Booming Real Estate Industry in New York

Brokers and analysts in the real estate industry debated how the New York City market performed in the year 2015 at NYC Real Estate Expo event. Additionally, they forecasted the conditions they expect going into 2016 and the factors that may yield otherwise results. According to a report released on The Real Deal, real estate in NYC Apartments for rent was dominated by favorable leasing environment. Senior brokers at the panel noted that the performance in 2014 was strong, 2015 very strong and they expect more of the same come 2016.

Although TAMI tenants are considered as the one driving NYC’s leasing economy, companies providing financial services are coming back in the city. In fact, the financial services industry comprises approximately 11 percent of the entire work force in the city. Majority of brokers shared similar views that robust pricing was experienced through 2015, and the same performance is still expected to prevail in the first half of 2016. NYC’s real estate cycle is already operating at its peak where investors have to work very hard in order to find value.

Indeed, NYC is considered to have a lot of wonderful attributes to entrepreneurs across the world. Many panelists expressed their feeling that hurdles like interest rates are potential obstacles to the sector although the Federal Reserve has been working on a way to address the issue. Majority of the panelists agreed that the sector has performed very well through 2015 and they are expecting the same in 2016.

About TOWN Residential
TOWN Residential is a leading firm in New York offering luxury real estate services. The firm was co-founded by Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt. TOWN Residential is an integral part of NY real estate industry that specializes in selling, leasing and marketing of luxury residential homes and apartments. The firm is recognized for providing new standard of excellence in across the real estate industry. TOWN Residential aim is to have a team of professionals who possess unmatched industry knowledge as well as experience.

These professionals are called TOWN Representatives and are highly talented to be able to bring a winning formula to TOWN Residential. In addition, the firm has won several accolades specifically in residential real estate field. The firm’s representatives are regarded as industry leaders who offer excellent services and expertise to their customers. TOWN Residential is the firm of your choice when planning to acquire a luxury residential in NYC.

Doe Deere: Envisioning a World With Unicorns

When thinking about what a Queen of Unicorns would be like, she would have beautiful bright colored hair, wear unique makeup in vivid blues, greens, purples, and pinks, and be a mentor to young people, encouraging them to live their dreams. It’s no wonder that Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, has crowned herself the Queen of Unicorns. Deere’s story is a true success story that proves that, with hard work and the will to never give up, dreams can come true.

Deere’s dream started with an eBay store named Thunderware, where she sold fanciful girly dresses with lace and embellishments. Dresses that would make any girl feel like a unicorn princess. Deere’s creative spirit was soon ignited, and she began adding her own special touches to the clothes, expanding into unique patterns and designs. She soon branched out her market to Pinterest, changing the name of her store to Lime Crime, in tribute to one of her favorite colors, lime-green. Eventually Deere started to dabble in the development of cosmetics, mixing a variety of colors, and Lime Crime cosmetics would soon become a reality.

Various shades of vivid blues, pinks, purples, and greens are the foundation of what makes Lime Crime cosmetics so special. Shoppers can choose from the line of unicorn lipsticks in shades like Cry Baby, a beautiful tropical blue, or Poisonberry, a wonderful magical hade of purple. The Zodiac Glitter Eye Shadow comes in a variety of unique colors, each named after a sign of the zodiac. Packaging for some of the items includes a silhouette of two unicorns, clearly adding Deere’s personal touch to her products. Deere is committed to the quality of her product line, ensuring cruelty-free and vegan ingredients in all of her products.

Deere’s commitment to the community and young people with a dream is apparent in what she gives of her company and herself. Through Lime Crime, Deere makes financial donations to a variety of charities that work to improve the lives of animals, children, and families, such as, Girls, Inc., Sanctuary for Families, Adopt N.Y., and the Red Cross. Deere also frequently blogs and provides interviews to encourage young boys and girls to believe in themselves, and never give up on their dreams.

Doe Deere has created her own success story. Beginning with a small internet store, Deere had the courage to follow her dream, and encourages young minds to do the same. She encourages them to be individuals, and not conform to the norm. Whether they choose to have blue or purple hair today, and feel beautiful with vibrant orchid makeup, what’s important is that it makes them happy. Happiness starts from the inside out, Deere is driving internal happiness in the next generation, encouraging them to follow their dreams, and never give up. She makes the world a little happier and brighter through her Lime Crime makeup, colors special enough to be worn by dream seekers and unicorns.

Slyce Knows How To Keep Its Users Happy

Philadelphia Business Journal has recently put out an article stating that Slyce has acquired SnipSnap and made it part of its services. It has changed up the coupon clipping service and made it into something even better than it was before, and that is something that has gotten many people excited.

Slyce has been an exciting brand since it first began, but now that people see that it is taking steps to help save them money they will begin to get all the more excited. They’ll be happy to know that the service cares so much about them and the needs that they have. Once they get on the app and use it to help find them the product that they are looking for for the lowest price available they will be amazed. Slyce has used image recognition technology to change up the way that people shop, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Slyce has taken SnipSnap and made it into something truly special, and now people have the chance to save money every time that they want to shop without having to use coupons to accomplish that. They can simply use the service that is offered to them from Slyce, and they can quickly find the product that they are looking for for the lowest price possible. They’ll no longer have to spend too much to get the kind of items that they want, and that should leave them feeling very happy. Slyce is the kind of service that knows how to keep those who are using it happy, and that has been proven through this new service.

Changing Demands For New York City Real Estate

Manhattan real estate is at an all time high. Demand has continued to increase for the last quarter, as has also the prices for it. Brooklyn is also showing a marked jump in both prices and demand for both homes for sale and NYC apartments for rent.

In the last quarter Manhattan has seen its fastest growth in more than 7 years. Its last quarter growth exceeded 9.5%. Brooklyn is again a close second with exponential growth in its real estate listings and sales. The best part of all this news is that 1 in 5 of these listings and sales are what is considered luxury properties.

The luxury properties are those that cost a significant amount more than others in the market. Town Residential Real Estate deals with many of these listings. They have also seen a marked increase in the demand for their luxury listings in the last three months.

Town Residential Real Estate has the ability to match buyers and potential renters with the properties that will best meet their needs. Having listings from a wide range of locations as well as prices, they can probably find the right property for almost every need.

Town Residential Real Estate specializes in luxury listings and has their ear to the needs and demands of the buyers market. Their professional staff can answer questions about the neighborhoods and properties that are available throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and all the greater New York boroughs. They have set the standard for excellence in the greater New York area.

Those individuals from around the region and the world are those that are seeking the real estate in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This makes for a diverse population and many different peoples to fill the neighborhoods. Town Residential Real Estate has the professionals on their staff that can communicate with a wide diversity of people.

The one downside this housing boom has produced is the rent burden. Many simply cannot afford the 3,000 plus a month rents that lower Manhattan and Brooklyn is demanding. This means that many are seeking affordable housing in other boroughs or away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan’s main real estate areas.

As demands continue, the professionals at Town Residential Real Estate will continue to find the perfect new home for every client. Real estate demands do not appear to be letting up anytime soon, so it is expected as the market availability slims, the prices will rise.

5 Great Healthcare Companies To Work For

Finding work in the healthcare field isn’t that hard. There are so many different healthcare companies that need employees. Here are some great companies to work for and some information about each one. One great healthcare company to work for is Nobilis Health. This company’s headquarters is in Houston, Texas. They have several different hospitals they manage in the Houston and Dallas areas. They offer hospitals management services that include legal, financing, planning, and licensing services. They offer employers great pay that comes with an amazing benefits package.  Noblis Health according to has all types of career openings including jobs for nurses, billing specialists, financial counselors, house keeping, and so much more. Another great healthcare company to work for is St. Jude Children’s Research hospital. This company has over three thousand people working for them. They are located in Memphis Tennessee. They offer help for children battling all types of cancer. They currently have openings for hospital jobs including nurses, administrators, and clinicians. They also have jobs in fundraising and cancer research. They have been featured for five years in FORTUNE magazine as being in the top 100 best companies to work for. Children’s Healthcare is another great place to work. They currently employ over six thousand people and are located in Atlanta. They are a pediatric hospital that help thousands of children each year. They have job openings for nurses, physicians, and other hospital staff. This hospital was ranked as one of the top by the U.S News & World Report. If working at a top medical research center sounds like a great option then check out the Mayo Clinic. They are located in Rochester Minnesota but have other locations. They employ over forty three thousand people. They offer great benefits including health and dental insurance, retirement plans, an excellent amount of paid time off, and life insurance. They have job openings for researchers, medical professionals, clerical work, and many other positions. Salt Lake City Utah is home to the headquarters of a great healthcare company called CHG Healthcare Services. They were ranked number three on Fortune magazines 100 best companies to be employeed by. They have been in business for over 30 years and have locations throughout the United States. This great healthcare company offers great benefits. These include vision, dental, and medical insurance.

They also offer life and disability insurance. Inviduals that work for this company get a large amount of paid time off including major holidays. They also offer many beneficial programs only for their employees such as a stop smoking program, a weight loss program, and a gifting program for employees that have fallen on hard times. Individuals that are looking for a great job with a healthcare company should look into these amazing job opportunities. These healthcare companies are some of the best ones in the business. They know how to take care of their patients as well as their employees. Apply to one of these healthcare companies for amazing career opportunities in the medical field.


Computer science cooperation is an American multinational cooperation known to provide information technology services (IT) to both the industries and the government. It also provides system design application software, web and application hosting among other services. The headquarters are located in Falls Church, Virginia. The CSC operates with a large number of employees from all over the world and in different locations.

Historical Background

It was founded in April 1959 in Los Angeles by Roy Nutt and Fletcher R. Jones. Initially, the CSC were providing programming tools like complier and assembling software. Earlier in the 60s CSC provided software writing services to major computer manufacturers like Honeywell and got their first contracts for the US public sector with NASA alongside others. In 1963, CSC had grown and had become one of the largest software companies in the USA thus becoming the first software company to be listed on the American Stock Exchange. In 1968, they had developed father and were listed on the New York Stock Exchange and had expanded its operations to Spain, Italy, and Netherlands among others. Later on in the 70s and 80s, CSC continued to expand their market globally winning large contracts for the finance and defense industry. The company`s headquarter since its beginnings in 1959 had been in California but in March 2008 it was relocated from El Segundo to Annandale, Virginia CSC became a Fortune 500 company and was ranked 162 in the 2012 rankings. On may 2015 CSC announced plans to split the public sector business from its commercial and international business later on August 31, it was announced that CSC Government services would merge with SRA worldwide to form a new company by the end of November


CSC employs about 90000 employees in 70 countries worldwide and ranks among the leading IT service providers in the world. Geographically, CSC has major operations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company operates in three broad sectors;

· North American Public Sector (NPS): They are among the major IT providers for the U.S federal government (since 1961).They provide to the United States Department of Defense, law enforcement, and intelligent agencies. In 2012, US federal contracts accounted for 36% of their total revenue.


CSC was awarded the 8th position in software magazine`s software 500 ranking of the world`s largest software and service providers.

Among the people who worked hard to enable CSC achieve their success was Erick Pulier. Erick Pulier is a technology enthusiast who understands the importance and the need of proper information technology. He has been the vice president and general manager of cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation. He is an American entrepreneur based in Los Angeles California. He is both an author and a public speaker. In the past years he has been able to have great achievements in the world of information technology, he has been able to establish about 15 companies most of which he is the founder. Besides that, he has invested in charitable organizations and capital funds like Trident Capital. He is popularly known for investing in startups that operates around technology and media.His experience in the IT sector has resulted in good performance in the companies that he managed in the past.

Achievements Made by Susan McGalla in her Career

In the recent times, women have been taking up leadership roles owing to their successful records of accomplishment. Juggling between family and career has been difficult for most businesswomen but through hard work and dedication to their work, they have managed to record much success. Susan McGalla is no exception. Susan is a successful and prudent businesswoman based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has held a number of leadership positions while working for different companies. She is the former president of the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She was also the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc and a board member of the publicly traded real estate firm, HFF Inc. In addition, Susan sits on the board of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

The executive consultant was born 41 years ago in East Liverpool; Ohio. She has two older brothers. Susan’s father was a local football coach. He believed in treating his children equally. When she finished high school, Susan McGalla enrolled to Mount Union College for her undergraduate studies. She graduated with a degree in Business and Marketing. After her graduation, she secured placement with the Joseph Horne Co. Department stores starting as a retailer.

Susan worked for Joseph Horne Co for a period of eight years and was able to climb up the ladder. She served in various marketing and managerial posts. In 1994, Susan joined The American Eagle Outfitters. She was in charge of divisional merchandise purchase for the women’s section. Her hard work paid off and it was not long before she became the chief merchandising officer and later on, the president of the company. Susan made history by becoming the first female president of the corporation. Susan is recognized for spearheading the launch of aerie and 77 kids brand.

She left American eagle in 2009 in order to work as a consultant. Susan became a freelance consultant for retail and financial investment firms. A few months later, she was appointed board member of HFF Inc. The consultancy enabled her to meet new people and put her experience into real world application. Susan was recruited at Wet Seal Inc as the chief executive officer. She took over from Ed Thomas and held the position for a year before she decided to establish her consultancy firm.

With the establishment of P3 Executive Consulting, Susan was able to render her services to her former clients besides registering more clients as the firm’s reputation grew. The company focuses in operational efficiency, branding, marketing, and talent management. When she is not consulting or spending time with her family, Susan spends time holding women empowerment workshops. She encourages women to elevate themselves by taking advantage of education and career advancement initiatives. She anchored her success on dedication and hard work.

Susan has shared her story in order to inspire other women venture into business. She has been the guest speaker at the Women and Girls Foundation of Pittsburgh as well as the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. Susan believes that times have changed and it is easier for women to make strides in their career. Susan is married to Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager.

Jon Urbana is Trying to Help Others. Now Help Him.

When you think about the different sorts of charities and help that people have been throwing out there recently, there truly are some major ideas that can make a difference. No matter what the case, it’s become far easier to conduct fundraising activities thanks to an abundance of new, popular crowdfunding platforms.

FAA-certified airman Jon Urbana has been one of the individuals in recent times that has been making changes everywhere. There are some people that are entrepreneurs in the world when it comes to starting businesses, but when it comes to startups that are about helping others. Urbana truly has been putting helpful causes out there for others to support.

One of the reasons that it makes sense for Urbana to be able to command so many organizations is his natural leadership ability. One of his passions is to help others from a coaching and leadership standpoint through Urbana’s lacrosse teaching and coaching role at Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Using his experience from Villanova, he imparts all skills he learned from his collegiate career in a digestible and enjoyable way. When it boils down to it, you can see when someone truly just wants hope and change for the future. One of the most popular and influential leaders in today’s time and society is Jon Urbana for those exact reasons.

His new campaign, Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, is to become a leader of young activists through Earth Force. Not only are the young people able to truly work towards imporing their local environments, but they are able to develop the same leadership skills they need to continue to grow as well. Young leaders are becoming activists through the exact programs such as Earth Force, and with the help of Urbana through Twitter promotion and his Facebook newsfeed, individuals everywhere truly are able to get the exact form of experience and education that they need at the same time.

It is only because of the work of young leaders that change truly is possible for the future. And even though we live in an expansive world, Urbana’s easily reachable through his site. You can also send him a LinkedIn message if you have more questions about the fundraising campaign.

With younger generations being able to get the experience that they need with respect to being activists and being out on the front lines for a cause they care about, Jon Urbana is helping to make real changes that are needed. He’s on Instagram @jonurbana if you’d like to see pictures from his lacrosse camp. If you are interested in sparking the fight in the next level of people, take a look to see what Earth Force is doing today.

James Dondero, The Credit Sector Pioneer

Few professional have influenced the credit industry in these last few decades more than Texan James Dondero. Mr. Dondero was a high achieving student of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. It was clear from the beginning that James Dondero was a driven individual, and he graduated with a dual major in Accounting and Finance. He also attained the honors of Beta Gamma Sigma, an award reserved only for the top 10% of business students, and Beta Alpha Psi, an award given to high achieving accounting and finance students.

In 1984, Mr. Dondero began his career as a part of the Morgan Guaranty Analyst Training Program, a rigorous program that focused on building technical banking skills, managerial skills, and behavioral guidelines. The program also served as means to expand one’s network in the financial industry. It is no doubt thanks to the skills sharpened by the Morgan Guaranty Training Program and Mr. Donero’s own relentless perseverance that he was able to rise to the next level of his career. Mr. Dondero spent the next four years (from 1985 to 1989) building experience under American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst and as a Portfolio Manager. Mr. Dondero’s work during this time period focused mainly on fixed income funds. In 1990, James Dondero used the experience he gained at American Express to progress to his own joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation alongside business partner Mark Okada.

Similar to his work at American Express, Mr. Dondero’s joint venture specialized in fixed income markets. The venture continued to grow in the ensuing years and by 1993 it had helped foster the development of the Protective Asset Management Company (“PAMCO”). PAMCO’s ownership was split between the founding partner and the Protective Life Insurance Corporation until 1997 when James Dondero and Mark Okada purchased the Protective Life Insurance Corporation’s portion of PAMCO. Basking in the success of PAMCO, James Dondero surged forward and established Ranger Asset Management, L.P., which later became known as Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Under the guidance of company President James Dondero, Highland Capital Management, L.P. began to expand its product line and global network. Today, this company is considered to be one of the forefronts of the collateralized loan obligation (CLO) market. Through James Dondero’s leadership, the company has structured and monitored over $32 billion worth of assets across over 39 CLOs. The headquarters of Highland Capital Management, L.P. remains in Dallas, Texas, but offices have expanded beyond the United States, to Brazil, Singapore, and Korea. Currently, the portfolio value of Highland Capital Management, L.P. is $4.9 billion dollars. James Dondero continues to influence the financial world as an affiliate advisor of NexPoint Advisors, L.P. and as the Chairman of the Board for Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Health.

James Dondero is a man of many talents. James is skillful in the financial industry and constantly striving to expand both his knowledge and his business, and few have achieved what James has in a meager thirty years. With James Dondero at the helm of Highland Capital Management, L.P., the future looks bright and ever changing.

Get Help After An Illness With Handy

In the aftermath of an illness of any kind, it may take someone a long time to recover their full strength. Someone may literally find it hard or nearly impossible to do basic household chores including making sure their house is clean. They may not be able to hold a mop or clean a bathroom. In that case, it is often a good idea to get help for basic cleaning tasks. Help from an outside source can allow the person recovering from an illness the chance to be able to focus on their recovery while still enjoying a house that is as clean and neat as they prefer.

For those who need such help, the right cleaning company can be the ideal way to relax and focus their attention on getting their full strength back as someone else does the cleaning for them. Finding the right company might take time and effort. However, in today’s world that task is easier than ever. People of all backgrounds can use a new app known as Handy. Handy allows users to be able to connect with many highly skilled cleaning companies that can easily do as they ask. Users can easily work with the app to help them locate the ideal cleaning company for their specific needs.

Handy from appstore allows a user who needs to have someone in their house at least twice a week to find a company that is able to do this for them. The user’s app can simply perform a simple search and look for companies that meet their specific criteria. They can pick the time, the date and the kind of services that they want done and have a list of companies that will instantly show up seconds after they have conducted this search. So someone who needs someone to do things for them such as cleaning the blinds or scrubbing the floors can use the app to be able to do such tasks. Users are able to work with the app to locate the right company for them from a list of potential companies in their area.

This makes it easy for someone who is recovering from an illness to spent their energy thinking about what they need to do to get better rather than spending their time thinking about what kind of cleaning company might be right for them. The app has done the vetting for the client making it easier than ever for the client to just pick out the right cleaning company. Any given client need only follow the simple directions on the app in order for them to be able to get the kind of cleaning they need and want. The process is easy and efficient. No need for someone to make sure that the company they have hired can do the job as they go to physical therapy. The app’s owners and staffers have done the legwork for the person in a way that will allow them to get their cleaning needs met.