Lime Crime Is All About Having A Bold Look

Cosmetics play an important role in most women’s every day routine. When a woman wants to get dressed up to attend a party or to go out on a job interview she will apply her cosmetics carefully. And when she wants to make a bold statement to impress those around her, or when she just wants to feel a little bit more like herself, then she will use cosmetics to help her to do that. Many women realize the power of wearing the right cosmetics, and many women take advantage of all of the different items that are offered to them.
Cosmetics can be fun, as they can give a woman many different looks. If she is feeling in the mood to wear something dark and mysterious, then that is the look that she can put on. If she feels more like wearing something bright and flirty, then she can go ahead and do that. There are so many different kinds of looks that one can create with cosmetics, and the main thing that every woman should be keeping in mind when putting their cosmetics on is that they should be striving to be unique.
Lime Crime is a brand on tumblr that helps women to create unique looks with its cosmetics, as what is sold from this brand is completely unique. There are colorful, glittery and dark products sold from Lime Crime. Every one of their cosmetics has been made specially for those who are brave enough to put it on, and the founder is happy with what she has done with the brand. She is even hoping to expand to more items beyond cosmetics one day soon, if the brand continues to gain popularity.
So, while many women use cosmetics as part of their daily routine, and while many woman already appreciate them and all of the different things that can be done with them, there is still so much for women to discover. Women need to get out there and try something new and different with their cosmetics once in awhile. They need to be willing to be bold in their look because they will love the results when they do that.

All About Brian Mulligan

There are few people who know how to run a business effectively and be able to advise young people looking to go into business for themselves. Anyone that is going into business and is unsure about what can make a better business for them should really look at the life of Brian Mulligan.

Starting Your Business

Brian Mulligan is a great example of how to start a business that is going to get a young business person going with what they want for a living. Brian Mulligan started as an entertainment manager in the eighties and grew from there. He knows how to make things work in his favor and is a great person to learn from. He also may be able to help you to understand what you need in order to make the business effective and profitable.

How Long Does it Take

Starting a business is hard to do. Brian Mulligan has been running large companies for over twenty years. He sees a problem and learns to react to it in the best way. Business people can learn how to take it and make it better than ever before. Learning to create a business that works is hard and can take many years. They may take twenty years to learn how the business works or it could be an easy transition.

What to Take From Brian Mulligan
There are several things you can take from the life of Brian Mulligan. The most important is that there is a great businessman that has created his own success. This may mean the business is going to be hard, but well worth the time to do what they want with the life they are creating.

Brian Mulligan is a great example of working hard and getting what someone wants. They can understand by seeing the people around them get the best thing they want with their business. The Example made by Brian Mulligan is something everyone should remember and study when they are getting ready to do something that is so important to them. This way they will be inspired and be able to understand what it takes to succeed in the world they are about to undertake.

The Many Achivements of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-known technology executive. As a CIO and CEO of Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks, he made many contributions in the technology industry such as FiOS at Verizon, Transform program at Barclays and Integrated Operating Plan at Juniper Networks. He holds a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree from Cornell University as well.

Born in London and growing up in Iran, Shaygan Kheradpir on crunchbase had a humble beginning. His father was an ENT specialist while his mother took care of her children’s health, education and well-being. After graduating high school, he moved to the United States where he enrolled himself into electrical engineering program at Cornell University. Shaygan Kheradpir started his career at GTE Corporation. His first job was at the laboratories owned by this company where he worked on management, network routing and control. When he became the Chief Information officer at GTE, he earned respect for delivering new products on time.

The company later merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon where Shaygan Kheradpir served as the Chief Information Officer. For more than a decade, he got involved in many teams including one that supported new products and IT systems. In 2001, Kheradpir assigned the task of developing new products for all the teams he had created. He implemented a limited time protocol cycle that created and tested many new technologies on the go. His teams worked night shifts and contributed to the rapid pace of product development. During his tenure, Shaygan Kheradpir reduced IT budget by four percent and staff by 20 percent. He also reduced his company’s spending by 30 percent through negotiations with vendors and maximum use of resources. He lobbied the company to eliminate its ritual of purchasing used and refurbished IT equipment auctioned via eBay and sold by failed dot-com businesses, thus saving a lot of money and frustration. Shaygan Kheradpir also outsourced many contracting jobs to other countries that were cost-effective. Additionally, he encouraged his teams to install new software that improved the company’s utilization of II hardware.

Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays in the year 2011 and worked there till 2013. As a Chief Operating Officer, he contributed to the development of many products like Pingit mobile payments software. He reported to Antony Jenkins as a Chief Operations and Technology Officer of the company. His contributions made an enormous difference in the quality of work at the companies he worked for. He created his own set of principles to come up with the right technology at the right time. His principles helped the company refine and set down its productivity goals. His approach worked fine even in a large and complex organization like Barclays. Through his various teams Shaygan Kheradpir was able to cut to the chase to provide what customers were looking for as well. In January 2014, he was appointed the CEO of Juniper Networks. There he launched Integrated Operating Plan or IOP that was aimed at reducing expenses, increasing dividends for investors as well as buying back stocks.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services has you Covered

Usually, people are more than willing to open their wallets to pay for services. Our lifestyles have become increasing busy, and we don’t always have the time to spend cleaning or making repairs around the house. Two young men, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua figured out there was a huge need for home cleaning services and handyman repairs. So, why not start an operation that was essentially a Handy, home cleaning service where people could call or order services online. The two young men began brainstorming, raising capital and in no time they were ready for business. Their operation has since been rebranded as Handy, but many know them as Handybook.


Originally, Handybook got its start in 2012. The service on was started to fill a void in common household repairs and services that thousands of people need help with daily.

At the time, Oisin Hanrahan was 19 and attending college in Ireland where he began working as a real estate developer. His initial projects involved purchasing and renovating a number of apartments in Budapest. However, he couldn’t find trustworthy and competent handymen for the job.

In just a couple of years’ time, Oisin would meet up with Umang Dua, a classmate at Harvard Business School. After comparing notes, they both realized they had some of the same problems finding handymen that offered quality work.

As the two young men were sitting around contemplating start-up ideas for a new business, Hanrahan looked about their messy apartment when he was struck by the mess and realized there was a new opportunity for starting a cleaning service with home repair services.

How the Service Works

The company connects individuals needing repair or home cleaning services with pre-screened independent contractors, who provide top-quality work. The needs of thousands of customers are matched to trusted professionals in major cities worldwide.

Customers can expect to take a minute to fill out the booking process using a secure payment system with a dependable 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Types of Services

Booking Handy cleaning services is easy enough by specifying the date for cleaning services, the number of bedrooms and zip code to get the process rolling.

Customers can choose to have homes, offices or even vacation rentals cleaned. Handyman services include electrical, plumbing and general handyman projects.

Professionals are ready to tackle air conditioners, interior painting, toilets, faucets, ceiling fans, moving and general handy helper solutions.

It’s a Success!

Today, the company based out of New York has 200 plus employees and thousands of independent contractors, which complete an average of 10,000 or more jobs monthly.

Currently, they supply services in 28 US cities, and they offer service in London, in addition to two cities in Canada. The Handy, Home Cleaning Services company pulls in well-over a million dollars per week in bookings. There is no doubt their efforts have paid off, and they are a success!

If the toilet won’t flush, drapes need hanging or the oven is just too dirty, there are new options.

Solving All Your Dating Problems with Online Dating Apps

Singles that want to change things up and get a date through an alternative method may need to consider what online dating apps can provide. This is one of the best ways to meet new people in a short time frame. It doesn’t require a whole lot of time, and in most cases it is free.

There are some premium apps out there for those that are looking for dates that could lead to relationships and more. There are also free apps for those that may want to date but have a strong desire to do much more. A lot of people consider online dating apps because this just makes it easier to meet people. There is no need to wait for a Friday or Saturday night to go out. When people utilize the dating apps they can actually meet new people on a Monday or Tuesday. There are no restrictions in concerns to time or days. As long as someone is logged in there is a chance to meet someone new.

Online dating apps like skout on zendesk have become very important in the last couple of years. This is how so many people spend their evenings and late nights. It is good to be able to get to know someone from the comfort of home. People that have had a hard time finding a date will be able to sort through different profiles and surely find someone that is interested in them. This is the world of online dating. There is someone for everyone because these apps open the floor to a wide range of people all over the world. Sometimes there are language barriers, but people that are looking for love may often find ways to learn a new language. They may do the things that they need to do in order to establish a connection with those people that they meet through various apps.

Dating apps like Skout can introduce people to new languages and cultures. These apps can help those that have never been able to start relationships with people that they meet through traditional methods. Some people can strike up conversations with people in grocery stores or department stores. Others will find out that the online dating process is the best way to expedite the dating process. There are going to be some apps that make the data process a lot more fun because there are people with so many different personalities on the Internet.

More people are finding out that the dating game is much better when they do it online. This totally changes the time that it may take to find someone. Anyone that has been able to utilize a dating app will quickly realize that there is a lot of comfort in meeting people and establishing some type of connection before getting into anything too serious. People that date online, for this reason, will typically have more success in their relationships. They put more effort into getting to know one another. This equates to better long-term relationships.

CEO Gives Sizable Donation to Harvard

Kenneth Griffin made a sizable donation to the Harvard College, so, as a way to show good gesture, the School renamed its Financial Aid Office to honor Illinois richest man. Ken Griffin gave $150 million to the University. The goal of this money was to support the financial needs of undergraduates. Many came out to show their support including alumni, leaders of the University and current students. The office that bears his name is located at 86 Brattle Street. His name will forever be honored and will be made known to students for generations to come.

Griffin believes in allowing those who are underprivileged to have the help they need to go to college. Harvard has been known to make education affordable to a student, regardless of what their financial means. This extraordinary gift will help numerous students get the top-notch education they deserve. This ivy-league school has an impressive reputation, and because of Griffin’s generosity, numerous students will be able to attend when they normally wouldn’t be able to afford it.

That’s just the kind of man Griffin is. He’s a father, and he feels strong about education. Though he’s not the richest man in the world, he has taken his wealth and used it to help others. He will help the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative, which was established back in 2004. This program helps to boost their current financial aid offerings. By eliminating parental contributions for those who make less than $65,000, they can help more than sixty percent of their students obtain and graduate debt-free.

Griffin believes in Harvard, and he knows how much they have changed his life. He wants to give the same gift to someone else and make their education possible. He wants others to have the same wonderful experience that he had while attending this university. Griffin went on to do bigger and better things with his degree. He is the founder and CEO of the Citadel Corporation. This global company manages more than $24 billion in capital investments. He began this company just one year after graduating from this university.

More than 200 children will receive financial assistance from the money he donated. However, the Griffin Leadership Challenge for Financial Aid also gave another 600 students undergraduate scholarships that would allow 25 percent of their costs to be waived. He wants to encourage others to stabilize their long-term requirements like Harvard has and have a financial support program to ensure that their students can come with or without a substantial financial backing.

Harvard’s Director of Financial Aid is Sally Donahue. She spoke candidly about this program and what it is doing for these students. So many times schools look at academics than affordability. Candidates can now be considered on merit and don’t have to worry about their ability to pay. By taking out the payment equation, they can offer education to students from around the globe. Having their financial needs met is possible from generous donations, like the one made from Kenneth Griffin.

The Growth of Eucatex

Eucatex is a Brazilian company with its corporate headquarters in Sao Paulo. It has specialized in the manufacture of various products that come from wood such as floors, door, paints, hardboards, panels as well as wall partitioning. Their other ventures include nurturing eucalyptus seedlings that are always planted after they have cut down trees.

Flavio Maluf is the company’s head as well as the Chief Executive Officer since early 2005. He is also a member and chairman of the executive officers of the company. He is a holder of a mechanical engineering degree from the Fundacao Armando Alvare Penteado (FAAP). After graduating he joined Citi Bank which is in New York for some time before he again moved to Sistema from where he then moved to Eucatex.

Eucatex company’s history dates back in the year 1951 when it started its operation. Its panel factory was started in the year 1954 and it was focusing mainly on the selling of products made from eucalyptus fibers. Eucatex was the first company to come up with this kind of business in Brazil and this made it to get very good market for their products. They began with the manufacture of soft boards which were later followed by ceilings, panels and tiles. Because of their increased production, they decided to expand their products outside Brazil and their first target was Argentina.

The company’s production kept on growing and in 1965, they started to look for new market including in places like Europe. After exporting their products there the market became so good that they opened offices in various countries in Europe and America. Their second company was opened in Santo with the aim of producing many more products such as panels, vanishes and paints.

Apontador said that by the year 2010 the company had decided to start the production of high technology panels that are very good in the manufacture of furniture and doors. The company’s 60th anniversary was held in the year 2011 and it was acknowledged as the leading company in the manufacture of things like hardboards, doors and thing like paints.

In their commercial ventures the company has made sure that they do not affect the environment and also the society when they cut down the trees. They have come up with good ways in which they are conserving the environment. They have been recycling much of the waste that they produce and planting trees in large scale. these same trees are the ones that they will cut in later days after they mature.

Status Labs Is A Reputable Online Reputation Management Company

Are you worried about what people read about you or your business? Do you want to hire a reliable Online Reputation Management company to help improve your reputation online? The information that is generated online can compromise your reputation. Online reputation firms help restore and maintain a great reputation or impression about people and companies? If you don’t like the information that shows up about you or your company, you can do something about it.

There are many companies out there offering reputation management services but not all of them are created equal. You need to choose an Online Reputation Management firm that comes highly recommended in the industry. It’s important to hire the services of a reliable online reputation management firm like Status Labs. Protect your brand and build a positive image with Status Labs’ Online Reputation Management services.

Status Labs is in the business of helping individuals and businesses counter negative online reputation. This company will ensure that, when people search for you or your company online, only positive information are displayed. Status Labs provides services that can make a positive impact on your success. Their strategies ensure that negative or derogatory information are suppressed while impressive details about you or your company appears in search engines results pages.

Effective reputation management is essential for continued success of your business, and maintaining your reputation online. When it comes to selecting the most trusted Online Reputation Management service, look no further than Status Labs. This company has been providing quality services and is considered the leading online reputation management service in the industry.

Status Labs is also a leader in digital marketing and public relations, and the company has offices in New York, São Paulo and their new larger office is now in Austin. With their effective digital marketing technique and public relations strategy, they can help their clients build a great reputation online. Find more about them on their Facebook page.

Status Labs has over 1500 clients in more than 35+ countries, the new facility is located between South Congress Avenue and South 1st Street, with a dedicated digital team responsible for building their web and social media platforms.

Cosmetic Surgeon Shows No Signs of Stopping

Dr. Jennifer Walden, well known surgeon in her practice continues to use her expertise in helping others. She now owns her own business called Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Texas. Her focus is on women’s health issues such as autonomy in decision making, breast health, self- empowerment and all areas of plastic surgery. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Walden received her Bachelors of Arts in Biology at the University of Texas. Walden also received her Medical Doctorate as well. After completing her residency, she moved to the big apple, New York, to study aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

During her time at the hospital, Walden learned the ropes of aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery dealing with body, breast and face. While there she served as Program Director. Afterwards she moved back to her hometown where she currently practices. Walden has been seen on major news outlets such as Fox News Channel where she appeared as a guest. She has also appeared on other television shows such as E! TV’s Dr. 90210, ABC’s 20/20, CBS’s The Early Show and VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession. Walden has been recognized in the Texas Monthly as a Texas Super Doctor – December 2014 issues and has also been on Bazaar’s April 2014 Hot Lists on 24 Doctors Cutting The Edge. Walden has been featured in Vogue, Absolute Magazines, and New York Magazine to share comments on articles.

Dr. Walden has had numerous successes over the years doing her practice. Walden has many other trades which include an accomplished author who has had several articles published. She is also a consultant to Allergan Medical (National Council of Leaders in Breast Aesthetics), Venus Concept and Sciton, Inc. Walden has also had major success with creating her own instruments for breast surgery which are available for surgeons through the instrument company, Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments (ASSI). Walden also makes time to volunteer even with a busy schedule she can been seen throughout her community involved in many organizations such as Austin Smiles which provides cleft lip and palate surgery to infants born with congenital differences. She is also a sponsor and donor for Austin Smiles.

Walden is also a board member for the Weston United Community Renewal for the Underprivileged and Mentally Ill located in New York and has also volunteered since 2007. She also is a tutor for Lenox Hills Neighborhood Houses Children’s Tutor and has been since 2007. Although Walden is a part of many organizations, in her spare time she spends it with her set of twin boys, Houston and Rex which were birthed in 2011 and her family who all reside in Texas. Today, Walden continues to be a success and well known surgeon.

There’s No Better Place For Dating In Russia Then On AnastasiaDate

If you’ve tired of searching all over the Internet to find the best international dating websites, then the buck stops here. AnastasiaDate has put together everything necessary for a man to find that perfect Russian woman, and all he has must do is go to one website. Yes, there are many websites out there that claim to be able to bring couples together, even when they live in different countries, but not every website is the same. One website may seek to get people to marry one another, without them even getting to know each other. Other websites may want money for the person to sign up.

A lot of websites don’t care about their customers personally; they just care that they sign up, pay for the service and move on. AnastasiaDate has taken an interest in their customers, and they’ve gone as far as implementing a protective measure that helps prevent fraud. The fraud prevention is put in place so that any man who joins the website cannot be taken advantage of by a woman on the site. The reason this measure was put in place is because there have been reports in the past of women taking advantage of men on international dating sites.

AnastasiaDate wants people who join their website to be there looking for love, and they want every person to feel comfortable while they are searching for a date. It’s free to join the AnastasiaDate website, unlike some of the other websites out there that charge a fee to join. The only charges necessary on the AnastasiaDate website is when the man wants to contact a Russian lady on the network through one of the many different means available. If the man chooses to contact the lady via email, then there is no charge for this.

Using text messaging, video chat, or using the AnastasiaDate phone is what costs points. Points can be purchased on the AnastasiaDate website, and they can only be used on the website for different services. The services include different ways to contact the ladies on the network, and it can help the man to truly get to know the woman he wants to date. Once the man is looking for a date on the network, he can use several means to find the woman he may be interested in. He can conduct a search for a lady with the search engine.

The search can consist of looking for certain features a lady may have, or they can look for the interests that a lady may have. If a lady has interests in quilting, sports, swimming, or other hobbies, then putting this information into the search engine will help. Once the search engine receives specified information, then it’s easier for the male to find the right woman. AnastasiaDate makes it easy for two people from different backgrounds to find each other, date each other, and possibly fall in love with each other while communicating through the website.