How QNET Helped The Chennai Flood Victims

All over the world, it is a culture for all successful companies and individuals to help communities living around them overcome most of the challenges they are faced with. Extending help is normally called Corporate Social Responsibility. In the recent couple of months, India has been faced with the Chennai flood disaster. Its partner countries, the international communities and corporates established there have all united to help it overcome. QNET is one of the companies that have been very instrumental in helping it overcome the flood disaster. It has been vigorously involved in extending any help it can to those affected.

Recently, the company held a glittering awards ceremony for movie actors from the Southern part of the country. At the ceremony, it made a donation of Rs. 75 Lakhs to help the Chennai flood victims. During the phenomenal awards ceremony that cut across age barrier, the company once again reiterated its commitment to help those in need.

Under the QNET-WE CARE Initiative, the company is deeply involved in the welfare of the less privileged and it does all it can to help them improve their living conditions. It also works with different non-governmental bodies, foundations and individuals to see to it that any community needing help gets it.  In India, it has been very particular in helping the homeless after the flood disaster. Recently, it donated blankets, foodstuff and other household goods to those affected by the floods saying that it will be together with them till the end. In the past, it has also been supporting sports for the physically disadvantaged and those living in neglected areas.

The company was started in Hong Kong in 1998 and it is in the business of providing a range of life enhancing products that are popular and loved all over the world. It has presence in not less than 100 countries and more than 25 offices and agencies worldwide. It also has several franchises and stockists, according to this source:

QNET operates on the precepts that for the world to become a better living place, someone has to go beyond the ordinary to offer the much-needed help. According to its website, it is actively involved in sponsoring sports like football and badminton. It is also a major stakeholder in the production of medals for different competitions of the world. The world certainly needs more companies like QNET for real growth to be achieved faster. In India, its effect has already been felt. 

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Securus Making Video Visitation Better and Convenient

Currently, Securus Technologies is leading in the provision of technological solutions in both civil and criminal justice. The company comprises of a team committed and dedicated to improving, bettering and enhancing the public safety. Also, the company is involved in Investigations, correction measures and monitoring of information. The headquarters of Securus are in Dallas. The company serves agencies in law enforcement, correction and public safety. 1, 200,000 inmates across North America also benefit from the organization. Roles of the firm includes emergency responses, biometric analysis, information and inmate communication management, investigations, inmates services, incidents management and finally the monitoring of the services and patented products there are. The company has been making progress in improving and increasing the products it offers to the clients. Reportedly, there are 800 more and new products the company is providing all related to law enforcement and correction. In addition to the development of the new products, the company has increased the work team including John Bell. He is the current Senior Sales Vice President of the company. Apparently, the new Senior Sales president will help in the anticipation of the company’s team. The company has also made more investments and is the process of acquisition and development of more firms. 

Recently, Securus Technologies launched an application for video visitation to its clients. The app is for Apple iPhones, iPod touches and pads and Android tablets and smartphones. Securus Video is an app that depicts a presentation of how the company has improved and grown. The app makes the visitation of inmates easier and even more convenient compared to other methods. Today, with the use of the Securus Video, have a choice and, even more, options on how they make visitations to loved ones. With a computer or a web camera, it is possible to interact with loved ones. The Securus Technologies team helps create an account that you can simply use anytime. It also saves time and reduces travel expenses. Also, it is possible to schedule visits, and this can reduce the issue of the long lines. According to the Company CEO, the investment was necessary for the company as it will help clients have more options as well as helps the company win more contracts. With the Securus Video, families can share events and occasions with inmates. Therefore, the app provides families with limitless opportunities for visitations especially for inmates who are unavailable during special occasions or moments. Register for the software here:

Committed to Communication: White Shark Media

In the past, White Shark Media has received some great reviews, but good comes with the bad. Some consumers have had problems with the communication they received in the past. Calls were not made and marketing strategies were not always explained thoroughly. In these areas, WSM has heard the complaints and is making improvements. Customers can expect a better explanation and more options for direct communication with a representative.

To help with direct communication with the company they have implemented a few features. There are now direct extension numbers on the phone lines, allowing customers to get to the right person, every time. They will also be implementing GoToMeetting, an online conference tool. This tool is used once a month as the customer and a representative go over the monthly statistics and goals. The software is designed to be used collaboratively and both parties can see what is on the screen. Both figuratively and literally keeping everyone on the ‘same page’.

The monthly meetings also help with a more thorough explanation of the process. In an attempt to be more transparent, WSM is now going to provide a better analyse of the AdWord campaign. This way the customer can play a bigger part in the strategy meetings. Conversion tracking, call tracking and Google Analytics are all used in combination to track the results you receive from WSM. For everyday questions, concerns and meetings a contact will be provided.

There are times, however, when a better explanation is needed or more difficult questions arise. In these instances, there will have been Senior SEM Consultants following all of the cases who can help. While not the personal directly contacting the consumer, these consultants are available for additional information. By keeping the same consultant on the same account from the sign-up phase, it allows them to have intimate knowledge of the situation.

White Shark Media has taken all of the negative feedback and has used it to grow as a company. By improving communication, they hope to attract new customers and satisfy old ones. Monthly meetings and phone extensions are just the beginning and WSM will monitor the systems for efficiency. Going into the future, they plan on continuing this process of improvement and look forward to customer reviews.

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The Growing Dog Food Industry

For dog lovers and dog owners, the most important aspect of owning a dog is to feed them. A growing interest in feeding every dog a healthy and wholesome meal has been spreading to become an international initiative on The dog food industry is a growing industry that is currently worth over 23.7 billion dollars and is continuing to grow exponentially. As the industry is growing, new businesses and corporations are beginning to create new niches for dog food that has created new markets for dog owners to choose from.

The healthy dog food initiative is being practiced worldwide. One example is a man named Richard Thompson who is the owner of a small and local gourmet dog food manufacturer. Mr. Thompson has opened up the public’s eyes in his small community to the importance of each dog eating healthy food. This has started a new market for dog food that can be eaten by humans.

Mr. Thompson states that this business is so unique because only the freshest ingredients are used to make the dog food. In addition to this, Mr. Thompson states that every product that is produced by his small factory is a product that does not sit on the shelf very long to ensure that it is healthy and fresh. 

One of the most notable dog food brands in the world has been supporting and creating new products for this healthy dog food initiative. The notable name brand is Beneful which has created a name for itself by using some of the top products that have been sold worldwide.

Beneful on twitter currently specializes in three different sold products which are the dry food, the wet food, and the dog food treats. What makes the Beneful dog food treats special is the fact that they are baked to perfection with different textures. One texture of the dog treat from Beneful is a light and crispy texture that is similar to a cracker and the other texture is a dense and biscotti like texture. All of the treats that are made by Beneful are fresh and filling that will please any dog and their owner. 

Buy The Food That Your Dog Likes, Premium Dog Food From Beneful

Many pet owners agree that their responsibility to their dog is to provide the best food possible. In addition with exercise and affection, the well balanced diet is one of the most important aspects of a dog’s life that can lead to a long life. My dog’s bowl is always full of premium dog foods, like Beneful. I feed him every morning, and I feed him once at night. We use a few different recipes from the Beneful brand because they have so many varieties. Beneful offers 20 kinds of wet food, called Chopped Blends. They also have a bunch of different kinds of dog treats: some for good teeth and some for rewards. The kind for good teeth are called Beneful Dental Twists. The kind of treats that I give to my dog as a reward are called Baked Delights. He loves them both. Premium Dog Food Companies Show Their Secrets It’s no secret that premium dog food companies use premium ingredients in their dog foods. The article by the Daily Herald goes over some of their practices. It provides an in depth interview with some of the leaders of popular premium dog food manufacturers. The manufacturing chief in the interview is bold enough to try some of the dog food himself, and he reports that it tastes like people food to him. This is very reassuring as a pet owner. I want my dog to have a healthy meal, and I want him to enjoy his meal. I enjoy what I eat, but I do the shopping. My dog doesn’t know how to shop, so I pay close attention to what he likes to eat. He cleans his bowl quickly when I put Beneful varieties in it. I try to buy Chopped Blends from Beneful at least once each week because I know he loves it. It has real ingredients in it, too. I buy the kind of Beneful with rice, chicken, tomato and carrots. Please note that the original article was published on the Daily Herald. It can be viewed by going to this site.

Being Famous On Youtube

Youtube is a great resource for just about anything, a person can imagine. There are many people on Youtube doing tutorials on a variety of things, doing product reviews and vlogging for their subscribers. While there are many people on Youtube, there are a good bit of people that many would consider famous. These famous Youtubers are famous because they are giving their subscribers something that they need. These famous Youtubers are consistently posting videos and being extremely exciting. When a person on Youtube becomes famous, they get paid a good bit of money to continue their career and they get to go to meetups and seminars hosted by Youtube. A person can be famous for a variety of things; makeup, product reviews, parenting vlogs, film reviews, the list goes on.

On the beauty side of Youtube, there is a famous youtuber by the name of Wendy Huang. Her Youtube channel, The Wonderful World of Wengie is a huge hit. Wendy Huang is a Australia based Youtuber with a following. On her Youtube channel, Wendy shares makeup tutorials, beauty trends and reviews. She created The Wonderful World of Wengie when she was working as a digital marketer. Wendy Huang was obsessed with beauty at a young age. She was obsessed with learning different beauty techniques and new beauty products.

Wengie caters to her audience by doing makeup tutorials and makeup hauls the most. She does a lot of her reviews and hauls on Korean and Japanese cosmetics. Wendy Huang’s favorite beauty trends at the moment is anything that gives a person clear, glowing skin. She likes natural makeup the most. She enjoys having the skill of putting on makeup that others can’t tell is being worn. In addition to being on Youtube, Wendy Huang can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. These social media sites allow Wendy to connect with her audience and share trends quickly.

Guimaraes Recognized For Humanitarian Acts


A recent article that was posted on showed that Ricardo Guimaraes was given a grand honor by the Chamber of Commerce in Brazil. The ceremony happened on April the 18th of 2015. Ricardo is president of the BMB Bank in Brazil. He is a well known and well established business person, who was given the studious award by the counsel for being the businessman of the year. The ceremony was opened and then they gave Guimaraes a chance to speak about his award and his dedication to the bank and the people.

Daniel Nepomeuceno was the one who presided over the session. He spoke about Guimaraes and told what a noble honor it was for him to be given this award. He talked about how this honor was bestowed to him because he invests in numerous sports teams in Brazil. So many of the athletes that have been helped by his generous donations have made their careers possible. Sports, specifically football, is very popular here.

This is not the first award that Guimaraes has received. Back in 2004, he got the Grand Medal of Legislative Merit. Though this award was more for the business aspects of his career, the award he received in 2015 was one of personal merit. The Clube Atelico Minerior was just one of many teams that he has supported through the years. He was also very helpful in construction of the Training Center that allows the players to receive a great workout with state-of-the-art equipment.

The highlights from all the honorees were given. Not only has Guimaraes been a big help to the football teams, but he has also given donations to gymnastics and volleyball. He spreads his wealth around, something that few bankers do. He helps with the social development of the country. While sports are near and dear to his heart, so are the hospitals and places like the St. Vincent de Paul Foundation.

Guimaraes recognized the honor he was given, and he graciously thanked them all. He currently lives in Belo Horizonte with his family, and he says he will continually trace both his personal and professional roots to this area. His grandfather had many great traditions, which he is honored to keep alive with the bank. BMG is known for their generosity to the community. He’s been with the bank since 1977. As president and CEO, it shows what quality people this entity puts into leadership.

Sometimes My Dogs Food Is Better Than Mine

There, is the cutest video’s on the web that I just love to watch. They are on Beneful’s Youtube website.. They are two adorable dogs. One is large and the other is small. Their names are Phil and Benny. I just love when people give their dogs human names. I have a friend whose dog is named Norman. It just cracks me up and laughter is good for the soul. Anyhow Phil and Benny are hilarious dogs. They have a few videos on the Beneful’s wikipedia website. I had noticed that they have a variety of different flavored high quality dog food st the grocery store, I just had knee replacement surgery so I was in and out but, I decided to check out all the flavors when I got home and could sit down. Besides those two pups being hilarious they have some other neat things online. When I was searching to find the companies website I came across a great article on organic and high quality pet food. I will give everyone an idea of what the article is about but, will link it here in case anyone would like to read it. Healthy Pet Food. Apparently the sales for dog food has soared since they made a plunge into the organic, natural, healthy and fresh market. Now, there are only a handful of top quality food makers but they are doing awesome, so who knows who will follow. The idea is simple, has humans we exercise, try to eat healthy and nutritious food and we should serve our dogs high quality food that we would eat ourselves instead of processed ingredients that we can not pronounce. I don’t know how dogs can eat the same boring dog food day after day. I am so glad to be able to offer my dogs fresh homemade quality food from Beneful. They have so many choices that are gourmet and flavorful. The line of medleys are favorites here. Tuscan and Mediterranean are house favorites here. Fresh is best if you ask me and the dogs too. It is Beneful all the way.

Shaygan Kheradpir Prepared To Tackle New Role As CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir now has one more position to add to his resume following the announcement that he is the new CEO for optical transport vendor Coriant. He will be taking the position that was previously held by Pat DiPietro. DiPietro will pick up his old role as Marlin Equity Partner operating partner and the new role of vice chairman for Coriant. Marlin Equity Partners i the group responsible for creating Coriant by coordinating the optical units of Tellabs, Nokia, and a portion of Sycamore Networks.

While Kharadpir may have been out of the spotlight for a year or two, he will be well prepared for his role at Coriant because he actually has been working alongside the senior management team since the beginning of 2015. He was able to gain experience and insight by working for Marlin Equity Partner as an Operating Executive.

In the original article published on Light Reading, Coriant remarked that Kheradpir is a highly known technology leader with almost thirty years of experience in the financial services, telecom, and technology industries.

Of course, Kheradpir has a large resume of his own that includes top executive positions at GTE, Barclay, Verizon, and Juniper Networks. His educational background is also quite advanced and ends with a doctoral degree earned from Cornell University in electrical engineering.

Kheradpir was born in London but he grew up in Iran and then later came to the US to pursue education. He started his professional life at GTE Laboratories in the late eighties and worked with management, routing, and information. Soon he moved up the corporate chain gradually getting promotions as the company’s merger left him in the position of president of e-business for Verizon.

DiPietro also welcomed Kheradpir onboard stating that it is an honor to have someone with so much experience and of such a high caliber in an executive position at the company. He added that Kheradpir’s guidance and strong insight have already helped them since he joined the team as an operational executive and they are confident he will help Coriant to grow in his new role.

Community Improvement With Kevin Seawright

As one of the world’s leaders in financial management, Kevin Seawright has been able to help a variety of communities on the east coast of the United States, and has been the subject of many magazine interviews because of his positive work. He has worked with these communities to make the necessary improvements to make the communities more valuable. He is able to do so because he is a financial expert who has time and money vested into the improvement of the community. He has been able to make connections throughout his career while he has helped communities and the people he has helped are grateful for what he has given them. The opportunities that have been provided to the communities by him are great ones that allow the people to improve their quality of life.

Kevin Seawright started his work in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which he says on Twitter was his home base for some time. There, he worked with destitute communities that truly needed the guidance of a financial expert. Not only were the communities failing, but the people in the communities were having a hard time making the money that is necessary to live a normal life. During his time working here, he was able to connect with and help many people. He managed to straighten out finances for the area. He then worked with the leaders in the communities to show them how to help the people within the area improve what they were doing with their lives. This was something that he saw very close to his heart.

After he had completed his work in Philadelphia and deemed it to be a success, LinkedIn can report that he began working with a government agency in Baltimore, MD. This agency, much like the one in Philadelphia, aimed to help communities that needed financial assistance. While Kevin was able to make a difference within these communities, he did not enjoy it as much as he had enjoyed working with the private sector agency in Philadelphia. Despite the large amount of money he made in Baltimore, he wanted to work with a private sector again.

The chance to work with a private sector came again when Newark CEDC needed someone to function as the CFO for their company. Kevin Seawright had the necessary qualifications as well as the drive to make the company one that was successful. He has been able to improve the quality of life for the community and was able to make the company a better one. The people who he has helped have been touched by the help of the man who had financial experience starting at age 12. This is something that he aims to do with his own child and plans to create more of a legacy. He hopes that his 12 year old daughter will eventually continue the financial legacy of excellence.  Considering how much press Seawright has received for his good work, she’s got some legacy to live up to.