The journey of Jason Hope in the medical world

Technological advancement has led to the introduction of new business fronts that have impacted positively to the public. It has also led to the emergence of professionals that have led to the introduction of new skills and ideas for doing business. Jason Hope is an expert in technology, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and investment. He was born and raised in Arizona where he attended the Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in finance. He later attended college’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he graduated with an MBA. The educational process has been instrumental in shaping the future life of Jason Hope. He started his career by establishing mobile communication company that has been instrumental in the success story of his career.

Jason Hope has been instrumental in the development of some famous mobile phone applications, desktop computer software, and gaming software. He focuses on avenues that contribute towards technological development by conducting research. Jason focuses mainly on new and developing trends where technology is applicable and takes advantage of the existing opportunities. As such, he has been instrumental in the development of solutions that are geared towards making our life easy through the use of technology.

Jason Hope has contributed immensely to the medical field. For instance, he has been instrumental in coming up with ways to fight the aging process. There are different medical challenges and diseases that have affected people but whose medicine has been discovered as compared to aging which has no medicine. As a result, it is important to develop ways that can be used to help mitigate the aging process. As people grow old, there are many diseases and complications that come into play thus making people find it difficult to live a normal life. Jason has contributed funds towards the establishment of a scientific organization that addresses the aging process. Through his initiative, organizations have developed and are using technology to address and reduce the process of aging among people. He contributed over $500,000 to SENS Foundation that uses biotechnology to develop approaches to deal with disease affecting human beings.

Jason Hope is a renowned philanthropist that continues to help many organizations in his hometown of Scottsdale. He is very passionate about giving back to the community with the aim of uplifting the living standards of the community. His philanthropic nature focuses on scientific research where he has donated a lot of money towards aiding medical research.

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Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jerjurikar

Dr. Sameer Jerjurikar is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who is changing lives by helping people enhance their bodies. Based out of Dallas, Dr. Jerjurikar has forged a name for himself in the plastic surgery community.

Dr. Jerjurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He is also a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Jerjurikar focuses on the enhancement of the face, eyes, nose, body, and breasts. His mastery of the art of cosmetic enhancement mixed with his compassion for his patients makes him a stand out surgeon and an incredible choice for anyone seeking plastic surgery.

Dr. Jerjurikar is familiar with all things plastic surgery. He offers anything from facelifts to butt augmentations and everything in between. Dr. Jerjurikar is changing with the times and is consistently searching for the latest and greatest trends in cosmetic technology.

One of the services he offers is Crisalix 3D imaging, a program that can help patients visualize what their bodies will look like after cosmetic surgery. This gives peace of mind and assurance before embarking on cosmetic enhancement.

Dr. Jerjurikar understands that choosing cosmetic surgery can be daunting, and makes sure to keep a warm and inviting environment in his practice. With Dr. Jerjurikar, you are in great hands. There are no questions about pricing or procedure- everything is completely transparent between client and doctor.

If you are considering cosmetic enhancement of any kind, call Dr. Sameer Jerjurikar for a cosmetic consultation. Get the body you’ve always wanted today!

Jim Toner Shares 25 Years of Real Estate Investment Knowledge for Entrepreneurs

IdeaMensch recently published an interview with the real estate investor Jim Toner. Toner is known in the real estate world for his incredible success over the past two and a half decades. But it is his dedication to bringing his knowledge to the general population that has helped him succeed as an entrepreneur.

After spending 25 years in the trenches of the real estate investment world, Jim Toner decided it was time to bring all the knowledge he has gained from both his successes and his failures to the people. He began to publish books like “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder” and “Send in the Wolves: The Million Dollar, Real-World Education on How to Run a Successful, Profitable Small Business in the New Economy”. He has also created a program on real estate investment as a path to personal financial freedom called the “12 Little Houses Plan”. Though he does accept private coaching clients within his Private Client Group, it always has a wait list. He is also a speaker and consultant, speaking at events with the Napoleon Hill Foundation with entrepreneurs like Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, and Frank McKinney.

He feels one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to be successful is through keeping the mind and body in balance. This is why he begins his day in the early morning, with a quiet half hour first thing to simply think. Then he spends the next several hours reading and working out. He will often listen to audiobooks or podcasts while working out to keep learning about new ideas.

After that, the majority of his day is spent creating sales copy or writing for his new book. He also is a radio host and will spend his time recording his podcast and radio show. One of the things he is dedicated to in order to stay productive throughout the day is to avoid the to-do list. Instead, Toner prefers to spend more of his time going with the flow, especially because he already deeply understands his priorities.

He also suggests that working all day and all night is the fastest way to a burnout, which will actually prevent the entrepreneur from succeeding quickly. In our fast paced world, people and entrepreneurs in particular have a tendency to brag about working 24/7 when in reality, that overwhelm can prevent them from bringing their “A” game.

Another tendency for entrepreneurs that may prevent them from succeeding as quickly as they want to is the tendency to spend most of their time thinking about implementing ideas and strategies rather than actually doing the work. The inaction eventually kills the enthusiasm and leads entrepreneurs to start thinking about everything that can go wrong instead of what can go right. That’s why Jim Toner suggests testing. Though failure is a part of being an entrepreneur, if the person persists and learns from mistakes, success is just around the corner.

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Enjoy The Craze: EOS Lip Balm Review

It may be hard to believe, but lip balms have been around since the 1800s. This power-packed product was introduced to the world by a guy named Charles Browne Fleet. Dry or chapped lips can be frustrating and if you keep licking your lips, you’ll definitely make things worse. If you can maintain proper moisture in your lips, then you wouldn’t have to worry about these issues. No matter the season, chapped lips can occur out of the blue, but the cold-weather seasons tend to record higher amounts of dehydrated lips. Have you ever heard of the popular lip balm brand that’s known as Evolution of Smooth?

Evolution of Smooth has revolutionized the game in a sense. The brand hasn’t even been around for a decade, but it has taken over the oral care market. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are unique. The products are loaded with highly nutritional ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera, shea butter, antioxidants and vitamins. Another fun attribute of this popular lip balm is its unique packaging. EOS lip balms have a sophisticated and spherical appearance, which makes them look extremely different from all other competing lip balms. This brand has taken the world by storm, and it’s now the best-selling lip balm in today’s contemporary market. Some of the biggest names in entertainment has been spotted applying the natural beeswax across their lips (Ulta). This includes Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera.

Flavors, flavors and more flavors. EOS does a wonderful job of offering a plethora of tantalizing flavors such as:

  • Passion Fruit
  • Summer Fruit
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Sweet Mint
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Blackberry Nectar
  • Vanilla Milk
  • And many more

Igor Cornelsen and the Growing Attraction to Passive Income

More people are discovering the advantage that passive income has. Among the people that are looking for passive income opportunities are those that have dealt with economic changes that have caused them to lose their way of life. Many of these people have become entrepreneurs and have faced a new set of challenges that come with the advantages of being an entrepreneur. Fortunately, they are able to find even more forms of income by looking into the investment markets. The only thing is that they have to differentiate between the different types of passive income, and this can’t be done without looking at the examples of people who have sought out these forms of income.

For those that are looking for some insights on passive income, Igor Cornelsen can provide all of the needed information that can help people make the decision to move forward with their choices. Igor knows about all of the different types of passive income that are good for the individual. Among the different sources of passive income are the stock market, the Forex market, different savings accounts and other forms of passive income. When people read about the different forms of passive income, they learn that they have more options than others.

Igor Cornelsen takes part in the stock market. He has a diverse portfolio that he looks closely at and manages. For one thing, he wants to make sure that he knows when it is time to let go of an investment and move towards another asset to invest in. He does this by reading the news and looking at other reports of the stocks he is involved in. Igor is one of the investors that take their jobs seriously. They understand that they are risking their money when they are making investments.

Igor wants people to learn about money management when it comes to making trades. People often trade what they can’t afford which cause them to have a really bad reaction to any losing trades. Igor avoids this by making small trades with money he can afford so that he can easily close a trade.

Ryan Seacrest Grows in Popularity

Ryan Seacrest is the host that continues to gain opportunities to show his skills as a season hosting veteran. American Idol is where most people first heard of Ryan Seacrest. This show has gone through ups and downs with different judges, but Ryan Seacrest is the constant on the show that has remained the same. Even as this show switched from Fox to ABC Ryan Seacrest was still in place as the host of this show.

There is also another show that he hosts in the morning with Kelly Ripa on a daily basis. All of this shows that Ryan Seacrest is someone that people will watch and listen to. He is personable, and his personality has allowed him to become one of the highest paid TV personalities of this generation.

The ability for Ryan Seacrest to be as likable as he is giving him a great amount of opportunities. He has also become someone that is connected to a world of entertainment that involves reality television. He has connections with very popular shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” In this position Ryan sits in the producer seat when it comes to reality television. This show has been on for a multitude of seasons, and this allows him to make a considerable amount of income from his role in this area as well.

There is also a radio show called “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” that presents another opportunity for Ryan to show off his skills in hosting. This is a perfect fit for Seacrest because he was hosting a music talent contest with American Idol so he was already connected to the music industry.

His hosting skills have been very impressive and lucrative, but this is not the only place where Ryan Seacrest has made his mark. There is even a clothing line that is sold at Macy’s where the essence of the Ryan Seacrest look is captured. He is a very dapper dresser that has attended red carpet events in addition to hosting a daily show, so it seemed inevitable that he would have a clothing line.

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Reviewing the EOS Lip Balm

Everyone has been talking about the EOS Lip Balm. They are the cutest lip balms you will see in your life. In this review, we will see how it feels to have the lip balm on. We will see the pros and cons, what is liked about the lip balm and what isn’t (

There is two lip balms, the passion fruit and strawberry sorbet. The EOS Lip Balm is described as a sphere balm with quite a bit of balm inside, therefore you will not run out very fast. They are similar to Easter eggs that you can put in the palm of your hand. Another interesting fact about this lip balm is that they have a flat bottom or surface to them. They can stand easily on your desk or hand. They come in a variety of flavors. The EOS lip balm smells good, but not great. It is similar to any other lip balm, with a light odor to them.

The strawberry sorbet smells like strawberry and cream. The passion fruit smells a little like passion fruit but smells like shea butter as well. The EOS Lip Balm is 97-100% organic, which is very good for your lips. Make sure to clean your lips before applying the lip balm. While applying the lip balm, it will feel “very smooth on the lips”. It is not heavy, not sticky or dry. It is really good for daily wear as the lip balm gives your lips a smooth feeling.

The packaging is nice as well as the EOS Lip Balm that is egg shaped. The EOS Lip Balm applies very nicely to the lips and is good for daily wear. It won’t give you any color or gloss but it will keep your lips smooth. If you apply your lipstick or lipgloss after applying the EOS Lip Balm, you can be sure to have comfortable lips all day.


EOS is Amazing – Review

EOS lip balm stands for Evolution of Smooth. The name fits the product perfectly. The honeysuckle honeydew flavor is in a lime green container. You can smell the melon before even opening the lip balm. It smells so fruity and fresh. Once the lip balm is open, it is like being in a melon paradise. The smell is amazing. The honeysuckle honey dew lip balm is a clear white color.

The next EOS lip balm is sweet mint. This lip balm smells a lot like chewing gum. It is fresh and clean smelling. It glides on very smooth. It makes you feel like you just brushed your teeth. The plus of this lip balm is that when talking to people, they can smell the mint. They will think you just brushed your teeth or you are chewing mint gum. It is very refreshing (

The last EOS lip balm was Blueberry Acai. The Blueberry Acai has a summery blue color container.You can smell the scent outside of the container before opening it. It smells a lot like blueberry bubble gum. The smell is very strong and sweet. The color of the lip balm its self is a clear white color.

It feels like satin being slid across your lips. It truly is the Evolution of Smooth. The softness of the lip balm slides into every nook and cranny of your lips. When this lip balm is on, your lips feel like they are covered in the smoothest silk. It is so hydrating on your lips.The smooth texture feels so good, check Amazon. When the lip balm starts to wear off, you just want to keep reapplying it all day. The fruity goodness, the sweet smell, the smooth feel. You could not imagine another lip balm feeling or smelling this good. It is incredible.


Crystal Clear EOS Lip Balm

EOS has introduced a new lip balm that has taken the beauty world by storm. The new lip balm is called Crystal Lip Balm and is totally different from what you have seen from EOS. The author explains the new look as a sleeker look to an already sleek looking lip balm. They even went as far as saying that the lip balm is a little all grown up. This new lip balm has a pyramid packaging and a clear lip balm inside which is different from EOS original packaging which was rounder and had a solid color lip balm inside. The lip balm has some new ingredients to keep those lips hydrated like a natural blend of shea butter and coconut, avocado, castor, and sunflower oils. They have also made the lip balms vegan and wax-less which should eliminate any sticky feeling that some chapsticks can. The author raves about how much they are surprised and love these new and improved lip balm from EOS.

EOS is a all natural beauty & skin care company that provides consumers with all natural, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, dermatologist test products such as body & hand lotion, shaving cream and their world famous lip balm. Eos was created in 2006 and has been based out of New York. The true purpose of this product was to give chapstick users something new. So EOS created a unique brand of lip balms, that was originally only sold at Walgreens, that offered a variety of flavors and scents (

This company is currently worth 250 million dollars and is expected to continue to see growth. The beautiful colors and designs of the lip balm has caught the eye of multiple celebrities which has only helped the status of the company. Since the creation of EOS’s the founders have benefited from collaborating with the hottest music artist via concerts or music videos.

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Brazilian Neurobiology Work by Jorge Moll Leads Neurophilosophers Worldwide in Centuries-Old Debates on Human Morality

Things are not often what they seem at face value. Ironically, after an age-old reputation of being touted by the masses as some pleasure-seekers vacation spot, a closer inspection will yield that many South Americans describe Brazilians as “muy amable,” but cognitive scientist and neuroresearcher Jorge Moll found an empirical perplexity to find a scientific explanation for the basis of voluntary human behavior that is not extrinsically rewarding.

All ground-breaking science seems to be precluded by passionate philosophical stirrings and Dr. Jorge Moll has built off of the scientific advances set before him in ways that bring pride to several academic fields and many more that intertwine. He shines as a creative business genius; a requirement if one is to get their technological pursuits funded and thus bring light on our knowledge of the human spirit of altruism as Dr. Jorge Moll is doing.

Racking up such accomplishments scientific, practical, family and business to date, one might wonder why Dr. Jorge Moll is not content to coast by on the fruits of his labor. Perhaps Dr. Jorge Moll is too driven by his strong inner drive from altruism and his potential for intrinsic value, the very intellectual, philosophical and as we are finding out deeply and complexly neurological, phenomena that drives him and others around him. He seems to be drawn to altruistic behaviors not only through immersing himself of studies divulging everything up to their physio metric properties, but Dr. Jorge Moll also contains a plethora of altruistic behaviors and gestures he role models and has a keen eye for witnessing and analyzing what most people would refer to as “muy amable” or a “friendly action.”

In his interview at he freely gives away gems of wisdom that have helped fuel his scientific, family, productivity and business accomplishments. Stayed tuned to the work of Dr. Jorge Moll and his teams of researchers as this remains an exciting time for neurology, neuroscience and the humanitarian nature of altruism. He continues to travel and give speeches to universities worldwide when not spending time with his family.

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