Philanthropist, Real-Estate Investor, and Community Leader, Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is renowned for his philanthropy work, community leadership, and real estate investment. He is an Israeli Native and served in Israeli Defense Forces in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. In 1981, Adam and his family moved to America where he received his MBA in 1983 from the Southern Carolina University. He had obtained his business and economics undergraduate degree back in Israel. Immediately after moving to America, Adam joined the business of commercial real estate. He started his career from the bottom and rose through the ranks. His efforts paid off when he became Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner. Hager Pacific is a privately owned real estate firm that manages a wide range of commercial and industrial real estate properties in South Carolina. Hager Pacific acquires and re-positions industrial and commercial properties.

Adam Milstein Philanthropy Work

A colleague’s charitable actions inspired Adam Milstein to become a philanthropist. He was introduced to “ma’aser rishon” by his business partner. “Ma’aser rishon” is a practice where people give 10% of their incomes to charity. It is mostly practiced by the Jews. Following his introduction to this Jewish practice, he founded Gila and Adam Milstein Foundation. He also founded another organization called Sifriyat Pijama B’ America. Both foundations were founded in 2000.

Adam Milstein’s Sifriyat Pijama B’ America provides free Hebrew books each month to Jewish and Israeli American families. Families use these books to teach the traditional Jewish people language and Jewish values to their children. The noble program has reached over 15,000 families.

In 2007, Adam Milstein decided to focus on giving back to his Israeli-American community. Through his efforts, the Israeli-American Council was founded. The IAC is dedicated to strengthening ties between Israeli and Jewish Americans as well as Israel and U.S. ties. By 2014, the IAC had managed to reach over 100,000 Israeli Americans. For more info about us: click here.

Adam Milstein is a board member of various charitable organizations, such as the Israel on Campus Coalition, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, and the Jewish Funders Network, among others. His philanthropic services are aimed at strengthening relationships between the State of Israel, the Jewish people, and Israel-U.S.

Discover The Beauty Of EOS LIp Balm Brands Today

Beauty is more than skin deep with EOS lip balm products; it’s a commitment to softer, and more vibrant skin. Thousands of women around the world made the call for organic products that are easier on the skin, and clinically tested to last longer. That’s right; EOS lip balm products last up to 12 hours, and eliminate the need for multiple applications, and unsightly buildups on your lips. Their popular brand leaving shelves is highly preferred for shea butter, and body butter extracts. Take advantage of a quality, and affordable product with the use of the amazing EOS lip balm brand.

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They were one of the first of their kind to experiment with the unique aromatherapy formula for your lips, and it was a success among busy professionals, and adults. Their wearers say scents like Mint Kisser, and Lemon Drop heighten their senses while taking a test, or from a busy day at the office, hit and shop here. Popular brands like Evolution of Smooth are easy to find at the bottom of your purse with a cute new Crystal brand. Millions of EOS lip balm products have been sold without a logo as worldwide trusted brand, see more amazing products. Join the revolution for soft skin, and superior protection with EOS today.


EOS: A Review of an Innovative Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm company released a vegan line of lip balm this year. This new product line aims to attract customers that can’t tolerate the popular regular lip balms made by EOS. The new lip balms were an instant hit and customers are buying the lip balms faster than they can be produced says EOS has customers for its product across the globe. The lip balms are also priced under six dollars which is satisfying to customers. The lip balms can be found at major retailers to include: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target. Once celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus started using the products, the sales began to soar globally. What really distinguishes EOS from other lip balms is their committment to organic ingredients. Customers also like the unique containers.

EOS specializes in lip balm, body lotions and shaving creams. They have a wide variety of all natural flavors and scents. Unlike other brands, EOS products are all natural. The products are free of mineral oil, petrolatum, paraben and paraffin. They also don’t test their products on animals. Innovation to break away from the norm is what made the brand a success. It was a challenge for EOS to convince retail giants to carry their products.

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The company has only been around for seven years, but has become the second largest producer of lip balm. The company is worth over $250 million dollars and is on an upward path. It is expected to become the leader in this market soon. Awesome review here. Sales are projected to exceed $2 billion dollars by the year 2020. This is primarily because the demand for organic products continues to grow. A big advantage for EOS is the decision to build their own manufacturing facility. The facility is almost fully automated which increases speed and reduces overhead.

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Review for the vegan Crystal line by EOS

As a fan of EOS-the beauty brand that brought us organic lip balm in the iconic sphere container-I believed their products could not possibly get any better. I was wrong. Recently, EOS started selling a new line of lip balm called Crystal, refer also to It is a beeswax free lip smoother, that has all of your favorite benefits of traditional EOS lip balm, except now it’s vegan!

The Crystal line is available in two flavors: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. I was lucky enough to buy both before they sold out on EOS’s online store, or see more info here. So far, Vanilla Orchard is my favorite, but they both smell and taste delicious on the lips. After I became vegan, one of the hardest things I had to let go of was using my EOS lip balm everyday because I have sensitive lips, and it was hard to find a good vegan replacement lip balm that gave me the moisture and care my lips needed. Thanks to the vegan Crystal lip balm line, all peace in my lip care routine has been restored!

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When I first started using EOS lip balm, the brand did not make other products, such as shaving cream, hand lotion, or lip balm with SPF yet. So, it’s great to see the brand grow and innovate! With each new lip and body care product they make, EOS proves that they are dedicated to evolving, making this one beauty brand that definitely lives up to it’s name.

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Doe Deere is an Imaginative and Fun Individual

Certain people are creative from the time that they are young, and who use their creativity to help them get ahead in life. Doe Deere is one of the individuals, and the creativity that she possesses has helped her to do great things in the beauty world. Doe Deere is someone who is imaginative, and she has been that way since she was very young. Doe Deere grew up in Russia, and in her young years, this woman was imaginative and ambitious. She never dreamed when she was young that her imagination would get her to the places that it has gotten her to, or bring her the success that it has.


Doe Deere worked as a musician for a good amount of time. She does not regret that time in her life. This woman feels that being a musician helped her get her start in the marketing world. She had to sell her product and herself as she worked as a musician, and that prepared her for the work that she is doing in the beauty world. She feels that everything that she has been through in her life has helped her get to the place where she is at now. She does not regret the steps that she took to get to the place where she is now.


New York City is an exciting and interesting place, and Doe Deere spent fourteen years of her life there. She was able to use her imagination and fun personality in the big city just as she did in other areas where she has lived. This woman spent much of her time in New York City performing in a band. Her time in that city was focused on making music, and she grew during this period and became a better version of herself. Learn more:


When she was asked for advice to share with others who would like to become successful, Doe Deere mentioned that she believes that everyone has something special to offer to the world. She is someone who is creative and imaginative, and that has served her well. Her brand, Lime Crime, was born out of her love for bright colors and her need to see those colors as part of the makeup world. She believes that there are others out there who are creative like she is and who can change the world through sharing their talents. She believes that there are others with personalities that are different from her own who can also uniquely affect the world. She is someone who is a fun individual, and she believes that there is room in the world for both herself and new talent.


EOS Vegan Lip Balm!

EOS launched a new product that people already love. They launched a new vegan lip balm of the 4th of August and it sold out that day. EOS sold for $5.49 a piece, and people love them! The new vegan lip balm orbs are animal byproduct-free and are made from 17 natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut, avocado, and natural oils. Another amazing thing about this new product is that the actual lip balm is completely clear! It is in the same sphere shape you love, but the lip balm is clear. It will sell in stores such as, Walgreens, cvs, and target. It was an instant success.

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When EOS first started they caught a deal with Walgreens and Walmart and to their surprise people bought these products from the shelves instantly and they became a hit. People fell in love with the cute little orb shaped lip balms with beautiful pastel colors. Not only does this product look amazing but it comes in several different amazing scents to choose from. EOS really cares about the happiness of their customers and made it a priority to create a product that everyone with love. They didn’t want just another product that would die out, so they created a perfect unique lip balm!

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Whitney Wolfe Ties The Knot

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble, and she has some really interesting things happening in her life at the moment. One of the biggest things that she may be interested in doing right now is celebrating her time with her new husband.

Whitney Wolfe got married recently, and this is big news in social media. One reason that it has become big news has to do with the fact that she is so young and still connected to the dating world of singles by way of her dating app. There are a ton of people that are wondering exactly how effective she will be with the dating app now that she is no longer in the world of singles in her own life. For more info about us: click here.

Whitney Wolfe was engaged to Michael Herd before she married him this month, and it appears that people are somewhat excited about what she represents in terms of the Bumble app. People are impressed with her, and they want to find love themselves so a new bride is encouraging for all the singles that are part of the world of Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe is married, but she still plans to get a lot of input from other single women that are part of her staff at Bumble. She has been able to create a successful dating app because she thought like young women that are single and in search of a mate. She was able to do this with a great amount of clarity when she was single and moving on from a bad relationship at the start of this app. She knew exactly what she wanted to see in terms of a dating app, and she made it her reality to make this happen.

Now that she is married there is a greater emphasis on things like networking and other socializing through the Bumble app. She is someone that has been able to extend the company that she created.

Bumble is a company that is growing because it actually caters to the much more than just single people in this day and age. Bumble is a company that actually connects with a whole new crowd of people that are interested in things like networking and finding friends. This is why she has created Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. These are extensions of the original Bumble dating app because Whitney Wolfe plans to grow her company

End Citizens United And The Power Of Grassroots Activities

As a political action committee, End Citizens United was founded in 2015, and it receives funds from grassroots supporters. The team is dedicated to solving disastrous effects caused by Citizens United. Furthermore, the organization was established with the mission of ending the issue of big money in politics and at the same time fix the political system that is already rigged.

Members of End Citizens United can achieve their mission by including champions of campaign-finance reform in their team, elevating the issue to the national conversation level, and passing measures that govern state ballot. As an organization, End Citizens United will have to work in close partnership with reform champions to end the issue of undisclosed and unlimited politics money.


Moreover, End Citizen United can achieve its objective by supporting Democrats in the key political races. The network is of the opinion that Democrats are in favor of reform campaigns. In that case, members of End Citizen United stand up for political candidates who are under the attack by mega-donors and corporate institutions who have special interests. According to End Citizen United, Democrats are the ones who believe in the leadership that can result in meaningful change. End Citizen United believes in the strength of the grassroots supporters and activists as well. These are the people who understand the strength of transparency regarding political spending. Also, grassroots supporters typically practice what they preach. For that reason, donors to End Citizens United are investors involved in a movement that will bring democracy to the next level.

According to the news release on, End Citizens United collected over $4 million within the first three months of 2017. They are planning to raise up to $35 million come the midterm of 2018 election. This will be an increase from the $25 million that was managed by PAC during the 2016 election. In the first quarter of 2017, more than 100000 people have made their contributions to PAC. Also, 40000 people have made their first-time contributions. As mentioned before, the primary goal of the group is to have more Democrats to be elected to the Congress. By raising its money as a political group, End Citizens United is focused on driving away the issue of big money in politics.

According to the executive director of PAC, Tiffany Muller, the average contribution received by the organization in 2017 is equivalent to $12. Encouraging more donations to the 2018 midterm election is one of the ways, in which the group can fight back against financially rigged systems. After all, the goal of the group is to pick champions of campaign-finance reform. It is an essential method of doing away with the systems where people who have huge checks have a bigger say.

EOS’s New Crystal Lip Balm Madness

The oral care industry is in an uproar. One of the most distinctive lip balm products have just hit the market, and it’s making a name for itself. This new product has a see-through appearance and an aromatic smell. Another great benefit of it is that it’s a vegan product. Evolution of Smooth has released its all-new Crystal Lip Balms, and it’s doing things that no other oral care brand has done in history. Within just the very first day, the product completely sold out on the company’s website. You can only imagine just how many lip balms were in stock at the time. These innovative items are also selling at $5.49 each.

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Evolution of Smooth has the game on lock. Crystal Lip Balms give tremendous health benefits for the dry, chapped lips. People who suffer from cold sores can also benefit from this advanced product. What are in the products that makes them so healthy? This is rather simple. Crystal Lip Balms have coconut, aloe vera, jojoba oil, antioxidants, shea butter and other beneficial ingredients. On top of the that, the products are wax-free. There aren’t any chemical additives or harsh fillers. This is a win-win situation and by the looks of the company’s social media accounts, these advanced products might set some all-new records. Evolution of Smooth is the king of the industry, and it already sells over $1 million units per week. Find out more info here on

The new lip balms have the same great, rounded shape of packaging. Another reason for such progress in popularity is that it’s a unisex product. Males and females buy the products pretty equally. What more can be said about this wonderful new product? Burt’s Bees and Chapstick may have to rethink their marketing strategies after this. All in all, Evolution of Smooth is at the pinnacle of the industry and the Crystal Lip Balms are solidifying its place at the top.


The Breathtaking Mighty Fortress Church

There are thousands of houses of worship in Minnesota ranging from the historical to modern churches. One of these breathtaking churches is the Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church situated in Minneapolis. Its design is unique in that it is made of a central steeple and pointed spires. With its central pointed spire, it was once ranked as the second tallest building in Minneapolis. As such, it is an iconic structure within this region. The church was built in 1916 with its features having been an emulation of the English Rural Gothic structures.

The Assumption Chapel, Cold Spring is another house of worship with an amazing architecture. It has a gothic style structure. The church was built under an impressive history of response to a grasshopper plague. Once the plague ended in the 1870’s, the church was built.

Although St. Andrew Church, St. Paul is no longer an active place of worship, it fits to be in the record of the most beautiful churches. The structure of the building which is now used as an arts academy is made up of brick structures. The attractive roofing is made of colorful clay tiles which complete its appalling look.

St. Columba church was built in the 1950s. Its structure and decor make it one of the churches with a beautiful interior. The church is situated in the St. Paul neighborhood. While mentioning the beauty of worship houses, the Mighty Fortress Church is a must mention. It is a church that most people are appalled with and keep asking various questions.

The question of what the atmosphere feels like in this church is a common question. The Mighty Fortress Church ensures that the visitors have an enjoyable experience. As such, it is not too formal hence everyone has a chance of contributing something to the body of Christ. What to expect while in this church is a service of on what God does to our lives and what he intends to do in our lives.

The church services are led by Bishop T. R. Williams. He is an active prophetic voice who has been serving Christ for more than thirty years. In his sermons, he emphasizes on applying knowledge and wisdom derived from God’s word.

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