Lime Crime Cosmetics and the New Rainbow of Colors

In the world of cosmetics, young girls and women are fed a diet of advertisements that paint a “you could look like this” picture. Palates of colors are sold in combination that aren’t necessarily the best match for each individual. Along with the negative reputation of cosmetic companies, most companies have a history of testing products on animals which has become a big concern to most people in recent years. New movements in the beauty industry are animal friendly product development and better individual product combinations. Many companies have emerged with these movements at their core. However, there is one that is gaining a strong reputation for supporting women in their quest to be beautiful individuals.

One of the newest cosmetic lines to hit the market is Lime Crime Cosmetics. Founder, controversial entrepreneur, started the brand to infuse modern beauty with extreme colors which plays to the new trend of stand out, stage make up. In a recent interview, Doe, also known as Xenia, answered questions concerning her new line. There have been some comments circulating through the internet supposedly made by Deere herself. These comments offended many potential customers and discouraged many from utilizing the new line. However, Deere denied authoring the comments and cited many errors which is strong evidence that someone else wrote them in her name as attempt to smear the new line. This means that someone out there feels a little threatened by Deere’s success.

There are many new things on the horizon for Lime Crime. A new expansion of the lipstick line and the already popular eye shadow combinations are expected to make Lime Crime Cosmetics even more well known. A brand made famous on the internet, the brand website has an account and shopping cart so customers can choose products and have them at their door within days. This also plays to the convenience of the company as well as the quality of the product.

As Doe Deere, a Russian immigrant, expands her brand she is becoming known not only for her amazing color palates and unique packing, but also for her ability to battle online despots. As Lime Crime grows, this will prove a very valuable skill. Cosmetics is an ever expanding field and their are companies emerging and disappearing daily. With the exciting new palates and message of cosmetic independence, Lime Crime has the potential to stay around for a long time.

Doe Deere Combines Business and Makeup

Makeup is seen as an industry that is full of self absorbed materialistic people. However, that is not always the case. Behind the scenes of the makeup industry, require knowledge of business and the knowledge of what’s trending. Alongside that makeup is composed of the right ingredients. Matching the labels with what is included, and being aware of how makeup products are tested.

Now enter Doe Deere, she has put all these factors into place when devising her line of cosmetics. She has taken everything that a consumer looks for in makeup and transformed it into an innovating product. She stands behind everything that goes into her products and wouldn’t stand for anything less. For those that are not familiar with Doe Deere, she is an entrepreneur that created Lime Crime, a cosmetic company that is built on the belief of being cruelty free. In addition, Doe Deere believes everyone is capable of expressing themselves through the makeup that they apply.

This means bold colors that create a statement. Doe believes in the world of magical beings and holds the unicorn above everything else. When it comes to trends, this is something that Doe should specialize in. She has had her own fashion line and band. Now she has utilized her business mind in creating Lime Crime. She has admitted that the makeup industry is more than knowing about the latest styles or the perfect matches. It’s about knowing chemicals and formulas and what is involved in the process of making the cosmetics. If a company advertises that their products are not tested on animals or that they don’t harm animals, then it is important that what is included in the cosmetics are known.

Doe Deere believes in equality for all living creatures, which is why she is against animal cruelty when creating cosmetics. She also is supportive of her cosmetic line being worn by all no matter their age, race, gender or sexual orientation. She finds colorful and magical most appealing, as well as how a person feels at that particular time. With Lime Crime cosmetics, there is a freedom for users to be themselves.

Makeup is an expression of who a person is on the inside. Some people view makeup as a way to cover up what they are trying to hide, however it is the opposite. It is enhancing what they want to be seen and noticed. Knowing what goes behind the scenes in the cosmetic industry enables consumers to speak freely of their products. This industry is one of the fastest growing industries and with advancements in this field, it will continue to grow.

Finding a business plan that works and a cosmetic formula that is natural and safe, is how the makeup world is booming. Proving that the claims of the company are factual, allows credibility and trust. This is what people look for when searching for the perfect makeup company, aside from how the makeup complements their features, they want to know it is being done without harming others.

Important Lessons from Makeup

I remember when I first started wearing make up. I was eleven, and had just bought my first makeup set at my next door neighbor’s garage sale. For two dollar I bought a complete unused makeup set. I was ecstatic! It did not matter to me that the makeup I bought was cheap. I sneaked into my bedroom, makeup set stuffed under my shirt. I would have been in so much trouble if I got caught. I spend hours locked in my bedroom that day experimenting with the makeup. I started out with a classically bold bright red lipstick. I loved it. It contrasted with my pale skin and dark black hair. I felt like a movie star. I would strut around my room dreaming of Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn. After my imagination of classic movie stars wore off, I went back to experimenting on I added some thick eyeliner, attempting to make cat eyes. Next I swept my eyes with silver eye shadow. In my head I looked edgy. I did not look like the same plain old me. I put my favorite Spice Girls CD in my Disk Man and danced around to Spice World. I did the dance moves with more confidence then ever before. Eventually, it was time to come back to Earth. It was dinner time, and my mom was calling me. I quickly washed my face to hide the evidence of my time with my secret make up kit.

Later that night, I sat staring in the mirror again. I dreamed of everything I could be. I thought about what other looks I could create, but none of them appealed to me. I just wanted to be me. I lightly applied some neutral make up like I’ve watched my mother do. There were so many times I stared at her while she did her makeup. She was so beautiful. When I was done I sat back and stared, a big smile on my face. That night I learned something about makeup I probably wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t have a secret makeup set. I am beautiful, no matter what I look like. It wasn’t the red lipstick that made me sophisticated like my favorite classic actresses. It wasn’t the cat eyes and silver eye shadow that made me bold and different like the Spice Girls. My neutral makeup didn’t make me beautiful like me mom. I was already all those thing, my makeup just gave me the courage I needed to believe it.

Today I look at makeup the same way. I am whoever I want to be, my makeup just helps me express myself. It helps me find the courage I need. I’ve recently come across a cosmetics creator that feels the same. Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup line full of bright and unique colors. Doe Deere began her career by creating makeup tutorials on YouTube. She believes that a person’s beauty can only be defined by that person. Her makeup tutorials quickly spread, and Doe Deere launch Lime Crime Makeup. Her line is best know for encouraging women.

Luxury Men’s Shoes at Affordable Prices

It is really hard to see leather shoes that you just HAVE to have, yet you can’t afford them without spending the bank? That is a problem a lot of men are asking. You want to be dressed professionally and look just as good as the other guys at the office. You have to be competitive and look the part but look at those prices! When you are walking through Neiman Marcus and you spot the Loafers made from Destin Leather shoes or the strapped Loafers from Salvatore Ferragamo for almost eight hundred dollars, you just keep on walking. Try going to Nordstrom’s and looking at their business shoes like the new Toe Derby Medallions with a price tag of a thousand dollars before you even add in tax. You might even go home, get online thinking you can get designer shoes for better prices than that so you go online to and you are looking at their Leather Oxfords and the loafers that are made from brushed leather for a little over six hundred and sixty dollars with tax or the A. Testoni’s Lace Up Oxfords and Kenneth Cole New York’s Black Leather Oxfords with similar prices and it’s easy to get discouraged. You have bills to pay, a car payment to make and that’s not even counting the car insurance, gas, and all the other bills you have like rent or the mortgage. What’s a guy to do? Plenty of other men have the same problem and are asking the same question. Well guess what, there is hope, there is an answer.

Paul Evans understands the dilemma of wanting a good, quality shoe for an affordable price. Paul Evans is a luxury shoe line like no other. These are not only designer shoes of the highest level; they are designed by hand specifically with a particular client in mind. Someone who understands quality, style, beauty, hand craftsmanship, and a good buy for the product they are receiving. Two guys in New York started looking around and saw that a good quality shoe was not really available in the retail market. They wanted to learn how they could get a good quality shoe made and be able to get that quality shoe to their customers. They wanted shoes that were the epitome of style, yet comfortable to wear, they wanted them to be made from the best materials available and be able to deliver the best quality. They also wanted to make them for a decent price and soon learned that by not having an official store with all the expenses and overhead would accomplish their goal. That is why they now sell their shoes online so that they can save every expense possible and still give their customer the quality shoes they want. Check out their website sometime and see what value you can get for an affordable price.


When it comes to your appearance, you want to always look your best. After all, when you enhance your appearance, you also come across feeling better than ever before. One of the best ways to improve your looks is by using cosmetics. Cosmetics, which are often referred to as makeup, are care substances with the sole purpose of enhancing the appearance or odor of the human body. Typically, these cosmetics are made by mixing together chemical compounds. A lot of these compounds actually come from natural sources, like coconut oil. However, there are of course many compounds that are synthetics.

There are all kinds of cosmetics out on the market today. There are specific makeups created for areas of the body like the lips, eyes, cheeks and even eyebrows. Some of the most popular and commonly used makeups include mascara, blush, lipstick, and eyeliner. Remember, though, every person is different, so the makeup one person uses may not be recommended for someone else. Makeups come in all types of shades and colors that are created for one specific coloring. This is why a person must do their research before purchasing any cosmetics so that they get the product they’re ultimately looking for.

While makeups can be applied using your hands, most people often opt for products instead. For instance, cosmetics like foundation can be placed onto the skin using a sponge. This way the foundation is spread on the face evenly. Then, there are eye shadow brushes, which have the same effect. When an individual uses these tools, their makeup tends to look better than those who do not use them.

One of the most sought out brands of cosmetics is Lime Crime. For those who don’t know, Lime Crime is a company that is best known for its wild and unique colors of lipsticks. When a person wears one of their products, they are left with a real boost of self-confidence. With these lipsticks, boys and girls can express themselves to the fullest. The lipsticks are colorful, magical and most importantly, cruelty free.

Not only can these lipsticks be worn every single day, but they also make the perfect makeup for Halloween and other special events. For instance, if a person went as a unicorn for Halloween, these lipstick colors would really make their costume pop. There are a lot of different uses that can come out of these Lime Crime products.

When a person wants to take their appearance to the next level, cosmetics are the answer. Cosmetics take your features and really make them stand out. You will be a total knockout, whether you decide to wear Lime Crime products or items from other major makeup brands.

Does beauty lie in makeup?

Makeup is a term well understood by women mostly because it is an integral part of their daily lives. It is a care substance that enhances the appearance and odor of the part applied on, on the human body. These cosmetics are mixtures of chemical compounds from natural sources and also synthetics. They are used to enhance facial and body features in general. Initially makeup belonged in theaters but as time went by ordinary women started using them. Today even men engage in this beauty practice although they have products specifically designed for them. The days when makeup did more damage than good are long gone since more technology is being used to create the best products. Types of makeup include lotions, skin care creams, nail polish, lipsticks, powders, eye makeup, facial makeup and more.

A makeup line like Lime Crime brings fresh imagination in the world of cosmetics. The mastermind behind this line is Doe Deere, a unicorn makeup queen of the world. She has created a fantasy world with her specialization in whimsical, colorful and cruelty- free cosmetics. Since the start of Lime Crime in 2008, it has achieved remarkable success. The line comprises of products like eye shadow pallets, pastel nail polish, glittery lip gloss, criminally coveted lipsticks, loose pigments, and liquid liners. These products have made Doe Deere’s enthusiasts to be loyal due to the satisfaction derived from them.

Doe Deere was born in 1989 in Russia, but she grew up in New York and now lives in Los Angeles. She started her company from concept achieving success on her own terms. She mainly built her brand through the internet tapping the young girls in the market who want to look fabulous and unique. She admits that the beauty industry is competitive but if a niche is identified by offering what is not yet available, success is bound to come.

Some of the benefits of makeup include;
• It makes someone more attractive.
• Enhances natural beauty if used correctly.
• It sometimes removes signs of aging by covering up any visible wrinkles.
• Provides protection against the harsh and harmful sun rays especially for those who are exposed for longer hours.
• Can reduce skin irritation.
• Reduces breakouts.

Whether you use artificial or natural makeup, the result should be what matters. Always use products that will less likely cause allergic reactions. It is advisable to discontinue using any makeup that reacts badly with your skin to avoid severe outcomes. This means you have to understand your skin type before settling on any brand.

What Does it Take for a Cosmetic Company to be Successful?

Every company wants to be successful in all that they do, and cosmetic companies are no exception to that. Lime Crime company wants to achieve great success in all that they set out to do. Every company wants to make it. What does it take for a cosmetic company to receive success? What does such a company need to possess in order to become successful? What is needed by the kind of company that is looking to make a name for itself? There is much that a company needs to consider when they are looking to become successful, and there is much that a cosmetic company can do when they are looking to make it.

The cosmetic company that is looking to be successful needs to be on trend. They need to offer the kind of cosmetics that are popular. If a cosmetic company is hoping to do good, then they need to put out the kind of products that are trending. The cosmetic company that is looking to do well needs to pay attention to all that is going on in the beauty world, and they need to put out the kind of products that will help individuals to achieve the kind of look that is trending.

The cosmetic company that is looking to make it in the world needs to have good advertising to support all that they do. Those companies that are looking to stand out and be different need to have a way of attracting attention and drawing customers in. The cosmetic company that is looking to grow needs to have good advertising.

Those companies that are looking to make it need to put out good products. This is true in the world of cosmetics, but it is also true in the rest of the world. Those companies that are looking to be successful need to be good at what they do. If a company can offer good products, then they will have customers coming back to them again and again. If a company fails to offer the kind of products that their customers want, if their products fail, then they are going to fail, as well. A company needs to offer good products if they are hoping to succeed.

Lime Crime is one of the many cosmetic brands out there, and they offer the things that a customer is looking for in such a company. They offer the kind of products that individuals want. Lime Crime offers cosmetic items that are unique and different. They offer products that help to set them apart from some of the other companies that are out there. They offer great products that help to bring them success in all that they do.

Best Cosmetics

My Mother and I were looking at some old photographs that dated to the 1980’s. Mom was a Cosmetologist of some renown in our area. Judging by those photographs, it was easy to see that she took full advantage of that colorful fashion era. She began telling me about the vivid colors, both for hair and makeup, that were extremely fun to work with in that time and place. As the conversation went on, we both began to realize that we are currently in a very similar time — cosmetically, that is.

During the 80’s, there was little or no concern with how the production of cosmetics may impact the environment, our health, or even the laboratory animals used to assure their safety on humans. The more outrageous the finished makeup application the better, without the constraints of social consciousness. The cosmetics I am using, although equally outrageous when creatively applied, are cruelty free. The person who took the idea of Lime Crime cosmetics to market made certain that no animals were harmed.

The reason I use Lime Crime, and the reason my Mom approves of my makeup, is that the shades are very colorful. I can apply my makeup to create hippie chic, vibrant club scene, or classic sophisticated looks. Truthfully, I bought Mom her own Lime Crime products so she’d stay out of mine! I think she likes the freedom they offer in cosmetic application, just like she enjoyed “back in the day.”

We both really enjoy makeup, almost the way we enjoy clothing fashions. When Mom or I see a new style of application, or an outrageous makeup look in the fashion ads of the haute couture magazines, we can’t wait to try them ourselves. My Mom told me about some of her makeup applications when she was younger that almost resembled a mural growing off the outside of the eye, encompassing the temple and up onto the forehead a bit. When it’s time for me to hit the clubs with my girls, we love to use those attention-grabbing makeup styles. Mom likes that approach of getting attention, rather than skimpy clothing. I’ve always thought my Mom had a very youthful vibe, but with out shared attitude toward makeup, we are partners in Lime Crime!

Paul Evans Delivers the Ultimate Shoe Experience

Quality Men’s Shoes With Style
Paul Evans Know just what every man needs in order to look sharp and feel great. You wont get an ordinarily shoe from this company. You can expect a classy and comfortable shoe that is made from the finest materials. There is a large selection of italian shoes on paulevansny to pick from. They will be conveniently delivered right to you. Don’t expect a brick and mortar method for your shoe purchase.

Paul Evans History
This is a company that got its start in New York City. Two businessmen had desired more than just a common retail experience for shoes. They knew what every man would need from a fine shoe. They had goals in mind so they flew to Italy. These two businessmen were in search of obtaining men shoes that offered the following qualities:
*quality materials
*convenient delivery method

These two were able to accomplish their mission and thus Paul Evens came to life. These businessmen knew what every man would need from an exceptional shoe. The traveled to Italy to find what they were looking for in a shoe for every man.

Made from Skilled Artisans
When these two businessmen arrived in Italy, the international collaboration started. The perfect shoe factory was found in Naples, Italy. Italy offered families who had been in the shoe making business for many generations. The best calfskin leather was found and used to make superior shoes for men. Experience in the finest shoe was available and ready to provide men with classy and comfortable shoes.

Direct Delivery to Every Customer
After the exceptions shoes came to life, these two businessmen had to find a way to top off the shoe experience with a perfect delivery method. They opted to have a direct and convenient delivery right to every customer. The power of the internet left this company with one need. The delivery guy.

Stepping into the Paul Evans Investment
These shoes are every mans investment to themselves. The investment of these fine shoes will be your investment to the ultimate experience of comfort and style. Invest is a superior pair of shoes that will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Spirituality and Personal Growth in Business Through the Guidance of Joseph Bismark


Spirituality is a big component of success. Actually, that’s an understatement. It is nearly impossible to attain success in business, health, family or any other area of life without the balanced aspects of mind, body and spirit. So many people work their days, toiling away at the mind and body parts. They go to school to get a good education. They read books, learn languages and spend time in museums. They talk to others to enhance their understanding of culture and society. They get their minds working right. Then, they go to the gym. They spend hours on the treadmill or lifting dumb bells. They’ll turn into dumb bells if they don’t take time to work on their spiritual growth. They have the mind part filled out, and the physical side is heavily focused on in our society. They need to take time to work on their spiritual self. This is the best way to attain a balanced lifestyle.

The spiritual side of things doesn’t have to be so hard to grasp. In fact, we have it from the get go. From birth we are spiritual beings. We are raised by other spiritual beings. Whether we neglect the spiritual side for 2 days or 20 years, it doesn’t matter. It is easy to return to that path. The way of the light within is not hard to find. It is in oneself. To truly feel complete in this world we must strive to find the light within ourselves. The spiritual attainment we seek is possible through understanding oneself. Oddly enough, if you’re having trouble understanding yourself, turning to another person for help is a great way to accomplish this task. It is especially worth trying if that person you turn to is a professional spiritual leader for business peoples.

Spirituality in the business world is easy to attain when you have a great leader to help guide you along. If you listen to him and follow his directions, Joseph Bismark can help you take a guided step towards spiritual enlightenment in the business world. Joseph has helped many others like yourself. He has been working to spread this light and wisdom since 2005. The steadfast journey of an individual like Joseph is a priceless addition to any corporate or private business setting. The freedom of possibilities created by Joseph and his company enlighten the lives of every person they touch.