Things To Remember When Dating A Russian

Dating a Russian is quite exciting. It’s a bit of a different culture and lifestyle, and so they act differently and live a slightly different type of lifestyle when in comparison to other people from different countries. Russians are very unique people that really need to be properly cared for. They have different personalities, and this can be a very good thing, but some people just aren’t adapted to that. Understand that the people in this country are loving but also have a specific taste in people and how women treat men and vice versa.

Things To Remember When Dating A Russian

– Men Are The Men

The key to remember is that men are the men. For those of you guys wanting to date a Russian woman, understand that she doesn’t want a man that is flamboyant or soft, and they definitely do not want feminine men. Russian women are almost always into men that are strictly and completely man-like. They know that sensitivity comes into play, but in terms of what they almost always want, they want real men who know how to look and act like men. This is something that most people aren’t aware of when they hear about the culture and what women want.

– Women Always Receive Lady-like Respect

All women should be treated like royalty and with extreme care. This is something that most aren’t used to in America, especially with the feminist movements that have grown over the years for women in the states. On the other hand, Russian women are very much interested in the old traditional style of marriage. They want a man who can give them what they want and provide for them. As a woman, you will be treated like a woman in the traditional sense. For the guys, you need to be prepared for this.

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Russian people are very unique people who follow a traditional and old sense of treating people. This is a good thing for the men who want to be men in the relationship. For the women, it’s the perfect way to find a man who will treat you like a lady. The key is to really learn about the culture, immerse in their way of life, and be prepared for the way they live, so that you can build a successful relationship with a Russian.

The Amazing World of Psychiatry

The human body is amazingly complex. People are able to perform astonishing tasks once thought impossible from creating fabulously functional cities to exploring Pluto. Mankind has worked hard to understand both the universe that we live in as well as to understand ourselves. In recent decades, humans have been able to explore both the human body and the human brain at the same time. Researchers have been able to take advantage of modern tools to learn yet more about humanity and to help us become even better people. The world of the human mind has been the topic of the field of medicine that is known as psychiatry.

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine that works with the brain. Psychiatrists help those who have a mental illness. They also work to help explore the limits of the human mind and conduct experiments that provide us with more insights into how it functions. A modern day psychiatrist can diagnose a patient with a mental illness, remove a brain tumor deep within the brain, and help people recover in the event of problem to the brain such as stroke that may injure many parts of it. The result is that people can go to a psychiatrist and know they will get the help they need from a skilled and caring professional who is one their side.

One such psychiatrist is Daniel Amen. Dr. Amen has spent years in the field in psychiatry. He is a board certified psychiatrist who has worked hard to explore how to help patients recover from problems that may result when they are playing professional sports at a very high level. His insights have helped provide those who play such sports with the ability to get help for any kind of brain injury they may have suffered as a result. Daniel Amen’s ground breaking work in this field has also helped us all understand how the brain works and what can be done in order to help people recover from an injury.

Many other psychiatrists have also worked hard to help us develop the field of psychiatry as well. The result has been a welcome explosion of information as researchers today are able to offer their patients access to treatments that work well. New drugs can help those who suffer from delusions regain control of their lives. New techniques can help patients recover from tumors that are benign and tumors that may potentially threaten their lives. Patients can now go to a doctor and know that they will have access to highly advanced medical procedures that can offer them the hope of a truly full recover and the potential for a fully functional life.

Doe Deere: A Rising Entrepreneurial Spirit

Lime Crime Cosmetics CEO and founder Doe Deere is determined to show that cosmetics is a platform for individualism, creativity and making a statement, instead of enhancing one’s facial imperfections. Raised in New York City, the Russian-born Deere, set out to make her mark on the world in 2008 when she unveiled her own line of cruelty-free, color-enhancing cosmetics. She believes that beauty is defined by the choice of cosmetics “that feels rights for the moment at hand,” not just what “looks best.”

Though she unveiled her cosmetics line in 2008, Doe Deere on ideamensch can trace her entrepreneurial roots back to 2004 when she opened up a merchant account on eBay. She had her hands on every aspect of her e-commerce business then, actually modeling the colorful and vibrant cosmetics herself. Seeing a void in the marketplace for such colorful cosmetics prompted Deere, to go mainstream and launch Lime Crime Cosmetics, four years later. An advocate for female entrepreneurship, Deere mentors other visionary entrepreneurs and supports women-owned businesses entities.

When asked about what contemporary trends capture her attention, Deere remarked that she is impressed with the leap consumers are making to e-commerce from traditional brick and mortar establishments. Citing the convenience of online shopping, Deere countered marketing consultants assertions that lipstick can’t be successfully sold online, due to the fact that women want to try it out, and further indicated that if the e-commerce site “properly” presented the products, in a convincing manner, online sales would take-off. Lime Crime would become innovators in online cosmetic technology, paving the way for online color swatches, which appeared on “lips” instead of on a solid color background. Met with an overwhelming response from consumers, the lip swatch is now the industry standard, embraced by other cosmetic manufacturers.

Deere points to Donald Trump’s best-selling book, “Think Big & Kick Ass” as a motivating force for her entrepreneurial spirit. Not embracing his political perspectives, Deere indicated that Trump serves as a perfect example of a brilliant businessperson and encourages others to read his book and their perspective on business and success will change for the better.

Deere credits part of her success to treating others right, with respect and love, and commented, “Ruling with an iron fist’ is too old-school and I don’t believe it inspires respect in a leader.” “I strive to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement”.

Lime Crime: Makeup For The Dreamers

I have to say that when I first heard about the Lime Crime makeup line I was skeptical of where this company was headed. Then I saw it for myself. Finally, a makeup line for realistic dreamers and story tellers like me. This makeup line is not for the faint of heart, the wall flower or anyone who wants to blend in. Lime Crime caters to the person who’s self expression is begging to be set free. Limited only by your creativity, Lime Crime offers all makeup wearers the palette to begin their cosmetic fairy tale.

Featuring bold colors and playful interpretations of depth and texture, Lime Crime brings fantasy makeup into the real world. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about grown women walking around with rainbow face paint. What Lime Crime is bringing to the masses is the ability to express yourself through makeup while maintaining a fantasy inspired, femme fatale appeal.

The Lime Crime makeup line currently focuses on three areas. The lips, the eyes and the nails.

The Lips are featured in three ways:

The Unicorn Lipstick which comes in 19 true-to-color shades, lips get a pop of vibrant color without overpowering the face

Velvetines, a liquid to matte lipstick in 14 shades, lips are left with a depth of texture without feeling heavy

Carousel Gloss, an amazingly shiny lip gloss available in 5 brilliant colors, this gloss provides a sheen unseen at the local cosmetic counter

The Eyes are brought into focus through 6 versatile products:

Liquid Eyeliners in 8 different and unique colors, there is no mousy brown color being passed around here

Venus: The Grunge Palette which features 8 eyeshadows, from bright and vibrant to deep and rich, this palette covers all the bases

Zodiac Glitter in 13 astrologically inspired colors, wow, just wow

Eyeshadow Brightener

Eyeshadow Helper and Waterproof Primer

Glitter Helper, a water-resistant glitter adhesive

The Nails round out the line:

With polish available in 7 beautiful colors that you are unlikely to find at the drug store, this polish provides everything from a subtle hint to a vivid pop of color and all while staying true to the color in the bottle.

Lime Crime is definitely on to something here. With focus on true-to-color shades and quality without the exorbitant mark up, this cosmetic company has a bright future. I hope they keep the whimsical philosophy they’ve so deftly woven into their product line. It will keep them from taking themselves too seriously and endear them even further to their fan base.

New Jersey Apartments Vary in Style, Not in Price

When searching for an apartment in New Jersey the difference in location, condition and maintenance seems fairly similar in regards to cost.

Renters Need to Shop Smart
It seems no matter where you are shopping for an apartment, if you are in the middle of the road price wise, what you pay for is not a good indicator of what you will get for your money. Forget the richie-rich condos in Atlantic City, Hadenfield, or even the water front of Hoboken. I mean working class, moving up, bike paths and parks kinds of neighborhoods that make you want to scream out, “This is pretty nice.” Add in the bonus of close public transportation to Manhattan and your living the dream. Good luck finding that place, right?

Finding a clean, safe, new apartment can be tough. Appliances are usually dated, floorboards creak and the electrical outlets are far and few between. And yet, these places are renting between $1750-$1900 per month in spite of being run down.

Fear not New Jersey, hope is not lost. The smart apartment shopper knows that for the same money you can get a beautiful, well appointed apartment. It’s true.

Do Rooftop Gardens Appeal to You?
If you want something other than a shared alley way or a run down tennis court where you live but can’t afford millions, then one luxury apartment might suit your taste and your budget. The Aspire Luxury apartments are located in New Brunswick and are only steps away from the NJ Transit with direct access to Manhattan. Not only that but they’re gorgeous.

Where else can you get you a doorman, two rooftop decks, stainless steel appliances and a state of the art fitness center than The Aspire? Prices range from $1850 to $1875 and offers Studio apartments as well as one and two bedroom apartments.

The Aspire Luxury Apartments are located at 135 Somerset in New Brunswick. They are pet friendly, offer garage parking and easy online access through the Residents Portal to pay rent, log maintenance issues or just communicate easily within the Aspire community.

For more information, visit The Aspire online to see these New Brunswick luxury apartments for yourself.

The Hot and Cold Bottle that Lasts All Day

Finding a bottle that is able to keep a beverage hot or cold for longer than a few hours can be especially difficult. Whether it is someone drinking coffee in the morning or an athlete working out in the midday sun, having a beverage of the appropriate temperature is a must. That is why, according to a recent KWCH12 news report, the S’well water bottle is well worth the investment. 

The bottle is designed to keep things cold for 24 hours and to keep beverages out for 12 hours. In order to test out the product, an athlete filled up the S’well bottle with ice water, reading in at 40 degrees. They did the same with a plastic bottle, with a temperature reading at 48 degrees. The plastic water bottle was left outside during a normal workout while the S’well bottle was left inside of a car during the same time. The temperature of the water bottle, after a few hours of working out, the temperature of the bottle sat at 79 degrees. Over the same time period, the S’well bottle sat in a vehicle with an internal temperature of over 100 degrees. The temperature of the S’well bottle over the same time frame sat at 41 degrees, only increasing one degree while sitting in a hot car in the sun. 

After testing the bottle out for 24 hours, as it states it can keep a beverage cold for that long, the temperature checked in at 65 degrees, allowing someone to enjoy the beverage for a long period of time. All of this points to the product proving to be especially helpful for anyone who wants to extend the life of their beverage and be able to drink both hot or cold liquids for extended periods of time, whenever they might want.

Purina Created Some New Ads

Purina is a popular brand of pet food, and they have recently put out a set of ads that have made them even more popular.

When an ad comes on when you are watching TV, you might normally mute it and ignore it. But, when Purina put out their ads, they were good enough that people didn’t want to do that. The brand decided to do something different with their advertising, so they hooked up with some big Youtube stars and asked them to help them create some ads.

The comedian Youtube stars were able to help Purina create a few ads that are truly special. When you are watching your favorite program on TV and one of these ads come on you won’t feel nearly as annoyed as you would if any other kind of ad were to play.
When a brand does their advertising right it can be very beneficial to them. People pay more attention to ads than they realize, and when they like an ad, then they really will be more likely to purchase an item by that company. Purina realized all of this, and that is why they went the route that they did for their newest set of ads. That’s why they enlisted the help of some stars who are loved in the Youtube world to help them. They know that if they can get people to pay attention to, and like, their ad, that they will be much more likely to sell their product. They know that good advertising is important for their brand, and that is why they have done all that they can to put together a good set of ads.
So, when you turn on your TV and see a Purina ad, what is it that you think of it? Do you like the new ads that they have out there, and do you feel that you are more likely to purchase their products because of them?

Haidar Barbouti, A Man Who Knows Real Estate Development

Haidar Barbouti is a man who truly knows the ins and outs of real estate development. Haidar has been actively involved in real estate for well over 20 years. His experience stretches from developing offices in New York City to redesigning prime retail space in Houston. He has also successfully invested and managed real estate abroad.

One of Mr. Barbouti’s landmark achievements in life is the acquisition and redevelopment of the iconic Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston. Opened in 1940 the historic Highland Village Shopping Center has changed hands many times and has underwent many ups and downs. Mr. Barbouti acquired the Highland Village Shopping Center in 1991 and has been tireless in his effort to turn it into an upscale shopping destination in Houston. Haidar Barbouti is the current property manager and broker for the Highland Village Shopping Center. He takes a proactive hands on approach in the management of the shopping center.

Under Barbouti’s ownership and leadership Highland Village Shopping Center has expanded significantly and is now home to several large anchor stores and major retail chains. Haidar Barbouti is credited with bringing retail chains such as Starbucks in 1994, Pottery Barn in 2000 and Williams-Sonoma to Highland Village. Mr. Barbouti’s attempts to bring large and upscale chain retailers worked and Highland Village has prospered ever since Mr. Barbouti has been in charge of the retail space.

In addition to being a successful real estate developer and property manager Mr. Barbouti is a successful entrepreneur and restaurant owner. Mr. Barbouti takes great pride in his restaurant called Up which is located in his landmark property the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston. Inspired by his travels in Europe and the memory of his familiy’s home-style cooking Haidar Barbouti decided to open his own restaurant. His restaurant would combine the open air concepts he had seen in Europe with home-style, freshly prepared food that would satisfy any connoisseur. The restaurant has been a hit with the locals and is a now an upscale eatery that is renowned for preparing everything on the menu from scratch except the ketchup. The restaurant is truly unique and is frequented by Mr. Barbouti who makes sure that everything is up to par with his high standards.

Mr. Barbouti is also a philanthropist. He has set aside prime retail space in order to make room for a pet adoption center at Highland Village. He actively participates in the local community and enjoys giving back to the community that he resides in.

Skout Is The Place I Started Looking For A Boyfriend

I joined a speed dating location, and it was down the street from where I live. The place is pretty cool, and what they do is speed dating every weekend. Every Friday and Saturday night, the place would open its doors after 8 p.m., and anyone could come in to speed date. There is a two minute window to talk to the person across from you, and you can get to know them the best you can before time is up. I chose to do the speed dating thing, and I was very disappointed. Although two minutes is not enough time to get to know someone, it was a fun experience.

I decided I wanted to get to know someone more intimately than talking for two minutes. I chose to join the Skout network, so I could find someone in my city to date. I was really sick and tired of going to the movies alone, and it’s never as fun to watch a romance movie by myself. After signing up for the Skout network, I created a really cool profile, I added my interests, and I added some pictures. I think the pictures are what made the difference because I started getting a lot of male attention.

I had men writing me left and right, and many of them were asking for a date, but I wanted someone who was sincere. I started getting more specific on my profile, and I added information about the things that I like to do. I let it be known that I wanted someone who was religious, someone who worked a good job, and someone who wanted to get married one day. With all the interest that I put in about myself, and I put in information about the man I wanted, I knew I would finally find someone for me.

It was about a month into using the Skout network that I finally found a guy that I was very interested in. He lived 20 miles away, which was far enough to where I wouldn’t see him every day. I wanted to get to know him, but I wanted to make sure he was right for me before I saw him regularly. I used the Skout network to send him greetings, we chat all the time, and we eventually met in person. Thanks to the Skout network, I have this dating thing down, and I think I found myself a guy to call my boyfriend.

It’s a Dreamy Beneful Dog Park

The Beneful Dream Dog Park Project was originally reported on MarketWatch. Beneful was celebrating their fifth year of the Dream Dog Park Program in St. Louis, Missouri. They are helping the Lucas Park Dog Park. They will add many exciting park perks that dog’s will enjoy and have fun in. These perks in the dog parks will include an oversized food ingredient obstacle, colorful splash pads, a tennis ball launching tree and Beneful’s famous Doxie Tunnel. Purina Beneful has been creating beautiful and exciting dog parks since 2010. Beneful is supporting the Dog Park Projects across the United States of America. The dogs seen in each of these parks are of many different breeds. Beneful is working with community leaders as well as supporting crowdfunding campaigns. They are also working with fundraising groups by creating dog parks where there is none and renovating old ones. Beneful has the help of volunteers as well as financial supporters in this dreamy dog project.

Beneful has improved the dog parks in states like John’s Creek, Georgia, Prescott, Arizona, Alabaster, Alabama, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. All of these dog parks have great features for dogs. The Beneful Brand director Brent Gleckler mentioned how the dog parks have a special place in their hearts. He also said “This year, we’re excited for the program to take a new shape with the Dream Dog Park Project, allowing us to reach even more dog-loving communities across the country.” Beneful is offering their help to organizers of many dog park projects. This help is not only being offered to the dog park organizers, but also people who are looking to start a dog park in their area.