eucatex Group Who Give Business Tips

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman who is born from a political clan, and he was born with a silver spoon. His family is powerful and wealthy, and at a young age, he was taught how to become successful in life.

His father served as a politician, while owning the business called the Eucatex group. Despite the wealth and power that his family has, Flavio Maluf had to work hard to reach his goals in life. He was able to learn the skills vital for him to become the next leader of their family business. Through his skills in managing their business, he was able to expand the Eucatex Group, and they reached new heights that made them one of the most successful companies in the country.

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Graduating as an engineer, Flavio Maluf decided to take a different path, and he chose to focus on being an entrepreneur instead. He was later chosen by his father to succeed him as the leader of the company in 1997. It was a dream-come-true for him to lead the business, and he started to introduce new rules and regulations that will help the business thrive.

For Flavio Maluf, one of the greatest misconceptions about owning a business is that business owners will earn more by doing less. This is only a myth, he claimed, because business people work harder to succeed. Without working too hard, they would never be able to turn the tables and succeed in life.

He also said that one can start a business even if they do not have that much money. All they need to have is to the determination to succeed, and the confidence that their business will turn out well. He also advised new comers in the world of business that they need to strive harder to reach their goals as entrepreneurs. Website: https://flaviomalufoficial.com/

OSI Food Solutions: A Winning Combinations of Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions, one of America’s largest private companies, is at the pinnacle of its class. This particular company works in the food industry, but it does a lot more than manufacture foods. OSI has the ability to take the daily stress away from its clients via logistics. This company has some of the best logistical services in the world. OSI Food Solutions also provides management, processing, distribution and sourcing. Every base is being fully covered, which gives OSI clients peace of mind. On the other hand, this Illinois-based food processor doesn’t utilize any catalogs to sell its products. OSI believes in working with the client in a direct sense.

This process drastically cuts down on any known interferences, which could potentially delay the logistical process. From butcher shop to worldwide phenomenon in best food services. Yes, that statement alone speaks volumes. OSI Food Solutions was actually formed by Otto Kolschowski. This German-immigrant relocated to the US during the turn of the 20th century. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants reached America’s shores, and Chicago greatly benefited from these people. The agriculture scene took off to unprecedented levels thanks to all of the new businesses. Kolschowski opened Otto’s Meat Market, and it was located in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois.

Some of the freshest of meats and friendliest of services could be found here. McDonald’s Burger King, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, and Starbucks are just some of the high profile brands that have worked exclusively with OSI. In addition to that, OSI has been presented with many industry-specific awards such as the Globe of Honor Award. What else can this global food processor do to improve on its services? Well, OSI Food Solutions is always looking to improve on any known weaknesses by hiring the right people for the task as well as expansion.

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Fortress Investment Group Principal Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the top executives of the financial services firm Fortress Investment Group. He currently serves as one of the co chief executive officers and principals of the firm. Briger currently manages the firm at its San Francisco office location. Peter brings many years of experience, expertise and leadership to Fortress Investment Group. Prior to working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter worked at another top financial services firm known as Goldman Sachs.

Prior to starting his career in finance, Peter Briger attended Princeton University. He completed a bachelor’s degree which helped prepare him for business school. Within a few years, Peter completed a graduate degree in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania. This gave him the academic and educational preparation necessary to begin a career in the investment banking and financial sector.

One of the most significant experiences of Briger’s career was his stint at Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger worked at this firm where he was responsible for overseeing its credit management division. This allowed him to demonstrate his leadership skills and provide strategies for other professionals to follow when serving clients. Peter was also in charge of several committees that are affiliated with the Asian markets. By 1996, Briger was eventually named as one of the firm’s partners.

After working at Goldman Sachs for many years, Peter Briger decided to pursue opportunities at another firm. He joined the young firm Fortress Investment Group in 2002. As soon as he joined the firm, Peter was immediately named to the firm’s management committee. Over the next several years, Briger would also be named as one of the co chief executive officer and principal of the firm as well. These positions allowed Peter to provide leadership and expertise for the firm. Similar to his experience at Goldman Sachs, Briger was in charge of overseeing the credit securities division of Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger has been quite active in his community as well as in professional organizations throughout his career. While he was attending college, Peter was a member of the Princeton University Investment Club. He was also involved in improving the Central Park conservatory in New York City while he was working at Goldman Sachs. When he moved to San Francisco, Peter was involved in helping low income families obtain affordable housing.

For details: www.fortress.com/about

Tim Ioannides and his love for medical dermatology

It is not always that you will find a professional blending his passion with strong business acumen. This is the story of Tim Ioannides, a renowned medical dermatologist in Treasure Coast. Tim has managed to transform his passion for dermatology into a business venture and has become hugely successful at it. He has been serving this local community for the last 15 years, a feat that has seen him cement his relationship with them.

Tim has managed to capture the imagination of his clients through his smart business choices and strong talent coupled with exemplary customer care skills. This has seen his business grown from the humble beginnings of one brick and mortar facility to the current chain of operating locations.

Tim attended the University of Miami School of Medicine where he earned medical degree. He would then go ahead to learn the ropes at the University of Florida where he took his internship. This was then followed by a stringent residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine. He topped this up with a short stint at Jackson Memorial Hospital at the Department of Cutaneous Surgery.

After this, Tim saw the need to venture into private practice where he worked alongside his fellow physician who focused on cosmetic dermatology. However, Tim Ioannides would later cultivate his love for medical dermatology. He was more focused on learning more about the treatment of tumors, skin cancers and other notable skin ailments. This is what drove him to part ways with his former partner to start off his own outfit; Treasure Coast Dermatology. With this move, Tim hoped to help offer medical dermatology diagnoses, procedures and treatment. He hoped that by focusing on this niche, he would get the chance to change the lives of many patients suffering from such skin related ailments.

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Nicolas Krafft and his Impact at L’Oreal

Since 2004, Nicolas Krafft has been a part of L’Oreal. He is now the vice president of business development globally at L’Oreal. He has been consistent at every position he has held which led to his current position. He is a dedicated and passionate worker.

Last September, Nicolas oversaw the second annual L’Oreal fashion show. It is their goal to have one every year. Nicolas was inspired by creativity and diversity in all different kinds of women around the world. The event took place at the French Capital. It was held on a 60-meter floating runway, which made the event even more outstanding.

Some well-known faces were spotted at the event. Nikolaj Coaster from Game of Thrones, and the ambassador, Marie Bochet was there as well. Eva Longoria and Elle Fanning were some of the famous faces that got the chance to walk down the glamorous, floating runway.

L’Oreal’s makeup artist and a famous hair stylist came up with 70 new looks to showcase at the runway. Thirteen companies that are partnered with L’Oreal showcased some of their products on the runway.

The show was open to the public. There were giant screens so tourists could watch the show. Drones also filmed the entire show and it aired in more than 30 different countries. The show was remarkable and didn’t disappoint. The floating runway took 8 days total to build and take apart, but it was worth the time and hassle.

Nicolas Krafft made sure the event was perfect. He used his creative ideas to bring something wonderful to the table. He made sure that beauty was showcased for every person worldwide. Nicolas always gives 110%, which is what made the show turn out the way it did. He is very passionate and dedicated to his work and it paid off at the fashion show.

Can Press Releases Still Help With Your SEO?

Can PR distribution service still aid with your online internet search engine settings? This is among the most debatable as well as additionally one of the most constant questions that are being asked by a great deal of online marketing experts in addition to electronic marketing and advertising professionals today.

Unfortunately, this question has no straightforward reaction. To address this, we require to go back to understand what a news release is, its advantages, and just how Google transformed the solutions because of just how marketing experts formerly abused its usage.

What is the news release?

A news release is an approach taken advantage of by services to get the word out worrying their brand-new products, grand opening, new team, participation, or anything that makes a newsworthy item. When it blends an interest for one or a couple of reporters, they can compose a story concerning it.

Nonetheless, with the intro of newswire remedies, the fashion whereby they distribute the launches changed that considerable the start of details overload. Since launches were released like hotcakes. Business began launching stories that are not even newsworthy.

The extremely simple entry caused backlinks to the firm that was syndicated by numerous news and media electric outlets. Marketing experts started exaggerating it to gather highly ideal web links. Google comprehended it immediately as well as reprimanded sites that brought these web links.

To today, newswire companies that disperse news release, use nofollow web links. It indicates that launches can say goodbye to aid with the business’s Seo.

Does It Mean Press Releases Are Meaningless For Seo?

News release could have lost its power to maximize your website, however it still operates as an amazing means to obtain journalism emphasis. Whenever a brand name has an exceptional tale, it’s still a superb means to generate the media interest rate, when journalists blog about these tales, it after that creates much more stories, shares, conferences, and web links- which is still fantastic for maximizing your website.

The approach called web link making strategy is the method marketing experts make their partnerships ethically. Visitors who such as the release will certainly share it to their social media sites networks, which causes earning links. This method is a better implies to make high-quality links from good product than from spammy links.

Distributing a news release is a less expensive method to market your company, create site web traffic and also enhance your Search Engine Optimization effort than a paid marketing campaign. You get the most out of one tale since the ROI is high for a little financial investment.

Exactly How Can Media Coverage Assist With Search Engine Optimization?

Do you know that likewise small business can amass considerable interest? It’s simply a concern of exactly just how you create your tale.

Keep in mind the viral story of Roman Originals that gathered huge spotlights as a result of the debatable dispute on the color of the gown? It is one evidence that desirable media protection can influence back links along with natural internet website traffic.

Listed below, the tale was released by significant media electric outlets, such as Wired, Gawker, Time and also other magazines. A number of influencers as well as also stars similarly considered in their point of views on the socials media. As a result of the element of “shock,” the tale wound up being viral that it made 17.5 K percent increase in press mentions as well as a 2.3 K percent boost in brand-new backlinks.

Composing an SEO-press launch begins with choosing the keyword phrase that individuals make use of to look for something. Google Keywords Organizer is a device that can aid in determining the search quantity of targeted keyword phrases.

The vital expression will certainly after that be included in the heading, recap along with internet material. See to it not to place a great deal of keywords on the material to stay clear of being punished by Google. Another pointer is to utilize LSI key words to quit making use of the keyword expression over as well as over.

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